Ebon Gate 2023 Quick Reference Shop Index

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If you use Lich, ;go2 already knows the name of all these shops, no room numbers are needed. ;go2 All Dogs Go To Naidem.

You'll notice a few red links to product items we could not find an entry for at the wiki. If you have one of these things, please consider clicking on the red link to create the page, or giving the information to Team Wiki at the Official GemStone Discord Wiki forum so someone can record the information.

All shops linked to their complete info and inventory page here at the wiki. Merchant names, locations and services are reported from Plat. YMMV, please add them to the second table as you come across them.

New Shops this year appear in bold.

A. B. Witching Breath Mints, Cigar, Gloumerrick books, Matchlight Tattoo Ring Beitris, Alekks (Raffles GALD)
Adorned Endearment Gems, Ear Candy, Jewelry, IACL, Illegal Alter Clothing Line
All Dogs Go To Naidem WerePuppy, WerePuppy Toy , puppy Knitting needles, WerePuppy Clothes, blank imbeddables Tugaroulu (Yard, WerePuppy raffles, related services)
All Fingers and No Crumbs Small Diner's Board, menu, food, unlocks
Antiquarian Manor rare materials, Alter fodder, Antiquarian's Apparatus, The Gem Pile (Lich room 31755), storage, gems, elesine, ghezyte, Permifier, obelisk
Any Way You Wand It magic imbed, wands, spells, bravery, strike, invisibility, potions, wand, Wand-holding container, wand harness, unlocks, storage, Wand Combiner
Armaments of the Destroyer Voln armor
The Art of the Drapery champagne, wine, Diverse Drapes clothing, unlocks, gowns, drapes, overlays, train, veil, bustle, interchanges with Dapper Drapes, attachments
Beneath the Philtrum Lip Gloss by Naidem, cosmetics, makeup, lip shapes, features, the cosmetics --inator, bundler, cosmetics case Tufeetti
Beyond the Graver Ancestral Assistant, forging, weapon, modification, design, alteration, tool, unlocks
The Blood Red Hand The Blood Red Hand, ferocious fingers, hands, verbs, roleplay, gloves, unlocks
Borrowed Plumes Borrowed Plumes Masque, mask, feature worn, stick Levalyn, storage
Both Sides Now Reversible Garment clothing, reversible, reversible garment Balthyn (Studio, general alterations of shop inventory)
Talonia (raffles)
Buckle Up Swappable Belts and Buckles, buckle, belt,swap,swappable Taoughen (back room, Flask belts and Swappable Belts and Buckles altering - no flasks)
A Burning Desire Sacred Flame Oil Lamp, Sacred Flame Lamp Oil, lamp oil, scented, lamp,oil
The Cloaked Eclipse Moth Cloak, butterfly cloak
Collectors Calamity gem cutter Pattern Holder, Gem-in-ator, Crafter's Caboodle, storage
Conjured Couture makeup, Makeup 2.0, Veola, hat
Cooktop Conundrums Portable stove, cooking, chef, food
Covert Creatures Covert Creatures, unlock, costume, push replicated bug, creature, clothing Spookia, teadragon alterations
Cozy Little Friends Pets, Mandrake pet, Dragonfly pet, Pet cat the new pet cat by Retser
The Dancing Death Dirge Ebon Gate Music Box, music box
Derelict Abbey Chrismarium, chrism, store charges Perseverance, GALD
Diabolically Chained Globus Naidem Runestaff, Demonic Dread Flares
Discerning Stitch Dapper Drapery, men's Drapable garments, interchanges with Diverse Drapes, Art of the Drapery, half cape, pauldron, cuff, cravat, attatch
Don't Bug Me! Beard Bugs, unlock, beard clip, insect, bugs, beard bugs
Drowned Dreams Curiousities Armor from rusalkysk, transmute, rusalkoren, rusalkita, new material, armor, brine flares, tidal wave flares, Rusalkan
Elemental Embellishments elemental themed jewelry, zesty, messaging, elements
Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shop candy apple, toppings, dips
Ember Ridge Cider House Make your own fresh pressed cider
Entranced Eyes of the Arkati visions, eyes, disks, divinationm, scrying bowls, unlocks for scrying bowls,
The Familiar Phantom Familiar Talismans for Wizards
Fancy Wishbones Home to Illusion Pets, pet, illusions
Farain's Shack Shock Weapons, unlocks Farain
Fiendish Phantomes Book Buddies, books as pets Shaenle (Study, GALD); Jassamine (Study, Book Buddies)
Filigree and Whorls Naidem Mask, unlocks
The Final Iteration Runestone carver, Imbue box, Gold Ring Box, customize your gold ring look Dazzelwyn (back room, customizations from shop, market stalls work, pocket adding)
Flasked with a Purpose Flask belt, Drink containers
Flightless Dragonfly Winged wear, clothing, unlocks Amdirlost (back room, GALD, Veolas, Look at me Jewlery, feature alterations)
The Four Humours Bloodletting Bowl, bloodletter, Bloodletting Leech Jar, leeches, lancets Deloras
Ghastly Groceries groceries, grocery, ingredients, food
The Ghostly Lotus Origami, Origami paper, unlocks, Origami Kits, Origami Master Yagala
The Glass House Sirenglass Runestaff Zests, actions
Glisten and Gleam Gems, rare, precious, only 5 shards each this year!
The Gnome Depot Gem-eater Eisenruck, Glyph Adorned Baldric, Ivory Adorned Baldric, Sigil Adorned Baldric, Topaz Adorned Baldric, Quartz Orb Baldric Gnomish Repair Toolbelt, logic enhancive cog Gmononia (Workshop, unlocking and adding sockets to eisenrucks)
Goblin King Dolls Whodoo Doll Hayleth (The Room, doll unlocking, raffles)
The Gouged Heart Forging, glyphs Forging Gouge, unlock, bug, customize, hilt
Haunted Waters Artifacts Weapons of the new material with Tidal Flares, Brine of the Rusalka flare: rusalkoren, Rusalkan
House of Twilight Hidden Dagger Harness, Cigar Sling, Invisibility Sphere Rescher (GALD)
Icewild Hall Terinan Collection, gown, clothing, accessorized and combined items, AYRWT?, Are You Really Wearing That? clothing line
