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Chapter 2 Recaps

Chapter 2 of the Nations on the Brink storyline took place between Charlatos and Olaesta 2023.



  • We met Lord Commander Cyik and Lesiette in King's Court, they were on their way to meet a special visitor and deemed it was alright for everyone to come along.
  • We went to the Legendary Rest (which has the best pancakes in all of elfdom) and it was the Commander of the Sapphire Guard, Murstyr.
  • There was tension between him and Cyik about Illistim still holding Jaranzair and Murstry agreed to release him promptly. Murstyr wanted agreement that Vaalor would follow up on their alliance with Illistim and go to war if it was deemed necessary.
  • Lesiette urged rational heads and Cyik agreed to that and Vaalor's support of the defense alliance between Illistim/Vaalor.
  • Murstyr showed some uncharacteristic emotions about the loss of his niece Sayilla.
  • It left those questioning if he had come on behalf of the ever-quiet, removed Mirror or on his own.



  • An elven ship arrived but the harbormaster wouldn't let them dock, because they were Eastern elves.
  • Odelgarde and Kimrella show up, but too late, and the ship was already sent off.
  • But we find out the harbormaster was truly an idiot because that ship was carrying Lady Kasendra home
  • Odelgarde and Kimrella managed to salvage it, and the elven ship sent out a longboat to carry the coffin through the seagates



  • Lady Athalia held court, alternating between being subdued and her familiar fiery presence. She apologized for Vornavis' silence the past month. She said she would accept the offers of aid from some (but not all) who said they would help with recent matters. She called forth Phanna, Raelee, Bristenn, Guarrin, Yukito, and Jayshen after that point, and reminded the audience that there were those trying to spread dissent and saying that the ones who killed Sayilla were at fault and that those asking "where was X organization" were playing into the hands of those trying to cause strife and chaos.
  • Athalia then brought out Wilhard, the harbormaster from the previous evening, who was escorted by Kimrella. She stated that he was accused of several things, such as dereliction of duty, refusing an order, and I think something else. She asked if any present were willing to speak on his behalf, and several raised their hands, some after visible hesitation. Notably, Ifanna, Dirra, Fionola, Jaysehn, Perigourd, and I think one other said that Wilhard appeared to have acted due to being so impacted by grief from Kasendra's death or to offer suggestions on how he be handled. Tikba was recognized to speak but when she said she had some questions for Wilhard, Athalia clarified that this was not a trial, and Tikba ended up not asking them. In the end, Athalia sent Wilhard back with Kimrella to remain in his designated quarters while an investigation about the premeditated act of bringing archers to the docks took place. Athalia affirmed that decisions made in haste were often costly.
  • Afterward, Magister Odelgarde spoke with people in the vestibule. She said that she was empowered to share several things. Some of her dialogs were broken up because people were asking questions before she finished talking, so she went back and forth between sharing information and answering questions. I also missed the end because I had to log out due to falling asleep.
  • Lord Salnim is in Ta'Illistim, apparently working in Kasendra's place to remind the elves of his, and the Empire's, continued support of the Valley of Gold agreement.
  • Emporer Aurmont will be determining the mourning rites for Kasendra, as is his right since he is her cousin. He has not yet decided what those rites will consist of, so all are left waiting.
  • Steward Jarnsaixa is stable but has not recovered. There was some sort of poison in the blade that stabbed her, and while the wound healed initially, the poison remained in a pocket of her shoulder blade and keeps resurfacing. She'll start to get better, then she'll be ill again with fever and other symptoms, with the wound itself also festering and rehealing.
  • Jarnsaixa will be turned over to the Sapphire Guard when she recovers.
  • Baron Malwind's condition remains the same. He apparently had recurrences of wet lung over this lifetime that was regularly treated, and the current bout that started last December had all the hallmarks of it and was treated accordingly, except he hasn't improved as before.
  • The healer, Mistress Grenhal was brought up. Odelgarde remarked how unusual all this was because the healer had grown up and grown old working in her same role for so many years. I remember feeling like this was a moment where the GM was trying to encourage the crowd to point out something important, and I believe that eventually was that the person seen on the ship when Sayilla was murdered was not old at all.
  • It is possible more was spoken but I had to leave at this point.



  • Inquisition Introductions
  • We met the inquisitors, we will be allowed to watch, no one else in the actual room but them and the person they are questioning.
  • (I guess Miranda doesn't live in the Elanthia timeline) Discussed some of the dates for when the sessions will happen. Jaranzair, Eruien ensured they were being well taken care of but they were appreciating "fresh air."
  • The Seneschal of the court read a letter on behalf of the Argent, confirming they believe Sayilla is dead, that Kasendra's body has returned, urging strength and peace and assuring that truth and justice (and the Illistimi way) will prevail.



  • Inquisition Formal Session 1
  • NPC Lord Legionnaire Commander Jaranzair Nashal Vaalor and PCs Rohese, Lithyia, and Lucrecea were questioned.



  • Odelgarde came to meet us and apologize to Maylan for thinking she would use a COW REMEDY.
  • She took us to talk to Empath Sargassa.
  • The baron does not have wet lung. He's still not getting better. The remedy that was administered caused him to throw up. A bunch of people collected disgusting vomit samples to try to study and investigate.
  • Jarnsaixa's wound was still filled with poison that had seeped through the muscle. Odelgarde worked on cleaning it out. A bunch of people collected even more disgusting viscous ichor samples to try to study and investigate.
  • Odelgarde knows that Jarnsaixa needs to be turned over for the inquisition, but didn't really want to. We encouraged her to go ahead and do so.
  • We encouraged Odelgarde to stand up for herself more.
  • We discussed Odelgarde not getting enough sleep and working too hard. Many people suggested that Odelgarde needs to get more rest. I don't know about the other people who spoke up, but Tikba is not exactly a shining example of work/life balance, so it was all pretty ironic.
  • Maylan recommended the Baron drink some blood, and provided her own. Odelgarde was not a big fan of this plan but agreed.
  • We verbally abused Sargassa's for-profit healing regime for a while.



  • PCs Akenna, Traiva, and Elaejia were interviewed last night.
  • Akenna's interview was very hostile, with the inquisitors stating that she was delusional, pretended to be a part fey "entity", and demanded to know when she started conspiring against Kasendra, and if she was in on it with Jaranzair, with whom she danced. Akenna kept her cool and answered clearly about how she left early with her husband, her social conversation with Jaranzair while dancing, and even endured when the inquisitors took a keen fixation on what she and her husband did in the inn afterward.
  • Traiva's interview was much more cordial, with Traiva explaining that she left early because she was feeling unwell - but it predated the ball and was not part of the ongoing rash of poisonings at Illistim-aligned events. The inquisitors were keenly interested in the fact that her husband, Tolwynn, worships Ivas. Traiva mentioned her ties to both east and west and that she did not know Kasendra well at all.
  • Elaejia's interview was relatively civil, although she also had to endure the inquisitors' repeated reminders that she is engaged to her cousin. The focus on intimate relationship details was apparently a running theme last night. Elaejia was forthright about not being exceptionally interested in or supportive of the Valley of Gold accord, as well as her assessment that Kasendra was too boring and without an original opinion expressed to be remotely considered a threat to elven interests. Elaejia suggested that the inquisitors interview the servants at the ball, as they were not on the interview docket and had easy access to come and go as they pleased with little direct oversight.
  • NPCs Naevys and Fennelis were interviewed afterward.
  • Naevys' interview opened with the inquisitors talking about Nalfein stereotypes. Naevys talked about how she had experience working in the business side of the Nalfein ports. Much of the interview focused on Leisette, who Naevys acknowledged had much more freedom to do as she pleased, when she pleased, and if she truly wished to murder someone, then none would even had known that either Naevys or Leisette had ever intended to be in Ta'Illistim.
  • Fennelis' interview was very forthright. She offered a plain diplomatic stance that she was there to gather information on behalf of Ta'Ardenai regarding if, or by how much, the Illistim had been compromised by the Valley of Gold accord, and whether or not it had the potential to drag the Ardenai into undesired wars due to preexisting treaties. She similarly acknowledged that she had little opinion on the Valley of Gold accord otherwise, save that the Ardenai appreciated the Illistim seeing to western matters. After she was told she was free to go, she asked the inquisitors if they were aware of Murstyr's recent actions, but did not name him directly or elaborate.



  • A small elven ship docked, bearing a dark banner featuring a star-spangled flag and a bird. Leisette and a hooded figure disembarked.
  • Leisette informed those gathered that she needed to speak to Lady Athalia immediately. After some back and forth, she was brought to the Keep.
  • After waking up the chamberlain, Leisette drew the figure close to show her face to the chamberlain, saying that this was the only place where she could be safe. The chamberlain accepted this and allowed the figure entry, with Leisette saying that she thus discharged her duty to him.
  • Though she accepted an offered drink, Leisette said she could not stay and needed to return quickly to Ta'Illistim.
  • Leisette did bring up the "Skinny Man", which others confirmed was the "Fatman". When questioned about the Fatman and the Talon, Leisette said that she (Talon) called herself a Havenite and was born in Solhaven, but refused to say any more than that.
  • Meril asked if Leisette would be willing to look at two things to see if she could identify a poison in them, then brought out the two vials that Odelgarde had, one taken from Baron Malwind and one from Steward Jarnsaixa. Leisette immediately stated that Malwind's was not a poison and looked taken from someone's gut, however, she took more time to examine Jarnsaixa's, then asked if the subject had been wounded - then specifically asked if it was taken from Jarnsaixa by name. She offered that she had only seen it once before after a dead human man had been fished out of the waters covered in pustules about a week and a month earlier. She called it "Deep Rot." The man was not identified, but due to the pustules covering him, his remains were burned to prevent whatever he had from spreading.
  • Leisette requested her visit be kept quiet, which of course will be quite easy given that there were only more than two dozen people present.
  • The only thing we saw of the figure was she was petite, spoke with a soft voice, and had pale skin.



  • In session 3, inquisitors interviewed Jaysehn, Eruien, Aendir, and Orelwen.



  • Formal Court Session
  • Mirror Address
    • Offered thanks to those that cooperated with the Inquisitors
    • Offered kind thoughts and words for those still mourning
    • Announced mourning period of 2 weeks where no forward movement towards hostilities, aggression, or inquiries would take place.
    • Announced Memorial for Sayilla
  • Leisette offered information that Lord Salnim was returning to his own court since he'd been informed that there would not be any further inquiries into his wife's murder for two weeks.
  • Leisette let those gathered know that the Steward that was guarding Sayilla was finally healing but that the Emperor of the Turamzyrrian Empire would not turn her over to Ta'Illistim until the question of who killed his cousin was answered.
  • Clunk spoke of some happenings in Zul Logoth -- undead seen at Li'aerion, the discovery of mystical scrolls that were raffled and then a creature of stone, perhaps a mountain elemental, who mentioned the potential, the one, the many and the other.



  • Athalia led the court session.
    • She opened by briefly addressing recent "seditious rumors" about her, reminding those of Solhaven and Vornavis that they were defined by their integrity, compassion, knowledge, and understanding and that all should not dwell on those words but instead continue moving forward.
    • Kasendra will be laid in state in the Vornavis Keep on Wed 3/22, 9pm ET. The gallery will be open for viewing. A vigil will be held in the Lady's Garden afterward, with all encouraged to attend, bringing notes, tales, and hymnals of the morning.
    • On Fri 3/24, the Emperor will have the Hall of Mages open portals throughout the Empire so that all may attend Kasendra's internment. All are requested to attend in peace. Note, this is on the calendar as also being 9pm ET for the global storyline.
    • The period of mourning will last for two weeks, effective today, 3/19.
  • Athalia noted that there are rumors of discontent in Aldora, where the locals seek vengeance for Kasendra's death. They are still reeling from the loss of Duke Bannon.
    • Elsewhere in the Empire, some are saying it was a mistake to repeal Chaston's Edict. Athalia reiterated that Vornavis' conviction remains strong that it was correct to repeal and that she believes that sorrow is being twisted to fear and hatred. She encouraged everyone to remain as a beacon of civility that the Empire needs right now.
  • Petitions for the court were then heard.
    • Sir Bristenn stated that the Order of the Azure Sun has completed preparations made over winter to aid those settlers who intended to return north to the Barony of Darkstone. He noted that there were troubling reports from the north associated with clans of wildmen intending to make war on those same settlers, and then stated that the Order intended to do everything in its power to defend Vornavis' neighbors. Athalia thanked him and reiterated that while Vornavis offers aid, shelter, and succor, the settlers must choose the path they wish to walk on their own.
    • Faerinn said that he showed a sample taken from Baron Malwind to Loremaster Thaiagol, who stated it appeared to be from an old wound and confirmed that it appeared the Baron was being slowly poisoned with low doses over an extended period of time. Athalia thanked him for his observations, noting that Akenna had also confirmed this, lending further credence to the Loremaster's words.
  • Athalia concluded by relaying information about two things to get ahead of any potential rumormongering. First, she confirmed the demand from Ta'Illistim that Steward Jarnsaixa be turned over to them as part of the inquisition into Lady Sayilla's death. She affirmed that she did not view Jarnsaixa as guilty, nor did she view the same for any member of the chivalrous Orders present during Sayilla's death. Second, she stated that the Sun Throne has decreed that Jarnsaixa remains in Solhaven under the care of an individual designated by the Throne until the matter of Kasendra's death is resolved.



