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  • Event dates: September 29th - October 31st 2023
  • 9/29 - 10/6 - Platinum Live Games, Storyline & Quest Introduction
  • 10/1 - Book sales begin
  • 10/2 - 10/26 - Trove (estimated)
  • 10/6 - 10/13 - Prime Live Games, Platinum Merchant Week
  • 10/13 - 10/20 - Prime Merchant Week
  • 10/22 - 10/27 - Storyline & Quest Closing
  • 10/27 - 10/29 - Special Event
  • 10/30 - 10/31 - No GM interactions

Quick Links

  • Raffles:

Be sure to ESP TUNE TOWNCRIER for seasonal tips!

Live Games Schedule

Rules and additional information can be found at the Live Games page.

  • Prime Schedule
    Game Dates Times Locations
    Costume Contest Sunday, October 1 2:00pm [Icebriar Lake, Winter's Edge] (8083079)
    Blind Luck Friday, October 6 9:00pm [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
    Cryptic Chronicles Saturday, October 7 2:00pm [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
    Pyrestarters Sunday, October 8 4:00pm [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
    Spooky Ciphers Monday, October 9 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    Haunted Spirits Tuesday, October 10 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Kitchen] (8085062)
    Wheel of Misfortune Wednesday, October 11 9:00pm [Under the Manor] (8085066)
    GHOUL Thursday, October 12 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Tuesday, October 17 3:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Saturday, October 21 1:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Tuesday, October 24 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Friday, October 27 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Sunday, October 29 8:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
  • Platinum Schedule
    Game Dates Times Locations
    Cryptic Chronicles Sunday, October 1 4:00pm [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
    Blind Luck Sunday, October 1 6:00pm [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
    Pyrestarters Monday, October 2 9:00pm [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
    Spooky Ciphers Tuesday, October 3 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    Haunted Spirits Wednesday, October 4 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    Wheel of Misfortune Thursday, October 5 9:00pm [Under the Manor] (8085066)
    Costume Contest Sunday, October 15 3:00pm [Yvalyst Manor, Ballroom] (u8089005)
    GHOUL Saturday, October 7 8:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Sunday, October 15 1:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Tuesday, October 17 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Sunday, October 29 3:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
Update: Sunday, October 1st at 2:00pm
  • Live Games Discussion thread: Discord
  • Prime Schedule (all times ET):
10/6 - 9 pm, Blind Luck, [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
10/7 - 2 pm, Cryptic Chronicles, [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
10/8 - 4 pm, Pyrestarters, [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
10/9 - 9 pm, Spooky Ciphers, [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
10/10 - 9 pm, Haunted Spirits [Gallivant Manor, Kitchen] (8085062)
10/11 - 9 pm, Wheel of Misfortune, [Under the Manor] (8085066)
  • Platinum Schedule (all times ET):
10/1 - 4 pm, Cryptic Chronicles, [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
10/1 - 6 pm, Blind Luck, [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
10/2 - 9 pm, Pyrestarters, [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
10/3 - 9 pm, Spooky Ciphers, [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
10/4 - 9 pm, Haunted Spirits [Gallivant Manor, Kitchen] (8085062)
10/5 - 9 pm, Wheel of Misfortune, [Under the Manor] (8085066)

Shop Listing

Shop Type Name
Pawnshop Bones & Baubles
Gemshop Greedy Ghost
Alchemist Shop Haunting Sphere
Herb Shop/Healer Clove and Dandelion
Bank Otherworldly Wealth
All shops will be accepting Soul Shards only!
**New** Returning Refreshed
Beneath the Philtrum A. B. Witching Flightless Dragonfly
Borrowed Plumes Adorned Endearment Illusory Dreams
Dancing Death Dirge, The All Dogs Go To Naidem Within Harm's Reach
Diabolically Chained All Fingers and No Crumbs
Discerning Stitch Any Way You Wand It
Drowned Dreams Curiosities * Armaments of the Destroyer
Elemental Embellishments Art of the Drapery, The
Entranced Beyond the Graver
Fancy Wishbones Blood Red Hand, The
Glass House, The Both Sides Now
Haunted Waters Artifacts * Buckle Up
Imprinter's Studio, The Burning Desire, A
Lacquered Ungues Cloaked Eclipse, The
Market Makers Collectors Calamity
Nightfire Brews Conjured Couture
Peace of Mind Cooktop Conundrums
Sizzle and Spice Covert Creatures
Sleightest Hand Cozy Little Friends
Spider Johnn's Tin Smoke Box Derelict Abbey
Tooth and Claw Don't Bug Me!
Twisted Ways Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shop
Vague Inkling, A * Ember Ridge Cider House
Winning Shriek Familar Phantom, The
Farain's Shack
* Delayed opening Fiendish Phantomes *
Filigree and Whorls
Final Iteration, The
Flasked with a Purpose
Four Humours, The
Ghastly Groceries
Ghostly Lotus, The
Glisten and Gleam
Gnome Depot, The
Goblin King Dolls
Gouged Heart, The
House of Twilight
Icewild Hall
In the Bag
Innoscents Lost
Ironmonger's Smithy
It's to Pie For
Kreapy's Krawliez
Luck of the Draw
Masqued Intentions
Materials Maketh Man
Moorlyn Cottage
Name of Thrones
Nana's Notes
Nether and Void
Other Daughter, The
Pierced Veil
Preserving Breads
Rack 'Em Up
Rodnir's Bait and Tackle
Roof Over, The
Sheets Gone Wild
Smoldereye Lodge
Stay Tuned
Templeton Shor'toes' Sugars
Tippy Toes
Two-Headed Dog, The
Uncouth Wallflower, The
Vamped Vault, The
Wild Flailings
Witch's Garden, The
Witching Flower, The
Witching House, The
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New for Ebon Gate 2023