Illusory Dreams Dreamfire illusion bracelets, Dreamfire Panel Bracelet, unlocks, panels, panel storage, stock panel display Elusionari (back room, Dreamfire bracelet unlocking and alters)
The Imprinter's Studio Dreamfire Panel Bracelet Portrait Panel Artist, customizer
In the Bag Trick-or-Treat bag, for your candy, storage, sorting
Innoscents Lost Auto-Perfumer, unlocks Wayon, Talonia (raffles)
Ironmonger's Smithy Blacksmith's Companion, unlocks, forging, weapon, names, looks Dysudo (adding customizations to blacksmith's companions)
It's to Pie For Cooking recipe cards, cooking, Cooking tool, cooking implements, pies
Kreapy's Krawliez Creepy-Crawly Jar, unlock, tapeworm, maggots, bat, eyeballs, etc
Lacquered Ungues Nail polish, Nail Polish Holder, nail shapes, features
Luck of the Draw Tricks and Games, Portable darkbox, Trick Cards, candy, food, Breath Mints, Water-squirting fish pin, Trick Exploding cigar, balloon, Inflated bladder toy, Inflatable Rolton Intestine, Bloody trick dagger, Fake Blood for the dagger, Kick Me sign, hug me signs, Two-headed coin, Sleight of Hand Jokester Jokstyr (GALD)
Market Makers Market Stalls, unlocks
Masqued Intentions Possessed Mask, magic imbeds, crystal, spells, egg Skaeven (back room, unlocking of shop wares)
Materials Maketh Man fabric, cobbling, The Fabricator, bundlerm unlock
Moorlyn Cottage ruff, Neck ruff, sleeve, Fun Hats, amadis sleeves Tolomyn
Name of Thrones mount names, rename mounts, Potion of Naming
Nana's Notes cookbook, Recipe book, cooking
Nether and Void PeakyWear, clothing
Nightfire Brews food, scones, tea leaves, drink container, tea kettle, coffee press, tea room, bakery
The Other Daughter Disguise Elixir items, race, gender, Illusion prop
Peace of Mind Chrism holders: Fobs, Pocket chains, pin, handflower
Pierced Veil Piercing Kit, Flippable piercing jewelry, jewelry Igges (Second Floor, GALD on shop wares)
Preserving Breads Basketifier, unlock, food, preserve, unlimited
Quinton Manse Unlock certificates from past EG/events The Old One-Two UAC Footwrap, Eviscerating Knife, Ribbonator 2000, Aldoran Sandals of Velathae, Nalfein Black Rose Deck, Of the Faith Collection, Wingsong Collection Dragonfly Festival Cloak, Wrap-Skirt, and Saephua, Mourning Appeal flowers, Thelsia Jewelry Box, Plumed Hair Do-Hickey, Hair bauble, Tonsorial Tricks Razor, Globus Elanthias Runestaff, Voln armor, Stufimal, BeardBugs Beard Clip, Talking/Mechanical Parrot, Zetoile Toy, Un(refined) gown, Superspecs glasses, Spiffy jacket, Bone Shaman Clothing, Petticoats, Siolan weapon, Erithi Teabowl, Twisted weapon, Arkati Sigil, Kokia Belt, Metallic gowns.
BUY Items/services:
Food, Fusion shaman, Sylinar, enhancives, enhancive services, enhancive swapping, flare tokens, Custom flare messaging, Ebon Gate auto flarer, autoflarer, Necrotic Ring Recharge Substance, The Dabbler properties stripper (a diminutive korrigan)
Rack 'Em Up Fletchings, Fletching Paint, Fletching Paintstick
Rodnir's Bait and Tackle Super-Fish-All Tackle Box, Fishing, fishing supplies, rod, line, sinker, lure, Bugs 2 Lure Jig Rodnir
The Roof Over Private property items, garden, flora, capacity, keyless entry, foraged item prop, window, glass
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Fluffy Towel, Portable Tubs and Wash Basins, soap, spell imbed, portable wash basin, tub Vaella (Lookout, fusion orbs, folding chairs, tubs, towels)
Shadowplay Shadowplay Gowns, gown unlock, light, shadows, dark, Lip gloss
Sheets Gone Wild Mount Costumes
Sizzle and Spice Frying Pans for cooking, Seed Vaults, bundler, seed-inator, Dawdly Magic Pot, Dawdley Pot
Sleightest Hand Waggling Gloves, loresong, unlock
Smoldereye Lodge Premium teleportation jewelry, transport, fwi, haunted, grounded, naidem flavoring
The Sorrowwood Crypt Home of GHOUL, with daubers and folios for sale, Bingo, game cards
Spider Johnn's Tin Smoke Box tobacco, pipe tobacco, tins, Tobacco box, wrappers, rolling, Matchbook
Stay Tuned Instrument Strap, Fanciful music case, instrument case, plectrum, Ghostly instrument pins
Templeton Shor'toes' Sugars Baker's Case, Bittle Frosting, tips, bundler, Frosting Bucket
Tippy Toes Cobbling silk screen, leather tool, uppers, custom, cobbling lace scissors, dye, ribbon Airisu (Upstairs, cobbling raffles and alterations)
Tooth and Claw Tooth Extractor, tooth keys, letting you weave teeth that you skin into things
Twisted Ways Twisted weapons and unlocks
The Two-Headed Dog pauldron, The Monster-Headed Pauldron, spaulder, unlocks, worn location unlock
The Uncouth Wallflower The Uncouth Wallflower Gown, clothing, dress unlocks, ribbon, cobbling dye,
A Vague Inkling Discreet container (not fully unlocked), inks, nibs, pens, invisible ink Cheryan
The Vamped Vault Creepy stole, Holey Pants, Hips Don't Lie Dancing Scarves, Scarf
Wild Flailings Pinatas, unlocks, stick, baton, rod, party
Winning shriek The Dead Hand Card Game, find cards, case, card decks, collect, turn in
The Witch's Garden Forager's Vasculum, unlocks, herb, pluck, bundler, foraging items, foraged things, smudge stick, Forager's Gloves, unlock, gloves, Fancy Coat, fancy coat adornment
The Witching Flower Weaving, weavable, woven, weaving, items, weaving tote, weavable tools, shears, laethe, belt, lathe Blodau (back room, GALD, bundles of weavables)
The Witching House Perfume, Perfuminator, unlock, food, drink, blood, wine Beitris (back room, perfume refilling, jewelry alterations)
Within Harm's Reach Modular Neck Sheath, unlocks, Stylized Edge Weapons, invisibility sphere

