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Order of Voln - edit
Voln, the Great Spirit
The History of the Order of Voln
Favor Undead
Voln armor
1. Recognition 2. Blessing
3. Thought 4. Diminishment
5. Courage 6. Protection
7. Submission 8. Kai's Strike
9. Holiness 10. Recall
11. Sleep 12. Transcendence
13. Mana 14. Sight
15. Retribution 16. Supremacy
17. Restoration 18. Need
19. Renewal 20. Disruption
21. Kai's Smite 22. Turning
23. Preservation 24. Dreams
25. Return 26. Seeking

Step 15

The Symbol of Retribution, governed by Lord Eonak, is obtained at the fifteenth step of the Order of Voln. This symbol, when dead, can be used to attack undead creatures in the room by sending out ripples of essence toward them. This symbol uses the Standard success resolution system to detemine success or failure.

This symbol may also be used when alive. If used while alive, it will surround the invoker with an aura that reactively flares with divine retribution at undead who manage to strike the player (in much the same way as reactive armor flares). This use of the symbol has a duration of 10 seconds per Voln rank (stackable). The duration of this symbol when invoked by a voln master is 4:20 minutes per use.


Self Cast Version

Initial Activation:

sym retribution
You feel an aura of righteous wrath surround you.

Reactive Flare:

A zombie claws at you!

  AS: +205 vs DS: +209 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +97 = +128
   ... and hits for 5 points of damage!
   Blow slides along your ribs.
  Almost tickles.

 ** Your aura unleashes a blast of divine retribution at the zombie! **

   ... 15 points of damage!

Wearing off:

The aura of righteous wrath leaves you.

Attack Version (only functions when dead)

Against Undead:


Against Living while alive:

>sym retribution marmot
You can only make a retribution attack against an undead creature.

Against undead while alive:

>sym retribution wraith
You cannot make a retribution attack while still living.

Favor Cost


Favor cost is based on the member's level. See Table for specific examples. The self-cast version has a relative cost of 3x Symbol of Protection. In other words, 1 use of Symbol of Retribution costs the same favor as 3 activations of Symbol of Protection. The direct attack version (only funtions while dead) has a relative cost of 0.4x per attack.

Favor Required to Obtain Symbol of Retribution

Formula: 1400 + (( level2 × 25 ) ÷ 3 )
Ex. level 15 member: 1400 + ((15 × 15 × 25) ÷ 3) = 3275 favor
Ex. level 20 member: 1400 + ((20 × 20 × 25) ÷ 3) = 4733 favor

Monk's Teaching and Instruction Highlights

  • Eonak is the master of weapons
  • In addition to teaching how to bless weapons, also taught how to surround our bodies with an aura of divine energy.

Wehnimer's Landing Task

  • From Town Square Central: Go Well, Climb Rope, S, Climb Rubble, E, E, E, N, N, NW, W. (Lich ID 7542)
  • Pull cresset (to enter the secret workshop - requires two hands)
  • Touch broadsword
  • Pull cresset (to exit workshop)
  • Return to monk to receive symbol (Lich ID 18198)

Ta'Vaalor Task

This task is performed in Eonak's Temple in Zul Logoth. Temple is one room east of cleric guild.

  • From Mine Cart: Go Arch, SW, SW, SW, W, N, N, W, NW, W, W, W, SW, NW, N, N, E, Go Door, E. (Lich ID 16727)
  • Pray hammer
  • Pray anvil
  • Return to monk to receive symbol (Lich ID 25957)

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