DragonSpine Fane

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The DragonSpine Fane is where holy symbols are created by clerics.

Go all the way to the top

There are quite a few stairs here, go all the way to the top. Once there, there is a main chamber with 3 small chambers (Light, Gray, and Dark). Go to the one your Deity is aligned to.

How to Create a Holy Symbol

In each small chamber there are obelisks; find the one for your Deity.

The mechanism for creating a holy symbol is straightforward: Cast Bless Item (304) at the appropriate obelisk (Do not use the wrong one!). A Holy Symbol will be created for you, and dropped into your hand. There is a cooldown period between creating symbols, as it drains spirit which must be replenished before the next cast.

Use Spirit Guide (130) to avoid climbing down the stairs.

Creation of a holy symbol is restricted to clerics.

Example of a symbol created from the Lorminstra Obelisk: a gold-traced banded onyx key symbol.

Climbing the Stairs

There are eighteen stairs in the Ancient Passage. Five of those stairs are niches dedicated to a single Arkati. Niches have bowls for offerings and statues showing the Arkati they are dedicated to. The entry at the base of the Ancient Passage is dedicated to a Drake. At the top is the DragonSpine Fane. In order from the bottom the stairs, the Arkati shown are as follows:

First Stair

Charl and Niima and one un-named.

Second Stair First Niche

Eonak and a forge.

Third Stair

Kai and Leya.

Fourth Stair

Cholen and Jastev and two broken murals.

Fifth Stair

Kuon and Aeia.

Sixth Stair Second Niche

Imaera and a tree.

Seventh Stair

Jaston and Tilamaire and two other murals.

Eighth Stair

Arachne and The Huntress and Andelas.

Ninth Stair

Amasalen and Luukos.

Tenth Stair Third Niche

Gosaena and her sickles.

Eleventh Stair

Voln and Lorminstra.

Twelfth Stair

Zelia and the two moons Lornon and Liabo.

Thirteenth Stair

Ivas, Mularos, Sheru, and V'tull

Fourteenth Stair Fourth Niche

Eorgina and her flames.

Fifteenth Stair

Fash'lo'nae, Onar, and Marlu.

Sixteenth Stair

Oleani, Tonis, Laethe, and Voaris.

Seventeenth Stair and Fifth Niche

Koar and his throne.

Eighteenth Stair

Lumnis, Ronan, and Phoen.

DragonsSpine Fane, Landing

There is a washbasin here where you can clean up after all that hard work climbing those stairs.