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Order of Voln - edit
Voln, the Great Spirit
The History of the Order of Voln
Favor Undead
Voln armor
1. Recognition 2. Blessing
3. Thought 4. Diminishment
5. Courage 6. Protection
7. Submission 8. Kai's Strike
9. Holiness 10. Recall
11. Sleep 12. Transcendence
13. Mana 14. Sight
15. Retribution 16. Supremacy
17. Restoration 18. Need
19. Renewal 20. Disruption
21. Kai's Smite 22. Turning
23. Preservation 24. Dreams
25. Return 26. Seeking

Step 22

The Symbol of Turning, governed by Lord Phoen, is obtained at the twenty second step of the Order of Voln. This symbol can be used as either a single target or mass attack against undead creatures. This symbol uses the standard success resolution system to determine success or failure. There are several possible outcomes, from benign to instant death, that may occur depending on the level of success. The untargeted version uses the standard AoE Targeting system and will hit a maximum of 10 targets.


  • SYMBOL OF TURNING (by itself for the mass attack version)
  • SYMBOL OF TURNING <target> (for the single target version)


>symbol of turning

You draw a glowing pattern in the air before you.

A wraith backs away from the pattern for a few moments.
Target flees
>symbol of turning

You draw a glowing pattern in the air before you.

A wraith backs itself south.
Instant kill
>symbol of turning

You draw a glowing pattern in the air before you.

A wraith lets out a blood curdling scream!

You hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separates itself from the wraith's body as it rises, disappearing into the heavens.
Living creature
>symbol of turning goblin

You draw a glowing pattern in the air before a goblin.

A goblin does not seem to be affected.

Favor Cost


Symbol of Turning has a base cost which is dependent on the member's level (not member's rank). See Table for specific examples.

The base cost, for either the targeted or untargeted (mass attack) version, applies when there is one undead creature in the room. This base cost has a relative cost of 3x Symbol of Protection's favor cost. The mass attack version (untargeted) has an escalating cost that increases when more than one undead is present. Favor cost for this symbol is capped at 8 undead creatures regardless of the number actually affected. Since living creatures are unaffected by Symbol of Turning their presence does not increase favor cost.

Favor Cost Table

Favor Cost
1 Base
2 Base × 2
3 Base × 2.5
4 Base × 3
5 Base × 3.5
6 Base × 4
7 Base × 4.5
8 or more Base × 5

Favor cost example for a level 40 member with 4 undead creatures present. (Lvl 40 base cost = 219)

219 × 3 = 657 favor

Favor Required to Obtain Symbol of Turning

Formula: 2100 + (( level2 × 35) ÷ 3 )
Ex. level 15 member: 2100 + ((15 × 15 × 35) ÷ 3) = 4725 favor
Ex. level 20 member: 2100 + ((20 × 20 × 35) ÷ 3) = 6766 favor

Monk's Teaching and Instruction Highlights

  • Undead are vulnerable to all that is holy.
  • Phoen has taught us how to use this holy power to turn the undead, repelling or potential destroying them.

Wehnimer's Landing Task

This task is straightforward. Drop a blue crystal, blue crystals contain the spell Spirit Strike (117), into the lava at the volcano in Danjirland.

  • Obtain a blue crystal (the bound blue crystals from BOOST work for this)
  • From the North Gate: SW, S, S, S, S, S, SW, S, SE, S, SE, S, S, S, SW, S, S, SE, SE, SE, SE, SE, E, E, NE, E, E, E, Go Trail, N, NE, E, SE, E, NE, N, NE, N, N, N, Go Trunk, NW, NE, U, N, U, U, W, W, NW, NW, Go Gash, D, D, D, D, N, NE, E (Lich ID 4131)
  • Drop crystal in lava
  • Return to monk to receive symbol (Lich ID 18191)

Ta'Vaalor Task

  • First, purchase a votive from the cleric shop. (Lich ID: 10372)
  • Second, return to monk's location and LIGHT VOTICE WITH FIRE. (Lich ID: 25950)
  • Third, go to the Wraithenmist, Fishing Dock in Ta'Illistim (Lich ID: 1830), then WAVE VOTIVE
  • Return to the monk to receive your symbol. (Lich ID: 25950)
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