  • People assembled for Kasendra's vigil. (NPC) Dignitaries in attendance included Salnim and Athalia Malwind, Kynsella a'Vatale (Torre), Elidal Dhenin (Darkstone), Talliver Dabbings (IMT), Eylna Villaune (Oire), Juramis Du'Lasfeur (DBC).
  • From the gallery, we viewed the casket in the Great Hall.
  • Athalia came to join us and we paid our respects and sympathies.
  • We proceeded to the Banquet Hall where there WAS FOOD and talked more about Kasendra's life.
  • There was a little shop talk about events in the Landing. Juramis asked Elidal if his people were "well armed and able to survive", and Athalia politely told him that this wasn't the time.
  • Edryd (the herald) had prepared a song in honor of Kasendra. Athalia and Salnim reluctantly agreed that they were obligated to hear the song.
  • We proceeded to an inner garden where Edryd sang what I personally thought was a sweet song about Kasendra.
  • Regwen and Jisandra/Delindra also sang songs and Missoni and Ifanna spoke in honor of Kasendra.



  • Portals were opened to Tamzyrr
  • Guests converted on the Temple of Steps
  • Koar Blessing was offered by a Kindred Priest
  • An Argument between Salnim and Kasendra's Brothers too place.
  • A Sarcophagus for Kasendra was viewed.



  • An Ashrim-themed memorial was held for Sayilla, who was lost at sea



  • The entire betting pool failed utterly! It turns out it was the return of Talon/Talleani and the Fat Man the Skinny Man/Plaitime.
  • Several papers were scattered in on the wind in North Market. They said, roughly, to "Meet in Market Bed" and "knock three times". The group traveled to Market Bend and found an out of place house with a door, and upon knocking three times it opened.
  • Plaitime was inside and spent a bit of time flirting with anyone who would listen. Eventually, after Talleani urged from the shadows, he shared that a Marshtown merchant would be receiving an interesting letter from Aldora, and we might want to see her reaction.
  • We met Dead Babs at her newly (re?)opened shop in Marshtown, Dead Babs' Pub & Regurgitorium. She did receive a letter while we were there, and she explained it was news from a relative that some of the commoners from Aldora were meeting up with some of those in Marshtown's bayou to travel together to Ta'Illistim and give the dying Baron Malwind the "justice he deserves" in the wake of Kasendra's death and the perceived inaction of the Illistim elves. (Note: This is a new opened shop! Check out the decor and menu, they're horrific! I can't wait to buy everything.)
  • As the group was preparing to depart to try to intercept them on the trail, Talleani advised from the shadows of North Market that she knew where the party would be resting - in Zul Logoth in five days' time. For reference, the next NotB storyline day is on the calendar for 4/3 at 9:30pm ET in Zul Logoth.



  • Four servants (an elven cook, a small gnome, a gnome servant, a gnome seamstress) showed up on the Green and started gossiping about goings on in the keep.
  • Murstyr declined aid from Jaranzair to find Sayilla
  • The court bard was writing a dirge the night before Kasendra's death
  • Ardtin and Myasara had a shouting match and Ardtin threw a goblet out a window
  • People at court are requesting "little green bottles" to drink with their tea?
  • Eruien goes through a lot of doors
  • Orelwen was seen in a hooded cloak at the Pig and Whistle with some unknown person
  • There is unrest among some of townsfolk over the fact that Sayilla has not been searched for enough
  • Something is going on with where the tea is being sourced?


Zul Logoth

  • We went into Zul Logoth and heard that some of the common folk traveling to Illistim were still waking up, while others had left. We found the tent where the common folk had stayed the night.
  • They explained that they were very upset about Kasendra's death and felt that justice was not being done. They wished to speak to the Mirror directly and explain this. They were not strongly invested in the concept of class differentiation. Some time was spent in exploring these points. A few adventurers offered to speak to the Illistim court on their behalf, to share frustrations expressed about the pace and process of Illistim judiciary.
  • Eventually they were persuaded to turn around, but told us that the others had gotten lost down the wrong tunnel. We went down that tunnel and found that it led to the troll burial grounds.
  • We went into the troll burial grounds and found and rescued three more commoners and led them out of the area and back to the west side of Zul. There was some debate over some philosophical concepts like "four" and "west."
  • When we got them back to where the other commoners had stayed, they had already departed, leaving a note saying to return home. We walked them back to the cart.


River's Rest

  • Omiko performed a ritual seeking guidance from Niima, assisted by the offerings brought by various adventurers. It was answered by a brief vision experienced by all present, which saw Lady Sayilla face her attacker with defiance before being hurled from the cabin. The vision ended with Sayilla succumbing to exhaustion and sinking back into the depths, but Omiko is insistent that hope remains. Galaytea the Nereid appeared, drawn by the ritual, and stated that they would assist in the search for Sayilla, alive or dead.



  • A pair of gnomes showed up on the Green. One was there to buy tea because someone in the Keep had thrown out *all of the tea* because it was all "bad". There was a lot of confusion as to what "bad" meant but eventually it was established that the tea had been tampered with and had some sort of fungus growing in it. Eruien also showed up because he saw a large gathering on the Green and wanted to know why he wasn't invited (or the cause of it). He also said he was a bit exasperated with the slow pace for the murder investigation (aka Inquisition), which says a log since he was one of the suspects interviewed and was since told he was free to go home to Ta'Loenthra if he wanted.
  • We don't know whether the bad tea was really important or not, because eventually we learned that Lady Ardtin Greyvael (not Lady Orwelwen Greyvael) was the one who wanted the tea thrown out and used that as an excuse to go to Galicea's Teas for one of her very frequent teas-and-chats with Loremaster Thaiagol.
  • The incredibly large group interrupted what was clearly a very private discussion in a very public venue between Ardtin and Thaiagol. They changed topics immediately on arrival. Thaiagol attempted to bore everyone enough to leave with a detailed lecture on the nature of mathematics and the various valences, except he didn't count on that being Raelee's favorite subject in the entire world. Both Thaiagol and Ardtin also seemed displeased and frustrated with current events, although Ardtin was much more polite and receptive toward us peons than is typical for her.
  • Eventually Leisette showed up and insisted that nothing suspicious was going on and we should all go home.

Chapter 3 Recaps

Chapter 3 of the Nations on the Brink storyline took place between Ivastaen and Lumnea 2023.


Solhaven/Trail to Zul Logoth

  • Babs of Marshtown's Dead Babs' Pub & Regurgitorium informed adventurers that her family from Marshtown and Aldora had not returned home from almost a month earlier. They had last been seen in Zul Logoth.
  • Adventurers started following the trail between Solhaven and Zul Logoth and started seeing some wisps in the area of the Vipershroud. They came upon a spry young elf who stated they'd seen some humans that might have been the "heavily accented Marsh-dwellers."
  • Will-o-wisps guided them to some discarded items: the fragments of a tower shield, a handaxe, and a scrap of peacock blue silk. The wisps revealed visions of one of the Marshtowners, Freckles, trying to defend herself against a panther, only to be overtaken by elven archers. They also shared visions of the pilgrims being waylaid by a party of elves in peacock blue livery, seemingly noting that none survived.
  • The tower shield seemed to hold a story that it was not ready to give up yet.
  • Some adventurers went to the Elven Village where they proceeded to search for questions, with one party member threatening to burn down the village to get the answers they wanted. That threat stopped all denizens from answering future questions.
  • Other adventurers departed to give the news to Babs.



  • Session Four of the Inquisition kicked off in Ta'Illistim with both Leisette and Thaiagol Razan-Dhur being questioned. The inquisitors revealed that Aendir provided his testimony in private beforehand under the influence of "a special serum". Mirkk also provided his testimony privately. Full log.



  • Vornavis Court acknowledged the rumors that the Aldoran and Marshtown folk were missing. They did not put stock in the fact that their Illistim allies, tenuous though that allegiance is at the time, would murder common folk. They will be continuing to investigate the situation. Jarnsaxa made her first appearance since being injured after court. She thanked everyone for their efforts and well wishes. When referred to as Steward, she noted that she could no longer in good conscious display that title and asked that they simply call her by name. Her arm was heavily scared and bare to the air. She eagerly awaits the results of the trial in Ta'Illistim so that she can turn herself over to the mercy of their courts for her part in Lady Sayilla's demise.



  • Court was held in Ta'Illistim with the Argent Mirror. She recognized visiting dignitaries including Eruien, Leisette and Agathilea.
  • Inquisitor Ciradyl announced that all suspects had been cleared except for Orelwen Greyvael, Leisette, and Naevys Eilstina, who would be questioned again.
  • Myasara announced that Gelynne was being sent to Ta'Vaalor to help the gnomish flood victims. Donations were accepted by bin on the Green.
  • Ardtin Illistim advised of first-hand accounts of threats made to the elven village located near Wehnimer's Landing, where hostile individuals entered with the intention of burning it down. She suggested that the Vaalor, who claim the village, shore up their fortifications. She also advised Myasara to recommend the Illistim also help with the endeavor.
  • Leisette requested that she and her house be cleared as suspects so that she would be allowed to move freely so that she be allowed to move freely despite additional questioning. Her request was denied.
  • Ysaeril came forward to tell Myasara about the Aldoran and Marshtown commoners who had reached Zul Logoth. She shared their concern about the pace of the murder investigation of Kasendra Malwind. Absent Jiarine, Missoni explained that the Aldoran and Marshtown commoners were later tracked heading home through the Vipershroud, after they were reported as having never returned. She shared information about the vision of them being attacked by an elven archer wearing blue and silver livery. There was skepticism about whether it was related, and Myasara instructed Ardtin to track down Jiarine for more information.
  • Full log of the event.



  • Ardtin met with adventurers before the tea shop in Ta'Illistim. This was a pre-scheduled meeting between Ardtin and Jiarine so that she could obtain the cloth found in the Vipershroud. Orelwen joined them shortly after. An unusual public scene played out between the aunt and neice, with the elder expressing her displeasure and the younger seeming much cowed and chastised. Most of the exchange was icy, with the elder woman being caustic and aloof. In the end, Ardtin assured adventures that she would have her people investigate the situation to find out whether or not elves had anything to do with the murders in the swamp.



  • Librarian Tasytha the Master of Arcane Acquisitions was disgusted to find that the Solhaven Library books and recorded materials she was looking for were destroyed during the Nighthaven incident 5102. The remaining box of items was brought to Misty's Teas where adventurers helped her piece together the scraps of paper and lore needed to hopefully help find a cure for the dreaded disease/infection that plagued Jarnsaixa.

Look Box:

Displaying signs of both water and fire damage, the box is dusty and old.  Warped boards line the sides where an ink-smeared, illegible label is beginning to peel off.