Wrencrest Rookery Merchants & Locations

ROOM NAME Merchant Services
Wrencrest Rookery, Kitchen Cirrana Restore Damaged Lockpicks
Wrencrest Rookery, Kitchen Tolby GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Kitchen Grolf GALD, Animalistic equipment
Wrencrest Rookery, Kitchen Rodnir tackle boxes, Bugs-2-Lures jigs, Ancestral Assistant tools alterations and raffles
Wrencrest Rookery, Guest Room Indres GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Garden Leopolt GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Garden Zveris Spirit Beast cosmetic services
Wrencrest Rookery, Nursery Livvie Dragon eggs
Wrencrest Rookery, Nursery Shaenle
Wrencrest Rookery, Nursery Tabica GALD, Dreamfire, complex items
Wrencrest Rookery, Water Closet Sintered GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Study Sprague Raffles, Fluff script swapping, GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Parlor Zenlia GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Parlor Rodnir Twisted Weapons, Adding!
Wrencrest Rookery, Sitting Room Aneela
Wrencrest Rookery, Sitting Room Wayon Raffles and GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Smoking Room Davro Transport jewelry & messaging and GALD
Wrencrest Rookery, Smoking Room Thaliren GALD?
Wrencrest Rookery, Dining Room Gerodt Premade custom spell messaging
Gable of the Rook (in Wrencrest Rookery, Third floor, east, up ladder) Jehckle