Baking (pie)

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Tools Required:

  • a mixing bowl
  • a cooking pot
  • a stove or heat source to put the pot on
  • a pie press
  • ingredients
  • recipes for reference (optional)

Making Dough

Using a mixing bowl, put in ingredients as per the recipe for cobbler or pie dough, each instance of an ingredient is a use of the source take out your ingredient and PUT it into the bowl, if it is a multi use ingredient it will take a "charge" and put some in the bowl for you. Once all ingredients are in the bowl, PUSH the bowl to mix them. Take the dough out of the bowl and set aside, put your bowl away.

Note: You do not need a spoon or spatula, they are just props right now.

Making Filling

Get your cooking pot and begin to put ingredients in it per the recipe, following the same logic as the mixing bowl for adding ingredients. I recommend putting all of the ingredients into the pot first. Once all are in the pot, bring your stove to heat and put the pot on the stove. Pay attention to the messaging to time your cooking. Too little is under cooked, too much is burnt, get it just right.

When you think you are ready, TURN the pot to finalize the filling. Take the pot off the heat and take your filling out. Put away your pot and set aside the filling.

The Pie Press

  • PUT your dough in the pie press first.
  • PUT your filling in the pie press second.
  • CLOSE your pie press.
  • PUT the pie press on a heat source.

Watch the messaging, take it off heat when you are ready and then open it to enjoy!

Finding Ingredients

Foraging is the primary way you will find the main ingredients for your pie. Other ingredients such as sugar and butter, can be purchased from the Grocer in most cities.

Town Grocer Name Room ID (Prime)
Four Winds Isle Harbor's Harvest 33751
Icemule Trace Kishnar's Hearth 32867
Kharam-Dzu Silver and Sapphire 1865
Kraken's Fall Riverside Grocer 32596
River's Rest Mist and Shore Bakery 32583
Solhaven Solhaven Grocer 32600
Ta'Illistim Woodland Market 32674
Ta'Vaalor Ravelin Harvest 32788
Wehnimer's Landing Patty's Cakes 32615