Look in Box:

Peering into a dusty box, you see scattered parchment and pages that show clear signs of either water or fire damage.

a scrap of ink-stained paper

Poisons and Diseases of the Blood

This comprehensive guide describes known causes of death or affliction due to specific poisons or diseases found in the blood of their victims.  While some of these poisons or diseases can be naturally occurring, either through sepsis of the blood or damaged organs, a large portion of them are introduced by external methods.

a fragmented leaflet of paper

While the Aldoran Stonetenders have had amazing success with natural poisons and diseases, it is the supernatural ones that have happened much of their efforts to cleanse the blood of a victim.  Indeed, many traditional remedies that would work for snakebites or gangrene end up not only be ineffective but seem to worsen the illness.

a leaflet of dyed paper

Mayapple root, also known as ground lemon or Jontarian mandrake, usually is the cause of Sonorous Syndrome in the northern hemisphere during the very edible fruits harvest period.  While small doses can aid someone in sleeping if they are fitful, the root is highly addictive.  The issue comes when the root is mistaken for that of saxifrage, which can aid in skin toning and has properties known to aid in breaking up kidney stones.

a torn waterstained page

Water seems to be key in dealing with these types of supernatural infections.  Indeed, the closer to the initial infection point one can get the better.  Unfortunately, the constitution of some individuals is not strong enough, due to the infection, to withstand the physical stress of having their flesh parted to the bone.  Many do not make it through initial treatment.

a fragmented ink-stained page

Despite the initial scouring of the wound or infection sight, the disease or poison can linger, which is why the Aldoran Stonetenders have found that use of their crystals is needed to keep it at bay long enough for the body to allow the body to produce infection-fighting humors.

a raw-edged stained page

Several supernatural diseases and poisons require their one brand of magical or faith-based treatments beyond those of medicinal or alchemical sources.  The typical solution is that opposites repel, meaning that the primary source must be known.  For example, to soothe fire, you need water.  To release the Bite of Arachne, you need the blessing of the Huntress.  These are only basic examples, but the intent is clear.

a waterlogged dark page

When the potency of a healing stone needs to be increased for multiple uses or for persistent disease or poisons, then an alchemical bath of crushed corresponding crystals can add the Stonetender.  This is true for any of the healing arts within their domain but is especially important for supernatural maladies.

an illegible wrinkled paper

Soot and ash cling to the paper, while exposure to water has destroyed all evidence of writing across its wrinkled surface.

a scrap of waterstained parchment

Mother told me to learn the words well-
Mother told me to sit and listen a spell.
Heed the seer-stone on thy brow -
Learn its songs that answer why and how.

a scrap of dusty parchment

Amber in your pocket, you'll always come home-
Agate in your pocket, and to Gosaena you'll roam.
To cure your diseases always see Alabaster -
Give sobriety an Amethyst to avoid Disaster.

a scrap of faded parchment

Sympathy and trust go to the aquamarine -
And prosperity and strength to aventurine.
If Beryl gives you weakness of spirit -
Then Alexandrite gives you the peace to bear it.

a scrap of faintly inked parchment

Bloodstones protects against all foul magic -
While Carbuncle is purely necromantic.
Chalcedony is all about mercy and kindness -
While Chrysoberyl is the foul spirit that binds us.

a scrap of char-marred parchment

Chrysoprase will cure you of painful ailments-
And Coral will protect you from the elements.
Coredelite is a weak-watered dish-
But Deathstone is an ill-begotten wish.

a scrap of raw-edged parchment

Despanal will give you skill and power-
Yet, it's Diamond that allows it to flower.
If Demons you fear then of Diopside beware-
So too of black Diopside if you despair.

a scrap of discolored parchment

Blue Dreamstone makes an understanding wish-
And Feystone speaks of only the foolish.
Emerald can offer you poison protection- 
But Firestone is Disaster's Prediction.

a scrap of mottled parchment

Dark Garnet is the tool of deep Passions-
While blue Geode is an empathic distraction.
If mental prowess you seek, then try glimaerstone-
Find Heliodor to gain control of your own.

a scrap of speckled parchment

Brown Jade gives you the Arkati's Blessings-
But black Jasper is an unreliable assessing.
A gift of jet is a blessing of Shadow's Dance-
And Labradorite is protection from chance.

a scrap of thin parchment

Lapis lazuli reduces fever or body ache-
But always use malachite when forgiveness is at stake.
In Sapphire you'll find Niima's graceful elation-
And in moonstone a hidden secret spell's revelation.

a scrap of ink-streaked parchment

Morganite means a child is harmed-
But in obsidian with Onar you are armed.
Opal screams madness, and Pyrite claims False-
Quartz begs you to the shadows a waltz.

a scrap of singed parchment

Use a black Pearl to dispel Sardonyx's troubled Spirits.
And blue Peridot absorbs anything near it.
Summon strength in Rhodochrosite-
And a Ruby means your heart is in sight.

a scrap of scorched parchment

A Sard gives a false sense of security-
While Shimmertine speaks of your Fragility.
Tiny sapphire eases a lonesome mind-
And violet Spinel will heal it in kind.

a scrap of char-edged parchment

Tigerfang speaks of Transformation-
And white Starstone of Divination.
Sunstone is strength, but Topaz is cautious.
And pale to Tourmaline which makes you nauseous.

a scrap of coarse parchment

Find meaning in stones, she bade me to do-
But always use your heart to find the one that's true.
Her words I will pass down, in needle and thread.
But her memory, I beg you, keep in your heart and your head.



  • Marshtown held a memorial service for the folks that went missing. Their spirit advisor, Dieudonnee, called upon Charl and the Huntress to find vengeance for the lost Marshfolk



  • Adresin Ostrylae Ardenai, a cousin of Ysaeril, arrived on the Ta'Illistim Green to pay his respects to Sayilla, of whom he met and admired when she was staying in Ta'Ardenai in 5120-5121. He questioned why more hasn't been done to find her or her killer, and why nothing is being done about missing townsfolk. The missing townsfolk conversation was tabled when Ardtin arrived, who shared sentiments about the slow pace of investigations.
  • Adventurers urged caution and expressed both confusion, helplessness and frustration. Jia brought up the fact that none of the Illistim Court have gone west to speak with those involved like they did in the City.
  • The group then left the Green and visited Sayilla's memorial, where Adresin left a selerial bloom for her. He advised he would be staying in Ta'Illistim briefly. The conversation returned to Sayilla's murder and Adresin became increasingly agitated and angrily vowing to do something. Ardtin and Adresin had some bouts of verbal sparring. Adresin argued someone must go across the Spine to the Vornavian Court, and then ended his night catching a room at Moonglae Inn. Adventurers had again urged caution.


  • A young herald appeared and invited us to a conversation with Odelgarde in the Vornavis Armory.
  • We learned that Jarnsaixa's healing was progressing, and the Baron remained the same.
  • It was revealed Mistress Grenhal, the nursemaid who had been attending to the Baron's family and who had appeared attacking Sayilla on the ship, was an imposter, and the real Mistress Grenhal was still missing.
  • Odelgarde also told us about Wilhard repenting and wanting to testify against Bodahol.
  • Odelgarde let Town Councilor Kayse that Lady Athalia was offering her sanctuary in Vornavis for her services to the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing.
  • Scouts and Rangers had also been sent to the Vipershroud to recover whatever else could be found of the missing Marshtowners.
  • During the meeting, the tower shield fragments started to resonate and indicate a desire to reveal their lore. The images revealed Freckles' journey to and through Zul Logoth, along with her interrupted journey home. She and her compatriots had survived an attack by a panther, aided by archers using sapphire banded arrows. The images showed elves in peacock livery and fancy armor, who then proceeded to slaughter the group of Marshtowners. The final images are of Freckles being found, still barely alive, by a lithe woman, and carried off into the jungle. Following that, the only response from the shield has been the faint, thrumming sound of a heartbeat.

Verse 1

Jisandra sings:

    "Facing foes with weapon and shield
     For honor a hero can never yield
     In fragments perhaps their hopes may lay
     But through memory shall rise another day"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Tenuous at first, the song that lays in wait within the splintered shield fragments trembles like a shy child hiding in a coat room before temple services.  Soft voices, heavily accented, merge together as the image of a child blossoms within your mind's eye.  Freckles dance across her cheekbones, her wide eyes gazing about as the formless shapes of adults argue around her.  Sadness hanges like a thick miasma upon the scene, the child glancing from face to face as they try to explain to her that Lady Kasendra Malwind is dead.  A sense of dawning settles on the child's face, and a single tear slips past her cheek before the vision fades.

Verse 2

Jisandra sings:

    "Now hear my words and give up your lore
     For peace at last we hope to restore
     Though fragments now, where once you were whole
     Through secrets revealed, we hope to console"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Stronger than before, the history of the splintered shield fragments tumbles forth in a cadence reminiscent of a child's tune.  The nursery rhyme appears to be one of the soldiers marching, and indeed your mind's eye blossoms to life with images of several poor pilgrims making their way from the Vornavian coast towards the Dragonspine Mountains.  Time seems to warp and speed along as the growing throng of people slips through jungles, rides a ferry over a river, and passes across a rope bridge.  A young girl defiantly keeps pace, her head held high as she calls out a marching tune.  Pride shines in the child's eyes as they begin to climb the mountains to the dwarven holding of Zul Logoth.  Slowly, the image fades away.

Verse 3

Jisandra sings:

    "A towering shield reduced to splinters
     And our hearts bearing too many winters
     Only fragments remain to reveal a tale
     Of what happened that day on that fateful trail"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Tumbling over itself in a jumble of discordant and chaotic notes, the song that rises from the splintered shield fragments is a confused, rambling tune that slowly resolves into the image of cavern walls.  Eyes narrowed, an axe in one hand and a shield in another, a young girl stares defiantly as creatures surge toward her and several others.  Wild yells and defiant cries cause the creatures to reel back briefly, but it is enough time for several adventurers to find the motley crew and usher them to safety.  Confused ramblings happen over the child's head, her eyes round as saucers as she looks at the gathered adventurers.  After some time, the motley group seems to acquiesce to some request, and the child is trundled off behind them as they depart.  As the vision fades, the child turns back and waves, her axe glinting in the ambient light of the cavern walls.

Verse 4

Jisandra sings:

    "Reveal to us truth, be free of deceit
     We seek to know who felt battle's sharp heat
     Where fragments are left, and yet we must know
     Who was left standing where red blood did flow"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Plinking and plucking, the somber tune that rises out of the splintered shield fragments echo the sound of raindrops cascading upon stone, leaf, and water.  A vision unfolds to all that can hear the tune, bringing with it the dreary trappings of a jungle caught within a twilight rainstorm.  Taut canvas stretches between the limbs of vine-choked trees, sheltering a motley crew as they huddle within the mud of a small clearing.  Light is fading and a child stands before a pile of timber and straw.  She strikes her axe repeatedly against a large stone, sparks bouncing but not igniting at first, until, with a mighty roar, she slams her axe down upon the rock!  Sparks skittered across the stone, tumbling into the straw and igniting the pile, which the motley crew quickly feeds, causing it to grow as they clap their hands on her back in a show of appreciation.  Slowly, the vision fades as the makeshift camp begins to glow with warmth and light.

Verse 5

Jisandra sings:

    "Don't let voices be silenced that were meant to ring clear
     Free our fair nations of suspicions and fear
     These fragments restore and bring to relief
     The sharpness of pain, the sting of dark grief"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
As if hissed from the lipless mouth of a serpent, the tune that slips from the splintered shield fragments surges forth like a warning that ends with the faint image of a child holding her shield before her in a defensive stance.  Axe held high, others cowering behind her with fear, the child shows all the temerity of a budding adventurer rising above her simple station in life.  Before her an inky black panther prowls, easily three times the size of the small girl, but she stands her ground roaring back at the thickly muscled beast as it hisses.  She watches as it bunches its muscles to pounce, causing her to shift her weight and center herself.  Never lowering her eyes, she lifts her shield and braces for the impact of the great feline against her tiny muscles.  Slowly, the vision fades.

Verse 6

Jisandra sings:

    "We beseech you now to tell us your lore
     Through fragments we hope to learn evermore"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Lackluster and nearly silent, the song of the splintered shield fragments comes timidly to the air.  The vision of a dead feline slowly appears, the beast felled by a sapphire-banded arrow that sticks out of its neck.  Wide-eyed and startled, a young girl gazes above the lip of her shield as elves in peacock livery step into the path before her.  Their faces are hidden in the shadows of their helms, their decorative armor fancy and imposing at the same time.  She lowers her shield, as instinctively she seems to trust those before her, but that trust is quickly discarded as her and her fellow pilgrims are quickly surrounded and easily slaughtered under the superior force.  It takes no time at all for the group to be dispatched, their bodies unceremoniously dumped off the edges of the road, their meager items shattered, scattered, and discarded like their very bodies.  Slowly, the vision fades away upon an uncaring jungle. 

Verse 7

Jisandra sings:

    "Through shadows emerge all we can know
     Through winds that howl and gales that blow"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Fluttering, like a faint heartbeat, the song that rises from the splintered shield fragments quivers in the air like an unspoken promise.  A flash of lapis lazuli, the impression of sandals, and the flare of anger in almond-shaped eyes drift between the wide leaves of a jungle's choked vines.  Broad leaves, splattered with blood and rain, part to reveal the pale countenance of a young girl laying in the mud.  Her blue lips tremble, the breath of life only barely clinging to her, yet despite the nearness of death, she grips her axe with knuckles that are nearly white.  A lithe woman kneels beside her, easily pulling the axe, despite a moan of protest, from her hands and discarding it into the jungle.  She scoops the child up, mud and blood staining her arms, chest, and face, making her features impossible to make out.  Cradling the child against her, she rushes from the jungle, urgency in her step as it lands upon a series of tower shield fragments.  Within two heartbeats, the vision fades.


Jisandra sings:

    "Do not let this story end now in tears
     Relieve us now of all of our fears"

The tower shield fragments seems to respond to the magic of Jisandra's song.
Faint and thrumming, the subtle song of a heartbeat emanates from the fragments.



  • Adventurers found Adresin on the Green. He said Ardtin urged him to make his concerns about the stalled investigation known to the Empire. He decided to approach the Vornavis Court first. When he said he intended to walk to Vornavis, people mentioned that a group of humans who recently did the exact same thing from the opposite direction had died when they were attacked in the Vipershroud. He changed his plans to use the Chronomages to safely travel to Solhaven, where he planned to write to the Chamberlain a request to petition the Vornavis Court.



