White ora sledgehammer

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Originally posted by EVANP 2 August 2005

a fearsome white ora sledgehammer with a celestial blue infinity sigil etched on each side of the head


Heavily zested, 6x enchant, plasma flares, Permanent +3 Wisdom Bonus (Will not expire like most stat bonus items) and 1x teleportation to your deity's temple (or a local temple if your deity does not have one).

Note: This weapon only works in the hands of a cleric/paladin. Otherwise it's a normal maul. This is a Tier 3/Auction level Iasha item.

Verb Traps

PEER As you gaze on the haft of your white ora sledgehammer, your eyes mist over and you see the holy symbol of <deity> burn in your mind.
WAVE As you wave the white ora sledgehammer in the air, bursts of white-hot baneful flames fly from it in every direction.
KISS You sets the tip of his white ora sledgehammer on the ground, bowing your head and murmuring a prayer to his patron.
TOUCH You lovingly traces your fingers along the veins of white-ora folded into the sledgehammer.
POKE You run a finger down the surface of the sledgehammer. You stop to admire its flawless craftsmanship, all of it crafted from gleaming white ora and meticulously maintained. Unfortunately, you forgot about the flames surrounding it, and it is hot!
ROAR You point your weapon into the sky and roar a battlecry to <deity>.
HOLD Holding your white ora sledgehammer, you cry out, "<deity>, aid me in my hour of need!"
ATTEND Teleports once a day.
As you pray over your white ora sledgehammer, a shining white pillar of light appears. A gateway opens inviting you in, and you step forward into it.
As you raise your white ora sledgehammer a sudden sense of finality sparks a moment of inner reflection.
  • You raise your sledgehammer and a burst of white energy extends from the weapon to momentarily form a white shield symbol over your head.
  • You thrust your arm high into the air and feel a cold determination filling you. Ebony lights glitter with golden speckles as they rise from the hilt of your weapon towards the tip of your sledgehammer. Several golden shields break through the ebony surface for a moment before the sledgehammer is consumed in darkness. Your sledgehammer resonates loudly for a mere moment then the light bursts into a shower of ebony and golden sparks that shower down around you when you lower your sledgehammer.

Random messaging

  • The crimson flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer flare up a brilliant orange for a moment.
  • Waves of heat rise from the surface of your white ora sledgehammer, creating a hazy aura about it.
  • Fiery sparks from the surface of your white ora sledgehammer hiss as they fade in the nearby air.
  • The white ora sledgehammer pulses in your hand, as if seeking something.
  • You flich as the flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer flare out suddenly!
  • The flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer blaze up for a moment.
  • Burning low, the flames encasing your white ora sledgehammer emit an angry hiss.
  • The flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer swirl around and a low murmuring can be faintly heard. You think one of them was, "Release."


  • As you attack, the baneful white flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer flare off and strike, bathing the ghostly pooka in fiery death! **
  • A peal of thunder cracks from your white ora sledgehammer as baneful white light streams forth to surround ghostly pooka, assaulting it with flames of white-hot fury! **
  • There are 3 or 4 more flare messages than these two, including one that causes the creature to go prone. Flares Range from 2-75 points and occasionally crit kill.