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The Premium Transport System affords Premium subscription members instantaneous, inter-realm transport. Each of the nine premium halls has a transport room (usually located near the hall's entryway) with a unique colored doorway, eg., a curved mottled green doorway, where transport tickets are sold. There is also a portal in the transport room that leads to the transport hub from which there is direct access to each of the nine premium halls.

Ticket Purchasing

Simply GET/BUY TICKET followed by GET/BUY TICKET within ten seconds to make the purchase.

Initial Purchase:

>get ticket
A young attendant steps forward and says, "You're looking for a transportation ticket, <Player Name>?  This'll be number 1 for the month, and will cost you 5000 silver.  Also, note that the ticket expires at the end of this calendar month and will only be valid for your own travel needs.  Be sure to hold the ticket in one of your hands as you pass through the portal to use it."
GET the ticket again if you want to really purchase it within 10 seconds.
>buy ticket
You fork out 5000 silvers for a ticket.

Second Ticket:

>get ticket
A young attendant steps forward and says, "You're looking for a transportation ticket, <Player Name>?  This'll be number 2 for the month, and will cost you 10000 silver.

Ticket Rules

Tickets are single use, one-way travel and may only be used by the original purchaser. Tickets expire at the end of each calendar month regardless of the date of purchase. There is a limit of 10 one-way trips per calendar month. Characters under level 20 will not be able to advance through the portal leading to Kharam Dzu.


Ticket Prices per Month:
Level Range 1st Trip 2nd Trip 3rd Trip 4th Trip 5th trip
0 - 9: 5k 10k 15k 20k 25k
10 - 19: 25k 50k 75k 100k
20 and up: 50k 75k 100k

Note: Make sure to have an additional ticket or sufficient funds with you if you intend a return trip.


When you go through the transport room's portal you will find yourself in a Swirling Nexus, Transport Hub. This hub has four cardinal (NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST) and four ordinal (NORTHEAST, SOUTHEAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTHWEST) directions available. With the addition of Kraken's Fall, you can also GO DOWN. Each direction leads to a different premium hall's transport room.

West of the Dragonspine:

East of the Dragonspine:

If you inadvertently go in the wrong direction, all is not lost. You can return to the hub by going in the opposite direction as long as you haven't entered through the destination portal.

Premium Hall --> GO DOORWAY to Transport Room --> Purchase Ticket --> GO PORTAL to Hub --> GO NORTH (or south, east, west, etc.) to Destination Portal --> GO PORTAL to Destination Transport Room

Premium Hall Locations

Town Hall Location Prime Room Plat Room Shattered Room
Icemule Trace Burga Hall #20756 #20756 #19684
Kharam Dzu Welkin Hall #20777 - #19650
Kraken's Fall Molskroen Hall #28989 #27629 -
River's Rest Mistral Hall #20766 #20766 #19670
Solhaven Seamist Hall #20718 #20718 #19728
Ta'Illistim Meazernis Villa #20707 #20687 #18679
Ta'Vaalor Etesian Hall #20706 #20706 #19700
Wehnimer's Landing Zephyr Hall #20734 #20734 #19744
Zul Logoth Solano Hall #9409 #9409 #9409

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