  • Court started with the announcement of visiting guests, it was overly formal and clearly a stalling tactic as both Odelgarde Brindlestraffe and the Chamberlain were keeping tabs on the balconies in hopes that the herald would see their Ardenai guest.
  • Teveriel, Arenglae, and Ysaeril were properly announced.
  • Sorlu and Aliashyrah were also announced as guests from the North.
  • Others declined to be announced.
  • Returning members, those that had been traveling during the last court session, were presented to the court from the Order of the Azure Sun and Order of the Silver Gryphon. They were stealthily given their titles.
  • When it was announced that the Ardenai guest was not present, the herald was asked to inquire at the Solhaven Inn because Athalia Malwind mentioned a letter she'd received from him.
  • At that time, to continue with court, Athalia spoke of Wilhard coming forward and being willing to testify against Bodohal. She mentioned that he hadn't realized the pure villainy of Bodohal and was relieved when Captain Kimrella de'Naut and Magister Odelgarde has arrived. After spending time in jail, he decided it best to be clean of it all and turn a new leaf.
  • This is when Talon came forward to say "By the way, there are traitors here. Someone compromised your security and made an attempt to kill Wilhard. Don't worry, I took care of it and will be making donations to their families.""
  • It was revealed at this time that Odelgarde was shocked to see Talon, though after court she would explain that as children they had been playmates. Her family had fallen victim to the Shadows of Haven incident, and she was an orphan. Her supposed uncle had taken her in and Odelgarde didn't like him very much. She'd not seen or heard from Talon in ages and was saddened to see that she was working from the shadows – a bit of irony there – but pleased she'd been writing because it meant she kept up with her schooling. Others confirmed she did seem learned and fiercely loyal to the Empire and Vornavis.
  • Talon departed to who knows where, and Odelgarde went to confirm with the jail the rumor Talon laid at their feet.
  • In the meantime, the herald returned stating that according to the Solhaven Innkeeper, the Ardenai guest had checked out that morning.
  • Ysaeril made an impassioned speech on her missing cousin's behalf stating that there needed to be answers for the loss of the two ladies, that we needed to work in harmony, and that we all needed healing. She further went on to state that the hope that was created at the Valley of Gold couldn't be lost.
  • Athalia responded just as impassioned stating that Vornavis was doing its utmost to find the murderer but also had the additional task of finding a resolution for the poison used against Sayilla Javilerre's guardian for it had already claimed one life and could claim another. She went on to say that searches were be made for the origin and that Vornavis also had to investigate the missing Marshfolk, which were presumed dead. She continued by stating that she refused to lay blame at the Illistimi feet.
  • It was at this time that Odelegard returned to confirm that the jailhouse guards did indeed hear a ruckus outside but it wasn't until the morning that they found what it was about. They found three men with faceted amber gems painted on them that had blue stripes across the gemstone and the word FALSE painted on the walls above them. These men were dead, having been relieved of their blood. It is presumed that these are survivors of the Shiver trying to ensure that Wilhard doesn’t testify against Bodohal.
  • It was then decided, at the request and suggestion of some of the Orders, that Wilhard be moved to Sunholm.



  • Vanathys, Eruien, Vaelynsa, Ardtin, and Gelynne were present during an unveiling at the Royal Arboretum. There was no news of the missing Adresin, who never appeared to petition the Vornavis Court about Sayilla, so Ysaeril said she was going to try to reach him via courier.
  • Vaelynsa spoke with those present on their views regarding Leisette and Naevys, and if they should be released from suspicion.
  • Vaelynsa confirmed that Kasendra's death was the result of a paralytic in some sort of sweet. It was not clear when the poison had been consumed, where it had been consumed, and what it actually did.
  • Ardtin confirmed that the dye coloring the scrap of fabric found in the Vipershroud was a local dye but was still having it examined for other alchemical properties.
  • There was no update on why shops had closed and people had gone missing. Caution was encouraged.



  • Former Harbormaster Wilhard was moved to Sunholm for security purposes.



  • Vaelynsa conducted research in the Library Aies.

The Case

a jade-inlaid ebonwood case
Polished to a high sheen, the ebonwood case has brushed silver handles for ease of carrying.  The lacquered lid is inlaid with an intricate pattern of jade flora, especially mushrooms and flowers.  A silver plaque is affixed to the front of the case.
There appears to be something written on it.
>read case
In the Elven language, it reads:
~*~Unreviewed Research Collection~*~
  Category:  Poisons, Foods, Miscellanea
  Researcher:  Atathysn Vanael Illistim
  Status:  Deceased by Own Research

In the ebonwood case you see a battered leather folio, several glaesineth vials and a sheaf of parchment.

The Folio & Its Pages

Several loose sheets of paper are neatly organized within the folio.  A note, bearing the library's seal, has been affixed to the front of the leather folio reading, "This collection, while appearing to be an unsent letter and research, is believed to actually be a copy made by the author for his own records."  Gilt writing is stamped on the cover.
There appears to be something written on it.
You tap a battered leather folio in a jade-inlaid ebonwood case.
Several loose sheets of paper are neatly organized within the folio.  A note, bearing the library's seal, has been affixed to the front of the leather folio reading, "This collection, while appearing to be an unsent letter and research, is believed to actually be a copy made by the author for his own records."  Gilt writing is stamped on the cover.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Elven language, it reads:
Research of Atathysn Vanael Illistim 

In the leather folio you see a pale ivory page, a pale ivory page, a sapphire foil-stamped page, an ink-splattered page, a silver-gilted page, a wax-marked page, an ivory page, an ebon-inked page and a gold-edged page.

The Pages

You tap a gilt-framed page in a battered leather folio.
The page appears to be an unfinished letter.  A scrawl of ink mars the page, as if the writer suddenly were jostled, sending the pen violently across it.  Pinned to the letter is a note bearing the library's seal -- "This letter was found on the desk next to the corpse of Researcher Vanael.  A partially consumed glass of violet liqueur appears to have been the culprit.  According to all reports, Vanael accidentally mixed one of his toxins into his evening spirits.  ~Library of Ta'Illistim Records"
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
The guilds and colleges, and even the libraries, have turned against me.  I am keeping copies of my research and sending everything I've found so far to you in the hopes you can continue it.  It is my greatest hope that the previous letters with potential poisons, toxins, and paralytics for you to obtain have made it to you.

I am going to my country manor to finish the last phase of experimentation...
You tap a pale ivory page in a battered leather folio.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Drinks:  Intoxicating Beverages ~*~
The primary benefit to using intoxicating substances is the mind-altering effects imbibing causes.  The stronger the better to break down the subject's inhibitions and rational thinking processes.  As long as the toxin induced into the beverage does not stand out from the drink's flavor notes, one may introduce almost any substance with some measure of success.

Another benefit to the utilization of intoxicating beverages is the drink itself is often blamed for any negative effects, drawing attention away from the poisoner.
You tap a sapphire foil-stamped page in a battered leather folio.
Delicate sapphire foil in the shape of an owl feather has been stamped onto the lower right-hand corner of the page
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Drinks:  Water, Juices, and Teas ~*~
Paralytics used discolored water and were found to be too obvious for covert uses.  The acidity in most juices impedes several agents from reaching their full potential; however, several plant-based toxins thrive in both juices and teas.  Paralyzing toxins from fauna, specifically poisonous jelly fish, were extremely effective in tea, but their presence was somewhat obvious after the first taste.  Fortunately, the first taste is all that is needed.

Tisanes and other herbal concoctions were also excellent at masking flavors, especially since many ingredients used here share flavor profiles with plant-based poisons.
You tap an ink-splattered page in a battered leather folio.
The fine parchment has been splattered with tiny dots of ink, but no writing is obscured.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Desserts:  Caramels, Creams, and Custards ~*~
Eureka!  The combination of milk or cream and sugar appears to be the trick when attempting to use any sort paralyzing agent.  Caramels and creamy chocolates were excellent conduits, as were custards and anything with sweetened creamy components.

Test subjects indicated the final products maintained flavor, texture, and consistency of unadulterated products.  Unfortunately, the paralytic used was so fast-acting that little additional information could be gleaned, nor could any antidote be administered.  Begin testing against the sovereign specific immediately.
You tap a silver-gilted page in a battered leather folio.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Desserts:  Candy Confections ~*~
Dozens of poisons work excellently in sugar-based confections.  These treats, that are predominantly sugar and water and flavorings, burst upon the palate with a sweetness that obscures many telltale signs of unusual additions.

Unfortunately, placing extra ingredients into confections seems to destabilize the candy's structure, turning most types into unattractive lumps that no self-respecting elf would eat.

A smidgen of success was had with salt water taffy, but the various paralyzying agents still lost a significant amount of efficacy and left a faint aftertaste.  One's intended must eat several taffies in short order to have the desired effects.

Scrawled almost as if an afterthought below the rest of the section is a note reading,"There is some cream in this taffy recipe.  What if??"
You tap a wax-marked page in a battered leather folio.
A brief sketch of several loaves of bread sits beneath the elegant handwriting on this page.  A trio of mice nibble on one loaf.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Breads and Baked Goods ~*~
Ah, nothing is more satisfying than bread!  Few dislike baked goods, and thus it makes an excellent conduit to introduce illicit ingredients.  I have had little success, however, with obtaining permanent results with paralyzing agents.  Perhaps it is the yeast?

While my subjects experience tingling or even partial paralysis in extremities, no lung activity is impacted, nor are the effects permanent or even more than mildly annoying.
You tap an ivory page in a battered leather folio.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Meats, Fowl, and Fish~*~
Wild game, often tangy and pungent, can serve as an effective means to hide unusual flavors and odors, but dissolving or otherwise concealing the actual added ingredient is more difficult than other foods.

Tried several muscle-numbing agents by injecting into meats.  Mice refused to eat.  Volunteer test subjects note no indication of foulness at point of ingestion.  Most severe symptoms included bowel discomfort.

Increase doses?

Several additional question marks cover the bottom of the page.
You tap an ebon-inked page in a battered leather folio.
Several mushrooms have been scribbled down the left margins of the page in bright blue ink.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Sauces, Soups, and Stews~*~

Several poisonous plants can safely be added to these savory liquid dishes, but masking the typically bitter flavors still proves difficult.

Mushrooms and toadstools work best here, but one can either be subtle or one can be expedient, but rarely both.

Known paralytics seem to easily stand out and are not recommended.

Perhaps the Nalfein have additional successes.  Three test subjects succumbed quickly, but all mentioned an unpleasant aroma that would have kept them from partaking of the food without the monetary exchange at hand.
You tap a gold-edged page in a battered leather folio.
The page appears to be a letter and is written in Common with an elegant script.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
My esteemed colleague,
I have received numerous complaints over my lines and methods of research, and I have found my investigation into the efficacy of poisons, especially those with paralytic properties, when mixed in various food stuffs stalled and stymied at every turn.

I have heard that you are interested in similar studies in Tamzyrr and send you the first of my notes in the hopes that between the two of us, we can carry on this intriguing field of research.

In educational brotherhood,
Atathysn Vanael Illistim
10th of Lormesta, 4995

The Vials

You tap several glaesineth vials in a jade-inlaid ebonwood case.
Carefully inserted in specially padded pockets along the interior edges of the ebonwood case, these vials appear to hold samples of various bits of flora and fauna.
You tap a bulbous vial, which is in your left hand.
The bulbous glaesineth vial contains a preserved brown spider with visible fangs.
You tap a flower-cut vial, which is in your right hand.
Several preserved oleander blossoms fill the glaesineth vial.
You tap a blue-capped vial, which is in your left hand.
Capped with a blue gemstone, the sealed glaesineth vial holds a tiny, dried toadstool.  Its bright bright blue exterior is contrasted with virulent orange gills.
You tap a vial of violet liquid, which is in your right hand.
Flecks of gold float in the bright violet liquid encapsulated in a corked and sealed glaesineth vial.
You tap a liquid-filled vial, which is in your right hand.
Filled with preservative and sealed with a vaalin stopper, the glaesineth vial holds a tiny pink jellyfish.

The Sheaf of Parchments

You tap a sheaf of parchment in a jade-inlaid ebonwood case.
Dozens of sheets of parchment are neatly stacked inside the case.  A quick riffling through the sheaf shows numerous drawings, some looking nearly identical to one another.  The occasional bit of script can be seen beneath several of the sketches. 
You tap a detailed pastel, which is in your right hand.
A detailed and colorful pastel of belladonna in lush bloom covers the parchment.  The remains of several partially erased notes are visible but unreadable.
You tap a nautilus watercolor, which is in your right hand.
A detailed drawing of a nautilus shell and its mollusk stands out against a watercolor background.
You tap a mushroom sketch, which is in your right hand.
This pen and ink sketch depicts a detailed anatomical drawing of a death cap mushroom.
You tap a painted parchment, which is in your right hand.
An intricately painted dinner scene covers the parchment, with a handful of desserts circled in ink.
You tap a brightly inked drawing, which is in your left hand.
A vivid viridian toadstool with bright white gills has been neatly drawn on the parchment.  A small label reads, "Red in nature often means beware."
You tap a small charcoal sketch, which is in your right hand.
The parchment holds a proficient sketch of an acistira plant.  Several labels have been smudged and are unreadable.
You tap a scrap of watercolored parchment, which is in your right hand.
The remnant of fine parchment shows the partial watercolor of a vibrant underwater scene of nielira, Nalfein seaponies, puffer fish, and coral.  Illegible script borders the uneven tear along the bottom.