Return of The Trove

Returning to Gavelsdown Hall this year, four separate troves will be running simultaneously. Trove tokens will be available for 100,000 silvers each and require a service pass to purchase, with a limit of one token per drawing per trove. In addition, The Roof Over will have an additional trove running for specialty private property certificates, including mailboxes and additional rooms. Please note that the bungalow-style middle class properties do not qualify for these auction quality certificates.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • Delayed services will be in transferable certificate form: Discord
  • No lockout timer or limits on wins. Discord

Price Adjustments

Thandiwe announced that prices for consumables across the board will be brought in line with the ongoing standardization we've seen at other events, as well as additional adjustments throughout the event.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • Expect to see -inators increased to a flat 1,000 soul shards (or equivalent event currency) across the board.

Curios and Oddities of Evermore Hollow

Lore and background on a variety of materials found in Naidem, in addition to some OOC information and notes that may be of interest for merchant week.

Announcement: Discord

Silver barrel key exchange

An old has-been adventurer is located at the entrance/exit to Naidem. He will exchange a fresh 25-use silver barrel key for 7,500 soul shards and 5,000 exp. As a reminder, this is to save time for fewer rewards; If you use a 25-use key and take your time, rewards are better at Herb Hunt and Trick-or-Treat.

2023 Ebon Gate Item Teasers

Eyes of the Arkati

Available at Entranced for those plagued by visions, these hidden eye-worn disks utilize the tattoo table to create a variety of semi-randomized minor and major visions, both at random and at will.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Lacquered Ungues' Nail polish and the Cosmetic Case

Lack lacquers? No more! Lacquered Ungues will feature a host of new designs and colors, as well as a case to allow for easy storage and access for many bottles of polish.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki
Cosmetics Case: Discord

Lip Gloss by Naidem

Available at Beneath the Philtrum, this new makeup will provide four hours of coverage with two customizable colors and lip shape, as well as holding ten designs. But most importantly, rather than appearing in your features, this gloss will appear above your inventory in the illusion slot.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • All of those designs are default, you can not get additional ones as that would require QC. You can customize the 2 colors and the lip-shape per the analyze. Discord

The Imprinter's Studio Automated Portrait Panels

This new shop allows for automated portraits to be taken for use with the Dreamfire Panel Bracelet, no longer requiring a merchant service. Basic panels will automatically be converted to locked portrait panels for 60 soul shards, or allow you to reconfigure a previously converted locked portrait panel for 12 shards.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • The imprinter would like to remind you that you can take advantage of a variety of STYLES and props for your portraits. Once you begin, type POSE alone to see the options!


Teadragons? Teadragons! Pet teadragons?!

Teasedragons: Discord
Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • Common tea dragons for sale: 250,000 soul shards
  • "Bargain" raffle for two teadragons
  • 10 spins for teadragons at 50,000 soul shards each
3 in platinum
  • 10 spins for teadragons at 500,000 silvers each
3 in platinum
  • Trove and GHOUL prizes

Modular Thigh Sheath update

Modular Neck Sheathes unlocked for use as a garrote can now also be adjusted to be worn in the leg greaves slot, increasing their flexibility.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki


Unlock your weaving potential with this new Tooth Extractor from Tooth and Claw, which will enable you to remove various types of weavable teeth from the creatures of Elanthia. And other players. Is it safe?

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Quick Facts (Creatures):

  • OTS toothkeys can extract Weaveable teeth from dead creatures.
  • Each creature can be extracted from once and each extraction yields a bundle of two (2) Weaveable teeth.
  • If fluff actions are unlocked, you can perform a roleplayed dental exam on the dead creature's mouth/teeth.
  • Creatures can have up to four (4) types of teeth, but each creature may not have all types: tooth, canine tooth (or fang), incisor, and molar (or carnassial).
  • Teeth from different creatures may look different with a plethora of descriptors available.
  • You can toggle whether the creature's name shows in the created tooth with PUSH.
  • Currently there are 79 valid creatures around Elanthia that can have their teeth extracted. Valid creatures are animal-like, have bones/teeth, and feasibly have teeth small enough that they would fit on a necklace.

