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This is an attempt to catalog the dates by year of major and minor events within the world of Elanthia so that for events not on GSWiki players will have the resource to track them from here.


Major events, storylines, or quests are of exceptional size, scope, and years of exection usually encompassing multiple areas of the game or its player base.

This is not viewed as a canon storyline and you won't find any in-game documenation of it outside of Spike the War Rat.

Many call this story "Something Wicked", the feithidmor, or the Linden Trees.

Multiple sub-stories involved here including Terror on Teras with the Fier'Dracus, the War with Jantalar, G'Bruk and the Trolls, The Archmage in the Alchemists, Krolvin Invasion, the Red Rot and more.


Minor events, storylines, or quests are brief in length, usually over a few days, or recurring characters and their stories that don't tie into the larger picture. These can occasionally be player storylines that gain occasional GM support or are later adopted as canon.

(Most storylines prior to 1995 are usually not considered canon material due to copyright issues with Iron Crown Enterprises when Simutronics and I.C.E allowed the business relationship to expire.)

  • The CoL Conflict - 1990-1991
  • The Leya Quest - 1996
  • The Demon Queen of Castle Anwyn - 2001