  • Master Inquisitor Ciradyl, Inquisitor Vaelynsa, Eruien Lithavir, and Leisette met citizens in the Library Aies to discuss ledger findings to see if there was any type of cross-over and patterns they should investigate. Leisette managed to get a copy of the bank ledger for the month of Charlatos which she gave to Teveriel to read since the ledger search was his idea, a copy of House financing which she gave to Vaelynsa, and the auction house records which she kept. It was determined that there were a few unaccounted-for large withdrawals and some tampering to try to remove House Greyvael's ledger information, such as with a large sum was paid to a servant whose name was blotted out in ink. Vaelynsa shared that she was traveling to Vornavis to meet with Odelgarde that night.
The page, written in Elven, reads as follows:

Official Transactional Ledger from the Ta Illistim Branch of the United City-States Bank

This is an official and original transcript for the Bank of the United City-States and at no time should be removed from the vault archives.   You may request a copy of this document provided the forms are filled in triplicate, you pay the administrative fees of 50,000 silvers, and are willing to wait four full business days for our archivist to render you a copy.  You may waive this waiting period by paying an additional 75,000 silvers, and we will have the on-duty mage duplicate it for you.  Should you have a copy of this ledger and it is without a watermark then you have illegally obtained an original copy and will be persecuted to thefullest effects of the standing law.  This jurisdictional pursuit may only be waved by an Inquisitor.
The page, written in Elven, reads as follows:

Twentieth day of Charlatos

Six columns decorate the page, with the first column labeled "Time" and the second labeled "Name", which is immediately followed by "Account Numbers."  It is important to note that the account numbers are largely filled with "X" marks and only the last three digits.   The remaining three columns are each respectively labeled "Deposits", "Withdrawals", and "Balance."  A list of small transactions ranging from 300 to 5,000 silvers trails down the various rows.  Names of various local citizens, guards, and servants can be seen tidily penned upon the page.  The page is devoid of a watermark.
The page, written in Elven, reads as follows:

Twenty-first day of Charlatos (page 1 of 3)

A variety of dates and listings comprise the next severalpages, all of the transactions in amounts over 5,000 silvers and no more than 1,000,000.  No names immediately standout, but there do appear to be dozens of transactions for exactly 50,000 all between very similar names, each of these marked with an asterisk that states,"Consider placing under review - SBTP #1.2.c."
The page, written in Elven, reads as follows:

Twenty-first day of Charlatos (page 2 of 3)

 The columns read:

Lady Xelivana of the Meanderings, alias Aimless Meanderings, provided 100,000,000 silvers to one unnamed Ardenai.
Lord Aeriadrn Ghaeriden, Seneschal of Ta'Illistim Keep, withdrew 100,000,000 silvers.
House Javilierre withdrew, via courier, 300,000,000 silvers.
Lady Uniana Anduin withdrew, via courier, 1,365,000,000 silvers.
Master Zenlynn Veythorne withdrew 7,000,500,000 silvers.
Lady Katara Stormwild withdrew, via courier, 211,000,000 silvers.
House Nellereune withdrew, via aide, 50,000,000 silvers.
Lord Queatus Fyresabre Nalfein withdrew, via courier, 89,000,000 silvers.
House Chesylrae withdrew, via aide, 50,000,000 silvers.
Yfane Atiranel withdrew, via courier, 300,000,000 silvers.


  • Later that same evening, a frantic Odelgarde Brindlestraffe shows up in North Market concerned that a Ta'Illistim guest was meant to meet her and hadn't arrived yet. Heading to South Haven, they discovered that Inquisitor Vaelynsa was delivering a bundle of evidence from Ta'Illistim to help Vornavis with its continued investigation. As they were departing, the missing librarian from Ta'Illistim showed up and passed out. Given the fear that the librarian showed, Vaelynsa requested that Vornavis care for her, which Odelgarde agreed to do.

Chapter 4 Recaps

Chapter 4 of the Nations on the Brink storyline took place between Koaratos and Phoenatos 2023.



Odelgarde meets with citizens in Solhaven. She gives an update on the Baron's health, Jarnsaixa's recovery, and even speaks about the librarian from Ta'illistim, Atylia. She explains that Atylia had a fever and suffered from varying forms of exposure, exhaustion, and hyperthermia. She mentioned that the elf was delirious with fever and would speak about a beret whale with a face that shifted and changed coming after her, though at other times she would cower in fear. Once the fever was broken, Atylia grew tight-lipped and would have episodes that were more outbursts of paranoia and fear, always worrying about the frayed veil. Mention was made about the mysterious friend, Aldoran healing stones, herbal mixtures for the Baron, and a yll'suta for Atylia to help calm her dreams and mind. Further discussions were interrupted by the explosion at Glaoveln.



Young student and an apparent favorite of the arboretum peahens, Feriae, presented a stone with lettering upon it and a hidden note she found to Inquisitor Vaelynsa. The note turned out to be part of a series of communication between the Talon in Solhaven and someone referred to by the colorful sobriquet of "The Yellow Rose of Ta'Illistim." One of the notes was found by Missoni in Marshtown, as well.

They are all written in rogue's guild cipher, and Lynaera was thankfully able to read them aloud to us. The gist was that the Talon warned the Yellow Rose that the Skinny Man had turned out to be a traitor to their cause, and that "the birds" were somehow able to listen in on their ESP communication, so this method of secret message delivery was the best way to get information across until they could meet and discuss. The Yellow Rose responded that things were getting very tense in Ta'Illistim (presumably from the stalled investigations and the missing citizens), and that she might take the Talon's advice about recruitment as she "as I still can't get into one spot to check for that rat nest."

There was more info presented, the Solhaven visitors told Vaelynsa that the missing librarian had been found and was being cared for after her ordeal. We refused to say specifically where she was in case it would endanger her or her caretakers. But that she had been through a great deal, and had been rambling about a "beret whale" coming after her, and being the reason she had fled in the first place. A "beret whale" that changed its face.

Kothos made the assumption and hinted heavily that this was "Greyvael" and it might be the work of Sayilla's and Jarnsaixa's attacker, the false healer. But that's all supposition.

And another observation that the librarian (Atylia) is afraid of reflections, and had struck out at a window in her panic during her recovery, and her caregivers have had to remove all reflective surfaces from her room. Discussion ensued that perhaps this referred to the title of Mirror/Your Reflection, and Vaelynsa commented that it used to be a custom to smash a mirror or reflecting trinket to show displeasure with whomever was the current Ta'Illistim monarch.

A full list of the notes is as follows:

Arboretum Note 1

To the Yellow Rose of Ta'Illistim, the Skinny Man is gone.  Too much to explain right now, but will attempt to get it all to you soon.  What you need to know is that he was betraying all of us by following another man's greed.  Can't use thoughts to convey messages to you right now as I've discovered there are birds listening in.  You can leave messages for me via one of your shadows in the haycribs of Marshtown.  We can talk soon.  - Talon

Arboretum Stone

H d    i  t e l    r

Arboretum Note 2

Yellow Rose, glad to see the old methods are working.  Still trying to root out those noisy birds, so the old-fashioned way is still best on this side of the spine.  Trial in the frontier may not be safe, I'm working on finding a backup for me now.  Keep the lines open, will you?  Haven't had any issues with our merchants going on walkabout, but it sure does seem like there's a todo about your folks.  What can you tell me about a violet-eyed Loenthran that came to the coast? - Talon

Arboretum Conservatory Blackboard

H d    i  t e l    r

Arboretum Note 3

Yellow Rose, might have a lead, but things are heating up here.  I think someone is finding our letters.  We may have to resort to using the ciphers of 5103.  I'll find the entry key and send it separately.  Your violet-eyed friend did check into the Inn, but the innkeeper doesn't actually remember him leaving.  He seems to remember that the person that paid the bill was heavily guarded.  What do you know about a heavy perfume of orchid and amber?  This perfume seems to be popular of late and was noted in the incident of Fashanos.  In other news, you may want to start looking into your undergrounds.  We recently found a rather large rat in ours that didn't belong there.  It seems that they have been doing some construction on a large nest.  We have a plan to root them out soon.  Good Luck. - Talon

Arboretum Note 4

Yellow Rose, it would seem that our infestation is going to be a bigger problem than I realized.  I am going to resort to the correct side of the law and you might want to as well.  The sooner we can settle things the less likely all the hoity-toity type will be to notice a missing jewel or a few hundred silvers.  Looks like you will be stuck with me for a while longer.  The trial was Frontier Law, so you know how that goes.  I might have a price on my head now that is higher than before, but what's life without one?  Anyway, you are stuck with me for a while yet.   Talon


A mysterious figured slipped through North Market and in their hast dropped a note upon the ground.

Roughly sketched and heavily stained, the map appears to be that of the streets of both southern and northern Solhaven.  Large red X's mark various shops in town, as well as a few of the gardens.  There is a large circle drawn around Solhaven Inn.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:
Kraken Manor, Garden of Death, Lorminstra's Temple, Archery Shop, Furniture Movers, Warrior's Guild, and Solhaven Inn.

While searching those areas proved fruitless for those investigating, the map seemed incredibly important to Talon who later came to retrieve it.



Over several days, additional notes are found tucked away in Marshtown's haycrib bearing apparent communication between Talon and someone known as Yellow Rose.

Haycrib Note 1

Talon, not sorry to see the Skinny Man go but sorry for your loss.  We had heard there might be birds on the line and had been relying on old messages for conveying things for the past two months.  Didn't realize they had reached as far west as over the spine, so that's good information to have.  If this letter has found you well, please share with us how your shopkeepers are doing.  Ours seem to be having an involuntary walkabout. – Yellow –^--@

Haycrib Note 2

Talon, he's the cousin of a local artist.  She runs in high circles, is often seen at court, and was last seen having tea with the eldest mirror we have in town.  Left here in a huff to try to force your side to settle the matter of who murdered the woman of the exchange, not that our side is doing more than ruffling feathers.  Unfortunately, not the right ones.  Last we heard, violet-eyes checked into your Inn.  Let us know what you find out. -- Yellow  ^--@

Haycrib Note 3

Talon, we heard one of our books made it to your library.  I understand the condition was bad.  I hope you were able to fix it and get it in better condition.  That particular book is very important to one of our members, a cousin or something. Any news is appreciated. -- Yellow --^--@

Haycrib Note 4

Talon, found the cipher of 5103.  What a great vintage.  Brings back a lot of memories, not all of them pleasant.  Couldn't you have picked a better year? Let us know if the trail runs cold over there.  Someone is whipping the locals into a frenzy and our chances of finding our own rats nest are growing slim. So far our sewers are free of vermin, though we all need baths.  We have one place left to check.  Interestingly enough, we've heard rumors of your perfumed friend but have not seen her here.  Be ca--

Haycrib Note 5

Talon, glad to hear you'll be around for a while yet.  I always liked you better than the Skinny Man, no offense as I know he was kin.  Folks are getting restless here in a way I've not seen.  I may take your advice on that recruitment as I still can't get into one spot to check for that rat nest.  In the meantime, I found an interesting drawing that I thought you might enjoy.   Yellow  ^--@



A distracted Odelgarde Brindlestraffe met with individuals in the Vornavis Armory. She was reading over several papers as well as a map of the Vornavian holdings.

Unrelated to the current crisis, she asked for a volunteer to bring a letter to Mayor Talliver Dabbings.

She shared that "friend" had written to her acquaintances in Aldora and had discovered that the gemstone used to heal Jarnsaixa's injuries was a large crystal of Halite. The Aldoran healers knew little else about the stone except that it was very rare in Aldora and was the last that they had. They only knew that they had used it to create the gem that finally healed the Warden.

Through discussion, it was determined that Halite was salt that formed a crystalline structure in arid environments when ocean water evaporated. Odelgarde had said that the crystal had lost all color, and had previously given samples of the colorless remains to the Archivest but said tonight that it had been pink and black.

Much discussion was had on the merits of salt in healing and then the need to find a way to recreate this gemstone and healing method. When queried, she mentioned that we didn't know when we might see this disease again or in what quantities and she wanted to be prepared.

Odelgarde went on to say that Talon had contacted her about needing help cleaning out a problem in the sewers. In exchange, Talon would show Odelgarde how various people had been sneaking into Vornavis Keep. Odelgarde said that discreetly she would get bags of cement into the sewers so that they could seal it up. Further discussion was had on the merits of sealing up the sewers since they were needed for sewerage and appropriate permits. Odelgarde assured everyone that she was just going to use her water magic to mix the cement, asked Magsiter Svala to fire-harden it quickly, and then the portals would be sealed up without any harm to the sewers.