Quick Facts (Players):

  • Unlocked toothkeys can extract teeth from another player (with CONSENT) 1x a day.
  • OTS and unlocked toothkeys can roleplay a dental exam with another player (with CONSENT) and can do all unlocked fluff actions while investigating inside their mouth.
  • Extraction yields one (1) Weaveable tooth.
  • Extraction WILL stun and injure the target player.

Frying Pans

Available at Sizzle and Spice, these frying pans will allow you to convert up to three ingredients from a vast variety; most foraged fruit and vegetables, raw fish, and grocery items will work, with unlocks available for animal shanks and organs.

Announcement: Discord

Illusion Pets

All new one hour pre-made illusions for use with familiars, animates, animal companions, and more?

Announcement: Discord

Twisted weapons return

Coming to Twisted Ways, twisted weapons return with a new tier 3 double flare. These twisted weapons gradually gain affinity until they become scintillating and gain the ability to summon whirlwinds. This new tier, much like greater elemental flares, will add a double flare of the same type as the standard flare, with a chance to activate the standard flare, the scripted double flare, or both at once.

Announcement: Wiki

Dapper Drapes

Similar to the existing Drape Gowns, this menswear line allows one to affix their Diverse Drapes as pauldrons, cravats, and half-capes.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Globus Naidem

These Demonic Accord runestaves contain a highly customizable captive demon, with unique bolt parry messaging, temporary feature alterations, and something called demonic dread flares.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki


This new material for armor and weapons contains a spirit which can summon a wave of sea water to knock down up to three targets, as well as potentially boosting attack and casting strength. There's also a cosmetic-only version for crafters!

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • If anyone wishes to try out the new material, there's lots of rusulkan armaments available at [Town Square Central] in the Landing on the Test server.

Market Stalls

New from Market Makers, these new items will allow you to set up a simple automated market stall in any non-noded town space for an hour or more, or indefinitely when placed in a private property.

Teaser: What could this small vignette tell us about these new items available from a circular bark-shingled hut? Perhaps these new items will allow folks to sell their wares? Build a bazaar? Make a market? Discord
Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • Analyze has been updated as well as some changes to deployment rules at T5 and support for a small customizable mascot after the SHOW description. Discord

Dawdly Magic Pot update and the Seed-inator

A new, non-tiered, unlock for the dawdley magic pots will allow them to grow cooking ingredients five times a day. In addition, the new Seed Vault will allow fans to store a vast and unfathomable collection of seeds, in case the world ends again.

Announcement: Discord

Antiquarian Manor updates

A variety of new Naidem-specific materials are being added to the Antiquarian Manor, along with some hints at pending lore.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Sirenglass Staff Charms

Coming to the The Glass House, these baubles will add a variety of verbs, including demeanor-specific actions to nearly any runestaff - even scripted ones! Because the bauble itself is separate and the target of verbs, merely holding the staff is all that's necessary to activate it and conflicts should be minimal!

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Invisible Ink

A Vague Inkling has now opened with all-new vanishing ink quills! Exhale on your paper to hide the secret message and wave it over a flame to reveal it, use a standard quill to write a message which won't disappear. No one will use this for mischief.

Announcement: Discord

Moth Cloak updates

New additions to the moth cloak allow users to control their appearance a little more precisely, including an additional unlock for tier 4 cloaks to grant a unique feature line from a vast selection as well as a color-setting option.

Announcement: Discord

News & Updates


  • Thandiwe announced teasers will begin on or about the 15th, with a single subtle hint in the form of a spoilered emoji! Discord




  • Meraki drops vague hint to expect Dreamfire Teasers before the end of the year. (Ebon Gate related? One can only speculate at this point) All Things Dreamfire at Discord



  • You cannot contract or spread the Green Death in Naidem.



  • Thandiwe shared the Phantasm custom familiar talisman from this year's trove, but note that this will not provide knowledge of the spell. Discord / Wiki
  • And Xayle shared the Puppet: Discord / Wiki


  • Wylloh announced that Fiendish Phantomes, home of the Book Buddies, will be delayed while a bug fix is being rolled out. Take this time to BUG any outstanding issues so that they can be addressed as well. Discord
  • Shadowplay Gown unlocks will be available via certificate. Discord
  • Monster-Headed Pauldrons can now be unlocked to toggle between shoulder-worn and pin-worn. Discord


  • Nail polish updates rolled out, to both the ANALYZE and to allow one to apply polish to targets thanks to the CONSENT verb.
  • Clarifications on the items available at The Roof Over, the private property shop, and what they entail. Discord / Wiki
  • Sylinaar's Enhancive Property Swapping will be extended to work with max mana, stamina, and health. This is the only update expected this run, and will not be available at opening.
  • Additional trove listings: Discord
  • The invisible ink shop, A Vague Inkling, was briefly closed for maintenance and has now reopened.
  • Thandiwe produced a list of the new Naidem forageables: Discord


  • Erithi agates have been added to the Antiquarian Manor.


  • Herb Hunt prizes update to match Rumor Woods. Discord
  • Entry and pass sales as well as games open.
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