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Imaera was an Arkati, Goddess of Healing, Autumn, Nature, Animals, Plants, and the Harvest. She was a member of the Pantheon of Liabo and consort to Eonak.

Imaera was the patron of the sylvankind and was considered the goddess of the wild, untamed nature, as opposed to cultivated nature which is Oleani's domain. She was credited with the restoration of much of the life of Elanthia after the Ur-Daemon War, notably the human-like races. She was honored often with Harvest festivals throughout Elanthia.

Her symbol was a golden sheaf of grain on a field of green. Sylvans represented her as a doe on a field of green.

Shrines, Statuary, and Holy Places

Solhaven Cleric Guild

In the Prayer Room of the Solhaven Cleric Guild was a state of Imaera. It was considered a holy shrine.

You see the cheerful, sylvan countenance of Imaera. Her young body is clad in robes of leaves and flowers. A young doe stands beside her. Behind her is a sheaf of grain.

K>touch Imaera
You reach out and touch the statue of Imaera.

A warm feeling washes over you, as if Imaera smiled upon you.

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