It was then that a guest from Ta'Illistim named Ballital spoke of having found notes in Ta'Illistim that appeared to be from Solhaven's Talon. Missoni also spoke of notes she'd been finding, and Kothos added some discussion regarding the Librarian and her fear of mirrors.

Odelgarde confirmed that in 5103, Talon's mother had passed as a victim to the Shadows of Haven. There was a brief acknowledgment that some knew of her mother.

In the end, it was agreed that others would meet on Leyan to head into the sewers. Odelgarde said she would post information and/or meet in Market on Niiman to share the details.



Leisette showed up at the Arboretum looking for Feriae, having met the student before she was concerned that she was still working and attending to the gardens with the unrest. However, she also was there to find out about the rumors of notes and messages. Almost immediately, she was asked if she was Yellow Rose and expressed frustration and was vexed that she didn't know who it was but that it definitely wasn't her.

The real Yellow Rose did show up, saying that Feriae summoned here, but Feriae didn't know what that meant. Yellow Rose expressed that she'd intended on getting into the undergrounds of the Library tonight because there appeared to be some interlopers there. Unfortunately, with the unrest, she was having difficulty doing that. She recruited those gathered, after dropping a rope from the ceiling of the arboretum's glass roof, to aid her as she tried to get there. She stated that she was going to use the thief's roads.

Leisette at that point said that she would rouse the Sapphire Guard by kicking a certain captain out of his melancholy to remind him of his duties. She said she would meet him there.

Once on the roof, everyone ziplined down to another roof, crawled across trellises, jumped to other roofs, down into gardens, over and under fences, and through the hidden back alleys of Ta'Illistim. The path was sinuous, but eventually made it around all the barricades that protesters had set up. At one point, they ended up in an attic, where they nearly burned the house down.

Eventually, everyone found themselves in a teashop where a trapdoor was discovered that led under the streets and into the library's basement. A large door with a puzzle on it was found. It read "Nevus Dock," but clicking the different letters in a specific order allowed the door to be unlocked. The order was "Dusk Coven," which set off alarm bells with some present.

Once in the laboratory, there was an unconscious old woman on the ground, and Ardtin was standing over her. She was holding a glass orb and taunted the woman, but eventually scooped up the unconscious figure and threw the orb, disappearing. From somewhere in the shadows, a papery dry voice began to drolly speak, shortly after revealing himself to the Lore Master Thaiagol. Some discussion, some banter, talks of experiments, jabs that not all understood by those gathered, and the Yellow Rose speaking up that clearly the real Ardtin was injured. As Thaiagol moved to leave, he cast some kind of spell before teleporting away, but not before he lost his hand due to an attack by those gathered.

Once gone, a voice called from the cage in the room, requesting to be let out. Someone managed to get it open, and a very grateful Galieca stumbled out. Rambling and confused, she said that Thaiagol and his fake Ardtin had been keeping her trapped in the Laboratory because she was going to speak to someone at the Sapphire Guard. She also made notes about her tea not really being damaged.

With guards on their heels, two of the Inquisitors showed up, Leisette not far behind. They took possession of a strange notebook that had magic protecting it, while Rivienne took possession of a journal. A letter was also found and passed around for those gathered to read.

It was decided that the lab would be sealed up and put under guard, that the notebook would be kept in the library until a magical means to open it could be determined, and the journal would be made available while others tried to get into it as well.



Odelgarde stopped by North Market to share copies of a map for the next evening's plan.

  O             O
  |              \
O-O               O
|                  \
O-O-O-O-O-O         O       D
|          \         \     /
O           O         O   O
|            \         \ /
O             \         O
|              \       /
O               O-O-O-O
|              /
O             /
|            /
O           O
|          /

Additional information was clarified on Discord by GM Thandiwe:

The lowest O is Plaitime's House.
The first junction is locked and requires the skill of someone who is in the training range of 70 - 100 and it will block all others from entering once it is unlocked.
The second junction is locked and requires the skill of someone in the 50 range.  Once it is open, it will block anyone that is in the range of 25-69.
The final lock is for anyone 25 or under.  It will prevent anyone that is older than 25 from entering.

Tomorrow night, the sewer crawl is a series of puzzles, it requires you to LOOK, READ, ANALYZE, and search through things.



Odelgarde arrived at the appointed time in Market, maybe 2-3 minutes late, and spoke about what lay ahead for the night. The goal was to go into the sewers, get through the door Talon told her about, and seal up all entry into Vornavis Keep through the underground.

When they got to Plaitime’s House, Talon taunted Odelgarde for being late and said she wasn’t going to go into the sewers with them. When questioned, she said that she didn’t want people to know that was giving people access to the thieves’ roads. They waited for her to leave, and Odelgarde told everyone that she had soldiers coming to bring bags of cement behind the adventurers and she’d use her water magic to mix it. She had prearranged for Raelee to rapidly fire-harden it.

Missoni found Eruien’s missing painting in Talon’s basement and stole it back.

Once in the sewers, the group was able to see various ladders that were one-way portals into the streets above.

The key that was left for them by Talon ended up getting chewed off its rope and fell into some muck, causing adventurers to have to search for it.

Once through the grate, the group split with some going north through the tunnels and some going east. Through a series of puzzles, door and box unlocks, traps, and rope swing, the adventurers rejoined each other and found themselves at a door. They eventually realized that some of the pieces that they found were different parts of a key, which they assembled and used to open a door.

Moving deeper into the sewers, clearly able to see that they were in Vornavis based on the difference in materials, they came to another door and while the locksmith was handling it, a rope trap sprung and caused several individuals to dangle from the ceiling.

They found themselves at another door that asked for a password and a ladder that lead to Vornavis Keep. Some went up the ladder, while another group went deeper into the tunnels to try to find more clues to the door. They found another box and more key pieces while the other group made their way down into the sewers because being in Vornavis keep through a one-way exit required them to do so. The returning group figured out the riddle to get the password, while the other group ended up being stuck beyond a clock-puzzle door.

Eventually, they all met back up again at the top of Vornavis Keep where they discovered the long-dead body of Grenhal. They found some items, opened the final door in the tower, and found themselves in her actual bedroom. There were a lot of armored people, looting, bed jumping, and things happening in the room, which alerted two people in the hallway to their presence.

Jarnsaixa and Friend entered the room. Friend was so startled that she dropped a boot. While adventurers were greeting Jarnsaixa, Odelgarde went back into the sewers to start sealing up the entries to Vornavis Keep. She blasted ice at the door from the tower side, making it impossible for anyone to leave the room through the hidden door, and shortly after reported in thoughts that she had sealed the second door.

Some kind of rogue or assassin used silent strike to strike down Odelgarde, which set the adventures with Jarnsaixa in tow, back down into the sewers to find her. Meliyara found Odelgarde first because the others were hindered by diseased bandits that started to flood the sewers. By the time the others caught up with the young Magister, she was back on her feet and a little shell-shocked.

Fearful that she might be a body double, a series of interrogations happened from various corners, and Odelgarde eventually answered enough that they knew it was her.

Someone was able to transport them out of the sewers into the Lance, and then back to the keep.

While there, Jarnsaixa started to scold a still very shocked Odelgarde who did not like dying at all. However, Jayshen started to grill Jarnsaixa about who Friend was. Jarnsaixa made a point to state that friend was the one that had saved her life, was a guest of the barony, and that she would not be betraying that trust out in the open on the streets. She then made a point to put her torc of office back on before heading into the keep. Odelgarde said she was going to send the Vornavian Guard into the sewers to finish sealing the areas.

Chapter 5 Recaps



Formal court is held by the Argent Mirror. Myasara recognized the dignitaries present, including Naevys Eilstina and Eruien Lithavir. She reaffirmed her faith in the Inquisitors in playing their role to solving Kasendra Malwind's murder, then called them forward to speak.

Master Inquisitor Ciradyl shared information from the events the prior month where Vaelynsa and several adventurers uncovered Master of Lore Thaiagol Razan-Dhur's true intentions. She confirmed that Thaiagol kidnapped the real Ardtin and was responsible for the simulacrum that had appeared as her in public, as well as others. She affirmed that Gasen was also still missing, although Galieca had been found and was safe but would need to be interviewed. Of the two books left behind by Thaiagol, both magically warded, one was a journal believed to belong to Orelwen Greyvael and might ascertain whether or not she willingly played a role in Kasendra's death.

Mistress Leisette came forward to speak. She shared that she tried investigating Thaiagol's laboratory and confirmed that Thaiagol's history of being in Ta'Illistim for a very long time appeared genuine as well as his friendly relationship with Ardtin. She added that Thaiagol was working with Niatha, who had plagued courts in the west, and that Thaiagol was definitely not in Ta'Illistim any longer.

Inquisitor Vaelynsa shared that the Inquisitors and the Sapphire Guard were prioritizing their efforts on finding a way to identify the simulacrums.

Meril shared that she had been helping to try and locate the missing librarian from the Library Aies, and that in this effort, she and others traveled with Vaelynsa to Solhaven to speak with a magister there. Meril added that she was surprised when, several weeks later, Vaelynsa appeared to have no recollection of this trip. Master Inquisitor Ciradyl stepped forward to reveal that she had traveled disguised as Vaelynsa for that trip and had not meant to cause alarm or to implicate Vaelynsa.

Perigourd shared additional information about Niatha, confirming that she had been implicated in Solhaven and that she was part of a group known as the Dusk Coven. He added that Rammael was another member and had plagued Icemule Trace in recent years, and that the volcanic eruption at Glaoveln might implicate the group's involvement there as well.

Myasara declared Thaiagol an enemy and traitor to House Illistim and all the people of Ta'Illistim. She stripped him of all his titles, honors, and positions within the House and city, struck his name from all records save those to acknowledge the crimes he had committed, and formally banished him.



Lady Athalia Malwind, daughter of Baron Dunrith Malwind, held public court in Vornavis with the Lord Chamberlain announcing. Also present were Steward Jarnsaixa Vargrdoittr the Bodyguard to the Sunthrone of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Vornavis Court Magister Odelgarde Brindlestraffe of the Hall of Mages, and Atylia Vontien Illistim the Walker of Lore from the Library Aies in Ta'Illistim. No petitions from the public were heard. Visiting dignitaries in attendance recognized included Envoy Tikba of Wehnimer's Landing, Lord Teveriel Anduin of Ta'Vaalor, and Councilwoman Jastalyn of Icemule Trace.

Jarnsaixa recounted safety improvements made over the past month to Vornavis Keep after several weaknesses were discovered that allowed unscrupulous individuals to gain unauthorized entry. She took action on those items on behalf of Captain of the Guard Gurbah, who was accompanying Lord Salnim Malwind traveling abroad. She noted that the Illistim would focus on locating their rogue Master of Lore, Thaiagol Razan-Dhur, while Vornavis would focus on locating Niatha - both of whom are believed to have played a role in targeting Kasendra Malwind and Sayilla Javilerre. Grenhal the healer's remains were found, presumed killed by Niatha, and Grenhal's name was fully cleared of any suspicion of wrongdoing. Grenhal was to be given proper burial rites per the traditions of the Mis'req tribes of the Tehir.

Odelgarde introduced the Vornavian Awakened Humanities Award as a way to recognize someone who has risen above divisions to extend a hand of compassion and aid to another, exemplifying the ideals of kindness and selflessness by bringing another back from the brink of darkness. She presented this award to Lady Meliyara of the Dhe'nar. Meliyara was also offered the role of Solace-a'field in the Order of the Swan, where, if accepted, she would be the first Dhe'nar ever inducted into an Imperial Order.

Athalia expressed her appreciation to Icemule Trace's Town Councilors for inviting her to their World Unity Day auction even though she was not able to attend. She corresponded with Mayor Talliver Dabbings to express support of the initiative and to offer a monetary donation to the funds collected. She also commended Mayor Dabbings for his strong words and proclamation against all forms of slavery, affirming that these were ideals shared by Vornavis and the Turamzzyrian Empire as a whole.

Athalia recognized the recent Seafarer's Festival, a longstanding community event, and those individuals and organizations who made it possible.

Athalia shared that her belief was that the threads of unity that tied together so many organizations already should be encouraged, and that service in one organization should not negate the service to another. She encouraged members of these organizations to join the Order of the Swan, which serves to support Vornavis alongside them.

