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This is an attempt to catalog the dates by year of events within the world of Elanthia. Both major and minor events or storylines are included below.

  • Major events, storylines, or quests are of exceptional size, scope, and years of exection usually encompassing multiple areas of the game or its player base.
  • Minor events, storylines, or quests are brief in length, usually over a few days, or recurring characters and their stories that don't tie into the larger picture. These can occasionally be player storylines that gain occasional GM support or are later adopted as canon.

(Most storylines prior to 1995 are usually not considered canon material due to copyright issues with Iron Crown Enterprises when Simutronics and I.C.E allowed the business relationship to expire.)

Sortable Table of Storylines by Date or Location
Storyline Title Starting Year Ending Year Town(s) Notes
The Mechanical Dragon 1990
Rival Guild: Swalafat 1990
The CoL Conflict 1990 Council activities and Lacheis
The History of Thingul Manor 1993
Estrion, Lore of Darkstone Castle 1993
The Leya Quest 1996 The Leya Quest by Deavon Laeren
The First Griffin Sword War 1996
The Vvrael 1997 1998
The Bregandian War 1999 This is not viewed as a canon storyline and you won't find any in-game documentation of it outside of Spike the War Rat.
Council of Ten 1999 2002 Icemule Trace Also known as Fire in Ice.
Wicked Times (storyline) 2000 Elanthia Many call this story Something Wicked, The Banaltra, The Feithidmor, or The Linden Trees.
The Demon Queen of Castle Anwyn 2001
The Second Griffin Sword War 2001 2005-09 Elanthia
Lacheis and CoL Decoded 2002
The Vishmiir 2002 Elanthia Introduction of day/night system.
War of Nations 2003 2004 Elanthia Multiple sub-stories involved here including Terror on Teras with the Fier'Dracus, the War with Jantalar, G'Bruk and the Trolls, The Archmage in the Alchemists, Krolvin Invasion, the Red Rot and more.
Reivers is Rising 2005 Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing
Revenge of the Kiramon 2007 Ta'Illistim Release of alchemy
Casler Huntington 2007 2010 River's Rest
Solhaven Cataclysm 2008 2010 Solhaven
Ta'Illistim Crystal Storyline 2009
Ride of the Red Dreamer 2010 2012 Solhaven
Beyond the Arkati 2010-09 2012-01 Wehnimer's Landing
The Star of Khar'ta 2012-05 2012-07 Wehnimer's Landing
All the Lich King's Men 2012-12 2013-02 Wehnimer's Landing
Painful Memories 2014-01 2014-03
Cross Into Shadows 2013-12 2015-01 Wehnimer's Landing
The Roots of All Evil 2015 Wehnimer's Landing
Previously in Wehnimer's Landing 2016-01 Wehnimer's Landing
Heist of the Dawn Rose 2016
Rooks vs. Icewall Bandits 2016 Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing
Swan Song 2016 2017 Solhaven
Return to Sunder 2016-04 Wehnimer's Landing
Birds of a Feather 2016-06 Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing
Eyes of the Dawn 2016-08 2016-11 Wehnimer's Landing
Ta'Vaalor Demons 2017
Ties That Bind 2017 Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor
Keeping up with the Kestrels 2017-01 2017-12 Wehnimer's Landing
Landing Events (KST) 2017-12 Present Wehnimer's Landing Catchall for events between storylines
The Troubles 2017 2018 Icemule Trace
Rise of Rone 2018-01 2018-03 Wehnimer's Landing
The Green Lady 2018-06 2018-07 River's Rest
Echoes 2018 Solhaven
The Rone Resurgence 2018-08 2018-10 Wehnimer's Landing
The Nazhor Chronicles 2019-01 2019-12 Mist Harbor
Witchful Thinking 2019-06 2019-11 Wehnimer's Landing
Valley of Gold 2019-06
All That Remains 2020-05 2020-05 Mist Harbor, Wehnimer's Landing
Blood Son 2020-06 2020-08 Wehnimer's Landing
Icemule Renaissance 2020 Icemule Trace
A Knight To Remember 2020-09 Wehnimer's Landing
The Uncertain Times 2021 Icemule Trace
Inevitable 2021 Mist Harbor
Ashes to Ashes 2022 Wehnimer's Landing
Nations on the Brink 2023 Global (Primarily Solhaven & Ta'Illistim)