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Order of Voln - edit
Voln, the Great Spirit
The History of the Order of Voln
Favor Undead
Voln armor
1. Recognition 2. Blessing
3. Thought 4. Diminishment
5. Courage 6. Protection
7. Submission 8. Kai's Strike
9. Holiness 10. Recall
11. Sleep 12. Transcendence
13. Mana 14. Sight
15. Retribution 16. Supremacy
17. Restoration 18. Need
19. Renewal 20. Disruption
21. Kai's Smite 22. Turning
23. Preservation 24. Dreams
25. Return 26. Seeking

Step 24

The Symbol of Dreams, governed by Lord Ronan is obtained at the twenty fourth step of the Order of Voln. When invoked the user will automatically lie down and fall asleep. Although it isn't a requirement, it is best to use this on a node or other safe location. While under the influence of this symbol the member will have increased stat, mana, spirit and health recovery.


Symbol of Dreams (can be abbreviated)


Mana regeneration formula


Mana regeneration per dream pulse = Trunc[0.20 × (maximum mana - remaining mana)]


Mana regeneration per dream pulse = Trunc[0.10 × (maximum mana - remaining mana)]

Current maximum mana includes any additional bonus from manna bread or enhancives.


Initial activation on node:

>symbol of dreams
You feel suddenly tired and lie down for a nap.

Initial activation off node:

>symbol of dreams

You feel suddenly tired and lie down for a nap.

A tinge of nervousness makes going to sleep harder, but you manage.

Pulse messaging:

You rest peacefully.

Dream messaging:

A woman appears before you and holds your hand, leading you through a doorway and outside onto a busy street.

You suddenly smell the rotting flesh of a corpse and hear the slow scraping sounds of something wounded coming your way.

You stop to rest in a child's rocking chair. You also hear the child humming a nursery rhyme.

You see yourself as a child playing with other children. The sight changes quickly from laughter and joy to anger and frustration as someone knocks you down by accident. A nasty fight and a bloodied nose end the encounter.

You cradle a child in your arms. It coos and gurgles in delight when it catches sight of your face.

You hear soft music and decide to follow it to its source. At that moment, a long staircase unfolds before you and you begin to climb it.

Words appear in the sky written in blood, "Heed the signs!"

You are walking through a pile of flower petals.

A lone horse canters by, its saddle empty.

You pick up a lyre and begin to sing a song about a poor hero and how he saved a princess from a great terror.

A man appears and points to a mountain. Without a thought, you begin to climb it.

A road appears before you.

>Additional messaging<

Favor Cost


Favor cost is based on the member's level. See Table for specific examples. Each use has a relative favor cost of 6x Symbol of Protection. In other words, 1 activation of Symbol of Dreams uses the same amount of favor as 6 activations of Sym of Protection.

Favor Required to Obtain Symbol of Dreams


2300 + (( level2 × 40) ÷ 3 )

Example 1:

level 15 member: 2300 + ((15 × 15 × 40) ÷ 3) = 5300 favor

Example 2:

level 20 member: 2300 + ((20 × 20 × 40) ÷ 3) = 7633 favor

Monk's Teaching and Instruction Highlights

  • Ronan knows about the healing power of rest and sleep and has taught us how to accelerate this healing process.
  • If you rest after recalling this Symbol, you will experience a quickening of your health, life, and vitality.

Wehnimer's Landing Task

Ta'Vaalor Task

  • In the same room as the monk, you must JUMP into the pit
  • SEARCH until you find a stone-carved door, then GO DOOR. Ignore all other doors.
  • SMELL until you have a scent of a battlefield, then GO BATTLEFIELD.
  • LISTEN until you hear a nightingale, then GO NIGHTINGALE.
Now, Ronan will test you.
  • If Ronan moves right or left, LEAN in the opposite direction.
  • If Ronan glances at your feet, JUMP.
  • If he holds a weapon at your head, DUCK.
  • If his spear is aimed at your chest, FALL.
  • If he puts you to sleep, ROLL.
  • Once complete, you will be returned to the monk to receive the symbol. (Lich ID: 25948)
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