Athalia called forward Lady Phanna Green, Lady Missoni Sabretache Faendryl, and Sister-in-arms Dirra Crawfinn. Phanna was recognized for her philanthropic work on behalf of Cairnfang Manor and was offered the vacant role of Fealcwyn within the Order of the Swan, which she accepted on the spot. Missoni was recognized for her philanthropic work on behalf of the Twilight Gallery and offered a role of Brathcwyn within the Order of the Swan, in addition to her current role of Sister-at-Arms within the Order of the Silver Gryphon; she also accepted on the spot. Lastly, Dirra was recognized for her many years of service, both within Vornavis and abroad representing Vornavis interests as a Sister-at-Arms of the Order of the Azure Sun. She was knighted by Athalia and named Dame Dirra Crawfinn the Knight of Vornavis.

A reception was held afterward, with Odelgarde and Atylia in attendance, both sharing some interesting dialog.

Full log.


Syearris and Aertinus Avelleur greeted adventurers at the Library of Aies, and shortly after Eshenesra joined them stating that the Yellow Rose and reached out to offer aid in unraveling the locks on the journal found in Thaiagol's Laboratory. Moving to the arboretum, they met with Feriae Enfiel and Jauefira Avael who offered up a tea canister filled with collected scraps of information on magical locks.

Rivienne reported that the journal with "O. G." on it had changed slightly, giving the impression of some type of lily, though nothing more was really known or understood about what the flower might mean. One of the scraps of paper in Jauefira's tea canister suggested that laying the blossom on the journal may work, so adventurers began to speculate and try different lilies.

Additionally, Syearris revealed his mechanical peahen that could determine if someone was a Simulacrum. When waved around, the peahen makes a loud sound, however, it is reported that it will remain silent in the presence of a Simulacrum.

It was decided, since they weren't very successful, that they would try again in a few days.

The full contents of the tea canister were as follows:

a scrap of ink-stained paper

In the Common language, it reads:

There are a wide variety of locks available to the average user.  These locks range from the traditional padlock that is usable on chains, in hasps, and through latches, the various door locks which include deadbolts (single, vertical, double, and thumb turn) as well as a variety of cylinder locks, and a vast majority of magical locks.

As you can tell, we completely ignore chain locks for doors, barrel locks, and hook-in-eye hasps.  These locks are irrelevant and easily overcome with the bare minimum of ingenuity.

a sheet of wrinkled paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Magical locks come in a wide variety of types ranging from Geas, Enthralled, Enchanted, Haunted, and Cursed.

For the purpose of this lesson, we will lump Geas, Haunted, and Cursed locks into the same category because they frequently have similar effects on them.

Enthralled locks are a completely different type, though they sometimes can fall under the above categories; it's important to keep that in mind.

Enchanted locks are almost never part of the other groups, though they have on occasion worked in unison with them.

a strip of oil-blotted paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Locks under a geas are typically locks that require some condition to be met before they will open.  These locks can require anything from someone keeping the item on them until they have performed a task or even requiring them to go on a quest.

Geas locks are tricky but are usually clearly able to be labeled because there is a long history of failure surrounding the item.  One famously known gaes lock was on the scrolls of Heglaenmri.  Several people died trying to find them, and then unlocking them required significant sacrifice.

a scrap of metallic-inked paper

In the Common language, it reads:

An enthralled lock is a peculiar thing.  This type of lock typically has some valence, elemental, or spiritual thing connected to it.  Different from a haunted lock, the enthralled lock is a purposeful connection where something was maliciously bound directly to the item it keeps locked and given a single, solitary command to allow for the device to be unlocked.

These commands can be anything from "Do not release until the password is known." to "You are not freed until this book has been drenched in enough blood."  Obviously, these pronouncements are a bit extreme and may seem outlandish, but we mention them because they have been seen.

a piece of grey-colored paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Haunted locks are a bit of a misnomer.  The lock itself is rarely ever haunted but rather the haunting is on the actual item the lock is connected to, and frequently the only means of unlocking the item is by resolving the haunting.  The easiest way to resolve these types of locks is to research the method by which the haunted party passed.

What unresolved business did they have in life?  If they were murdered, who killed them?  Do they seek forgiveness?  Do they want to right a wrong?  If you can prove to the thing haunting the locked device that you have done this, then they will find peace and move along.

a slip of greasy paper

In the Common language, it reads:

You can easily unhinge a barrel lock by simply slipping a hook-ended Olefear shim between the seams of a door.  Once you've slid the shim into place, flick the handle three times.  This releases the pivot on the hook in a clockwise motion, bringing it from north to south and then east.

If your barrel handle is westerly, you may have to flick four times.  Once done, gingerly slide the hook upward.  Now, some barrel locks have an e-shaped safeguard; this is easily worked around by seesawing the piece in and out of the grooves.

a sheet of polychromatic paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Enchanted locks have a variety of machinations that can be utilized to resolve them.  Much like puzzles to everyone else, all enchantment locks have simple solutions if you know the person who has locked them.

These enchantment-type locks can be opened in the vein of any lock by using a "key"-- though the definition of key in this instance is the third choice in the Library of Aies indexes of words and not the first.

The distinction is clear when you look at the definitions:

1. A small piece of shaped metal with incisions cut to fit the wards of a particular lock, which is inserted into a lock and turned to open or close it.
2. (The words have faded across the paper, the writing unable to be deciphered.)
3. A thing that provides a means of gaining access to or understanding something.

a strip of lacelike paper

In the Common language, it reads:

One may learn how to disarm a variety of locks through experience and repetition, especially the sort that may not be attached to a treasure chest.  Deft fingers can loosen a coin pouch, for example, or the truly daring may attempt to relieve a lady or gentleman of their properly tied lacings; the possibilities are endless if one truly focuses on mastering the craft.

a section of brittle yellow paper

In the Common language, it reads:

"... I spent many a long evening simply staring at the object, its odd magical aura causing my fingers to tingle and my eyes to fill with tears.  One night, as I drifted off into a fitful slumber, I had a realization: perhaps the ward itself was simply an emotional response imbued to the item through alchemical means, as I could feel the sorrow touch my own heart when I held it to my breast.

How would one bring solace to an object?"

a page of blue-green paper

In the Common language, it reads:

The majestic peahen has been an iconic symbol of the Shining City, its plumage the definition of both grace and beauty; however, an oft-forgotten skill of this jewel-toned avian is its ear-piercing scream.  Used as an effective defense mechanism, the shriek of a peahen is purportedly able to pierce barricades of dense stone and even magical wards, but proper research has yet to delve deeper into the reasoning as to why this would even be possible.

a scrap of sepia-stained paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Often vague impressions upon the surface of something can be considered a form of enchanted lock.  If you can find an object that matches the impression, then you may find a means of unlocking the device.  Examples that we have seen in the past include but are not limited to: block circles, avian feathers (though a specific kind was required), gemstones (again, a specific kind was required), and even flowers.

In fact, this is how enchanted locks can be broken.  Simply knowing the favored bird, symbol, object, etc. of your target will easily garner better knowledge of how to "break" into the device closed in such a fashion.

a sheet of rust-flecked paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Spine locks are a unique device employed by a variety of cultures.  These locks have dials built into the spine that are usually stamped with numbers, symbols, or letters.  Typically the code is four to twelve characters long, and solving it can either be a matter of patience or, as we have mentioned before, a study in patience.  If you know your victim, then you know their passcode.

a strip of ghostly white paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Whisper locks, which many feel should have their own category, can actually be the result of three different kinds of locks.  Enchantment, Haunted, and Enthralled locks can often be utilized to create a whisper lock.  Whether directly enchanting the object, binding a ghost or spirit to it, or shackling an entity to the piece, a whisper lock is managed by a means of magic that requires the user to whisper something to the item to release the lock mechanism.

a scrap of waterlogged paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Be cautious when working with a haunted lock mechanism.  These spirits and ghosts bound to your locked item can be everything from devious to petulant, ignorant to all-knowing, and all varieties in between.  Frequently, they carry with them ulterior motives from when they were alive, and most are malevolent.  Something caused them to be haunting your item, and it wasn't their innocence.

It is likely best to keep a priest on hand in case they decide that you need to join them in the afterlife, and on rare occasions, they may wish to give up their burden by having you take their place.

a page of sun-bleached paper

In the Common language, it reads:

Scratch that last note out.  I don't know who made it, but not all the haunted are nefarious.  Maybe the author was just a scared little boy too afraid to come out from under his mother's bed skirts?  I don't know and I don't care.  I've come across three locks where they were Lady in Whites.  There is nothing nefarious about those.  They were all women who were wronged and just needed justice.

Once I could prove that the person who wronged them had been met with justice, they willingly departed from the object.  Some people!  Get your facts straight.

a piece of geometric paper

Several of these notes are pretty good, but they don't ever talk about the Puzzle Lock.  I mean, seriously, who doesn't love the intrigue of a good Puzzle Lock?  It's probably my favorite one.  Typically, this is a larger device that holds a precious item in it or even a key to something larger.

Either way, the mechanisms are incredibly intertwined, and you need to figure out how to twist and turn them into a new shape.  The best one that I ever tinkered with was six different shapes before it released its prize.  However, I have to admit that for me the prize was the puzzle and not what was inside.

a section of aged paper

In the Common language, it reads:

How to Raise Your Mandrake: Chapter 1 - Mandrake Feeding

Congratulations for procuring your own mandrake!  This is the hardest step in mandrake ownership, although one must ALWAYS remember: absolutely do not...



Rivienne arrived at the arboretum to find Inquisitors Ciradyl, Syearris, and Eshenesra engaged in conversation with Jauefira Avael and Aertinus Avelleur, soon other adventurers joined them.

The following recap is provided by Uniana:

Before we got to work on the journal we tested to make sure no one present was an imposter. As stated before, Ballital and Rivienne got the first lock on Orelwen's journal to open with a spider lily impression. The next was it seemed a "whisper lock" and surprisingly absolutely no one, the required word was "Cheesecake." Lastly, we had an 8-letter passcode that needed to be entered which ended up being "Grayvael." I believe the sum of this experience was best expressed by Raelee who noted that Orelwen is in fact, "awful with informational security."

There were several pages obviously torn from the journal but there were still entries remaining. The journal revealed some things that might make one more sympathetic to Orelwen and her plight; the physical scars of her poisoning encounter leave her feeling ugly and cause her to sometimes have difficulty breathing, especially at night. There were entries about Kasendra's arrival at first hopeful and welcoming then about her bland presence at court (both fashion-wise and personality), then finally the pains of losing the interest/companionship of the Mirror as she became more focused on engaging with Kasendra. Her frustration/anger over being held in the keep and the loneliness it brought, and her fear of disappointing her aunt who suddenly seemed rather gentle towards her accusation. Also, she's terribly biased against the Nalfein.

The most telling of all was an entry where it seemed like Thaiagol gave her some tempting cheesecake and she later shared another offering from him directly with Kasendra as a peace offering. Those who will remember our research into poisons know that the type used with Kasendra would need a cream-based food and crumbs were found in her room for testing.


  • Thaiagol was the person Orelwen was meeting with at the seedy tavern, and they were probably not intimate but it very well might have looked that way to a gnome.
  • Ardtin was probably pod-person'd sometimes around the inquisitions.
  • Kasendra indeed was poisoned by the cheesecake.
  • Orelwen makes a note in the journal about a mirror that was broken, some things were thrown around it being a sign, or a mechanism to trap someone's reflection to make them a Simulacra, a reference that the mirror is not who she seems, or just a sign of dissent.
  • The journal was found in Thaiagol's lab which means he had access to Orelwen's chambers, no doubt other ways to maneuver in the keep and that's probably how he took Gasen.

Next steps:

  • Someone should approach Orelwen and attempt to extract more keen details about pieces of her diary.

Orelwen's Diary

Once unlocked, the diary revealed the following contents:

Page 1

Several pages appear roughly torn out from the beginning of the journal.  The sentence on the first remaining page appears cut off, with only the words, never be the same, legible beneath water-streaked ink.

Page 2

Entry: I still suffer the effects of the poisoning, but, as always, I am forced to hide them, to pretend that everything's still fine.  The discolored scarring on my skin seems to creep further out.  I have coughing fits sometimes, where I struggle just to breathe.  It's the worst at night.

Page 3

Entry: Kasendra arrived today... she isn't quite what I thought she would be, but then again, I'm not sure what I expected.  She seemed rather homely and her garb was plain?  I suppose plain is the best word for it...  Just not quite what we would expect in court.  I suppose she will be a bit of a project for us all to work with.  After all, she isn't in the Empire anymore.

Page 4

Entry: When I said she was going to be a project, I didn't mean that she would curry the favor of the Argent Mirror over those of us who have the proper breeding and the proper training to be in the position we are in.  How is it that only a few months in, barely the blink of an eye, and Kasendra is blessed with regular teas and dinners with the Argent Mirror while I find myself bored with it all now.  Truly, I thought this was meant to be a wondrous learning experience to prepare me to potentially follow Aunt Ardtins steps.

Instead, I have gained my aunts ire as my fragility from the poisoning has placed me in this predicament. It seems impossible to explain the continuous issues I face these days, while needing to feign a smile for those at court, or other events, that they do not realize that things are not as great as they seem. (edited)

Page 5

Entry: My issues are my own I cannot hold Kasendra responsible for my own misgivings and discomforts.  I realize my health makes it difficult for me to spend more time than I should at gatherings so maybe I have judged the situation far worse than it should have been.  So I will make a better effort to share my time with Kasendra, get to know her...

Thaiagol actually had a splendid suggestion and offered me some specialty almond butter cacao cheesecake.  Absolutely scrumptious, with a ground coffee and walnut crust.  At his urging, I offered Kasendra some so she can understand the masterpiece that is this dessert, my favorite.  Surely, she could not expect to find such decadence in the Empire...

Page 6

Entry: Oddly enough, though, he gifted me a compact mirror, as well.  It wasn't much, though just an enameled cloisonne, but I worry that he may have dropped it and then gifted it to me without realizing that the accident caused the mirror to crack.  Unfortunately, I need to make a note to get that repaired.

Page 7

Entry: There was a ball tonight to introduce several dignitaries from the other Houses that wished to meet, or at least see, what they consider the Argent Mirror's pet project.  It was a lovely time, but well, I suppose it was lovely for some.  It was moderately okay for me.  I had enough energy to dance, and yet there were no partners to speak of for me.  Such an annoyance, really. It feels as though I am fading again, no longer the shine in anyone's eyes, including the Argent Mirrors.

Sadly, though, the night ended in tragedy Kasendra's body was found in her quarters by Leisette, who...  Really, I have no idea who this person is and my impression is that I don't want to know.  Something about her makes me ill at ease.  I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who did.  Leave it to a Nalfein, after all. (edited)

Page 8

Entry:  ME?!  They suspect me?!  This is preposterous, and now I'll have to deal with Aunt Ardtin's ire even more.  I cannot believe me, of all people.  What... How?  I can't even hurt a fly!  I stuck i can barely handle myself these days and they think I murdered her!  Ridiculous.

Page 9

Entry:  I lost myself during the questioning, but those damned inquisitors knew which buttons to push not just on me, but others, to get the reactions they wanted.  And no sympathy to my own plight, to the things I had to deal with...  No care to the fact that I was targeted once before...  No, instead, let us air all the business out...  a proverbial tongue-lashing with accusations flying.

And Aunt Ardtin agreed, oddly enough.  The inquisitors were out of line with their questioning and I should have never been treated in such a way, talked to in such a manner.  Weird to have her sympathize with me during this ordeal...  I would have thought suspicions on me would surely tarnish the Greyvael name, but perhaps she is truly an ally to me during these troublesome times.

Additional information about how the puzzle locks worked on her diary is here.



Jarnsaixa Vargrdoittr greeted players shortly after accidentally terrorizing a clerk who found her to be "looming" when she went to the Solhaven Town Hall to seek out sea charts. She explained that her interest was due to some rumors that had been circulating.


  • A ship filled with refugees from the Glaoveln went missing. While this might be considered abnormal, all other refugee ships were reunited with their families, friends, etc., but this one was strangely absent.
  • The shop was said to be captained by a red-headed woman in green.
  • Sailors coming into the port discussed a strange island that they would not land on, but that had the look of sickness to it. They called it a Plague Island.

The Steward said that she was looking for charts so that she could follow the progress of Captain Kimrella de'Naut who was already off in the western seas to look for the ship. They hoped that if they could find the island they'd be able to bring in Niatha. Jarnsaixa particularly wanted to bring the woman to justice in hopes of redeeming her worth.

Jarnsaixa went on to mention how the Emperor had been rather progressive, allowing those in the Imperial Armies and Navies to modify their uniforms to match cultural equivalents. Even going so far as to note that he specifically commissioned an Imperial tartan for those kindred that wished to wear it.

She also mentioned that, though she had not made it known to the adventurers, she was actually the first female in the Imperial Blades and had concerns that she would have her status removed. Being the first in this all-male organization came with a lot of pressure to prove the worth of all that would come after her.

Adventurers offered encouragement for the giantess, pointing out that she was highly valued and had honored her clan with her work and efforts.

Eventually, everyone drifted off to their own thoughts and places for the evening.



Magister Odelgarde Brindlestraffe and Tasytha, Vornavis Librarian and the Master of Arcane Acquisitions, met with adventurers in the Solhaven Library. Odelgarde shared that Aldoran healing stones were now available to me made by anyone with the appropriate skills via alchemy, with the related research added to libraries and shared across Elanthia. The recipe shared was:

Add crystalline solution
Add dark red-green bloodstone
Add powdered pink salt crystal
Refract sunlight through a diamond lens
Add blessed water
Add powdered orange imperial topaz
Add essence of body
Channel lifeforce


The Inquisitors asked Yrmythia Gael to speak with Orelwen Greyvael to try to get more information, since the two handmaidens were close and they believed Orelwen might be more comfortable sharing things with her friend. The Inquisitors and adventurers watched via a scrying mirror while the two handmaidens met. The conversation revealed that Orewlen appeared to be an unwilling pawn of Thaiagol and was completely unaware of her role in Kasendra's death.



Magister Odelgarde Brindlestraffe met with players and let them know that Captain Kimrella de'Naut had found the island where they surmised that Niatha was hiding. With the aid of Jiarine, Phanna, and Raelee, Odelgarde was able to create a gate that brought the group to an island. Phanna offered to stay behind to act as an anchor.

Once on the island, it was evident that rumors of a bunch of refugees being kidnapped from the Glaoveln rescue were true for death was everywhere.

Eventually, the adventurers found themselves at a tower and stumbled upon a lone survivor, Siylus, who they were able to cure using the cure they had recently concocted for Green Death.

The group split at this point, with a few staying behind to guard Siylus, while others went on to continue to search the island. Niatha made herself known, producing an attack that spread the Green Death to everyone present, but she was subdued and eventually tied up.

With the exception of one person, all present were cured of the Green Death before leaving the island and Niatha was put up overnight in Sunholm until a new plan could be resolved for what to do with her.



Court is held in Ta'Illistim. Recap provided by Uniana:

Niatha is indeed on her way to Ta'Vaalor to get transferred to Ta'Illistim for trial. (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING COULD GO WRONG HERE RIGHT?) Murstyr Javilerre is going to sweep the tunnels and underground to make sure all levels of the city are safe? Inquisitors formally cleared Orelwen Greyvael, she gave a speech about her sacrifices and stepped down from being a handmaiden. Myasara said they won't stop looking for Ardtin Illistim. (I don't think anyone else missing was mentioned)

Rivienne, Lynaera, Ysaeril, Uniana, Teveriel all got medals for service, diplomacy. Only Teveriel and Uniana were there to accept and almost opted out. Myasara commended the active MHOs/CHEs in the area: The Looking Glass, Elanthian Elegance, Caeruil Atelier, Ilyan Syndicate, House Sylvanfair, Moonstone Abbey were all recognized for attempting to keep a sense of normalcy and culture during all this.

At the reception after:

Eruien Lithavir has had about enough of Ta'Illistim's court. Jaranzair is getting ready for prisoner transfer. We discussed the plague a little (half the people in the Elven Nations didn't know what was going on) and the cure, Myasara commended those who worked diligently to get the stones produced and distributed.



Lady Athalia Malwind, daughter of Baron Dunrith Malwind, held public court in Vornavis with the Lord Chamberlain announcing. Also present were Steward Jarnsaixa Vargrdoittr the Bodyguard to the Sunthrone of the Turamzzyrian Empire and Vornavis Court Magister Odelgarde Brindlestraffe of the Hall of Mages. Visiting dignitaries in attendance recognized included Councilmen Sorlu of Icemule Trace, Councilwoman Aliashyrah of Icemule Trace, Commodore Jaysehn Ransai of the Sentinel Fleet, Lord Teveriel Anduin of Ta'Vaalor, and Lady Uniana Anduin of Ta'Vaalor.

Chamberlain asked for Lady Regwen Maritin and Lady Delindra Shi'al to step forward, stating that their names had been put forward as potential Heralds to the Vornavian Court. He asked if they accepted this role, and both did. He had them affirm a pledge in this new role, then bestowed the new title and a surcoat of station to each.

Odelgarde provided a brief report of what happened on the plague island, the events surrounding Niatha's capture, and her current status en route to Ta'Illistim via ship by way of Ta'Vaalor's port.

Odelgarde shared that the Hall of Mages was aware of its very poor reception north of the Empire due to "magical misuse" in the Frontier and wanted to take steps toward improving its relations with the north. She asked Prentice Mavwyr Phanna Green and Magister Raelee Svala if they would provide formal Hall instruction to Arcanist Akenna Laeraun-Ranshai, who, if she accepted would be honored for her own mastery and started at the rank of Prentice Mavwyr. Akenna accepted this offer. Phanna agreed to provide training, and Raelee agreed to provide it pending the particulars of what that entailed.

Athalia spoke at length about the heroic effort by healers, alchemists, and reagent gatherers who helped to make and share the cure to the Green Death. She introduced the Grenhal Thaumaturge Award, so named in honor of the late healer who was also Niatha's first victim prior to the release of the Green Death. Chamberlain named multiple individuals one at a time who were honored with this award, and while not a complete list of all those who helped, some few names had traversed great distances, carrying with them the echoes of their deeds all the way to Vornavis. Jarnsaixa and Odelgarde giving a commemorative feather to each who was in attendance. Athalia shared that those not in attendance would receive their awards and a written copy of her speech in the mail. The names of those honored were: Lady Nyaria Ta'Mori, Necrotic Admiral Loralaii, Lord Earthdiver, The Fabulous Fyg Ment, Lord Whirlin N'Haren, Lady Opalina Gemiena, Lady Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree, Lady Jiarine D'Nerval, Lady Helnora, Lylia Ravenbane, Lord Nalbon Niima'son, Hospitaller Yukito Lennan, and Bathcwyn Missoni Sabretache Faendryl. Also recognized but not present were Mayor Talliver Dabbings for supplies offered in several major cities and Artisan Beabuille of the Tehir for sending salt and cure-holding jewelry items to Solhaven.

Athalia shared that there were two long overdue recognitions owed for knights who continued to serve in a role above and beyond the honors previously bestowed upon them. She named Sir Bristenn Mires the Knight-Regent of the Order of the Azure Sun and gave him a hammered bronze and eonake torc capped in radiant sunstones in honor of this role. She also named Sir Guarrin Hjeldin the Knight-Regent of the Order of the Silver Gryphons and gave him a hammered bronze torc flanked by stylized gryphon wings in honor of this role.

Lady Meliyara was asked to come forward. At the last Vornavis court session, she had been offered the role of Solace-a'field in the Order of the Swan. Athalia asked if she accepted this offer. Meliyara agreed, making history as the first Dhe'nar recognized as a member of a Chivalric Order in the Turamzzyrian Empire.

Chamberlain recognized two healers who had dedicated significant care and compassion to Solhaven's and Vornavis' citizens, Maylan and Meril. He extended his gratitude to them and invited both to join the Order of the Swan as Hospitallers. Maylan accepted. Meril was not present to respond to the offer.

Athalia shared that she had a first charge for new Heralds Regwen and Delindra for the very next evening. She charged both of them to represent both the Vornavis Court but also the Empire at a "clandestine meeting beyond the southron seas". She asked Jarnsaixa to accompany them, and she also asked Jaysehn to transport them for this meeting. All agreed.

The floor was then opened for public petitions.

Sir Cryheart Thaxin gave Athalia a gift of a ceremonial knighting sword, which he had forged himself, so that she would have a lighter weight sword in the future for the next time she knighted someone deserving. (When Athalia had knighted Dame Dirra at the last Vornavis court session, she had used Jarnsaixa's sword, which was too heavy for her to lift without the aid of magic.) Cryheart added that Squire Perigourd had helped to finish some details on the gift and that Sir Guarrin had donated the case it came in.

Jaysehn brought up that Solhaven was still without a Harbormaster since Wilhard had been removed from that role several months earlier. He suggested Kilvath for that role, a half-krolvin who runs the private docks at the North Haven Quay.

Sir Bristenn directly affirmed that the Dusk Coven was behind the discord sown in Vornavis as well as the world beyond the Empire. He stated that he intended to call together a nonpolitical alliance of the many groups, and organizations, brotherhoods and gatherings in an effort to coordinate a response to the Dusk Coven's threat. Athalia cautioned him to be careful in using the word 'Alliance' due to its association with the Dark Alliance of two decades prior.

Fyg, who had been honored by the Grehnal Thaumaturge Award but arrived late to receive hers, affirmed that Loralaii helped alongside her with the cure to the Green Death. Athalia confirmed that Loralaii had also been honored and she was given her award now that she was present.

Court adjurned with no further petitions.



Traveling via ship, adventurers met at Nielira Harbor in Ta'Nalfein and made their way to a Pavilion where Queen Rhosyn, Mirror Myasara, and Empereror Aurmount greeted them. There, The Kasendra Accords was signed by the three.