Holy Receptacle (325)

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Holy Receptacle (325)
Duration Immediate
Utility Magic  
Subtype Magic Item Creation 
Components orb gem
Cleric Base Spells
Prayer of Holding (301) Attack
Smite/Bane (302) Attack
Prayer of Protection (303) Defensive
Bless (304) Offensive
Preservation (305) Utility
Holy Bolt (306) Attack
Benediction (307) Defensive
Well of Life (308) Utility
Condemn (309) Attack
Warding Sphere (310) Defensive
Blind (311) Attack
Fervent Reproach (312) Attack
Prayer (313) Defensive
Relieve Burden (314) Utility
Remove Curse (315) Utility
Censure (316) Attack
Divine Fury (317) Attack
Raise Dead (318) Utility
Soul Ward (319) Defensive
Ethereal Censer (320) Attack
Holy Receptacle (325) Utility
Sanctify (330) Utility
Divine Wrath (335) Attack
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) Offensive
Miracle (350) Utility

Holy Receptacle allows a cleric to create a variety of magical items from orb gems. At its base, the spell functions similarly to the Minor Elemental spell Magic Item Creation (420), but uses gems instead of blank magical objects, and does not require the use of a grot t'kel potion. Items created with the ranger spell Imbue (614) may also be used for spell imbedding.

With training in the various Spiritual Lores, a cleric casting this spell can bring about up to five additional effects, based on tiered increases in lore training.

Tier Name Spiritual Lore, Blessings Spiritual Lore, Religion Spiritual Lore, Summoning Gem Value
Min Max
- Spell Imbedding 1 21 N/A N/A See below
1 Silver to Gold 5 - 10 N/A Variable to the target value
2 Brimstone 5 - 15 5 >1000
3 Nexus 5 - 20 10 >2000
4 Chrism 10 65 25 15 >3000
5 Intercession 10 - 30 N/A >4000

BLESS DEITY COMMON tiers have a static 1% chance of failure, except for Silver to Gold.

Spell Imbedding

The base functionality of the spell allows clerics to bless most spells known to them into the gem, at a mana cost equal to the amount of mana placed into the gem. Gems possess a maximum amount of mana that they can hold, based on the quality of the stone. Using the base value of the gem, the mana capacity formula appears to be 12 + ROUND(VALUE/200,0). Additionally, spells may be blessed into items created using Imbue (614).


  1. PREP 325 | CAST MY {gem}
  2. BLESS {spell #} IN {gem} USING {activator} FOR {# of charges desired} CHARGES
  • Spell Number is the number of the spell, comprising spell circle and level. For example, Spirit Barrier is 102.
  • Activator is any one of the following: RAISE, RUB, TAP, and WAVE. Only WAVE will allow the blessed spell to be targetable. See the article on Magic Item Use to see how each of these choices will affect duration and activation.
  • Number of charges determines the maximum charges that can be stored inside. If this number is greater than the amount of charges the gem can hold, it will automatically default to the maximum charges.

Mana cost is 25 mana for the spell, plus an additional (number of charges placed) × (spell level of the spell being blessed). For example, placing 8 charges of Prayer of Protection (303) would cost:

25 mana for casting the spell + (8 charges × 3 mana/charge) = 49 mana

If necessary, the cleric can wait between casting the spell to establish the link and blessing the gem, if they need to regain mana. As long as the connection remains, the gem can still be blessed, by this power or any tier available to the cleric.

Minor failure, as defined by the gem not exploding, will remove the orb status from the gem, allowing it to be further purified and/or sold to the gemshop.

Upon creation of the item, the cleric receives a small amount of experience.

A cleric may BLESS <gem> to determine which spell is in the gem, but this does not work on gems blessed by other clerics.

Success Factors
  • Caster's level
  • Spell circle and spell level attempted
    • Minor Spiritual spells are the most difficult, Major Spiritual being the medium, and Cleric spells are the easiest.
  • Number of charges
  • Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings lowers chance of failure. This benefit caps at 21 ranks and 7-9%
  • Most shrines provide a positive modifier
    • A shrine of the cleric's deity will provide the greatest benefit
    • A shrine of another deity of the same pantheon as the cleric's deity will provide a smaller benefit
    • A shrine of another deity who is opposed to the cleric's deity will provide a penalty
Excluded Spells

Excluding the following three spells, all Spiritual and Cleric Base spells level 19 (Lesser Shroud (120) is blessable) and under are able to be imbedded via Holy Receptacle:

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Tier 1: Silver to Gold

Main article: Silver to Gold


The first tier of Holy Receptacle, a gem thus blessed can be used to transform an object made of silver into a similar object made of gold. At this point, only the silver slabs created by blowing up boxes via Call Lightning (125) and silver wands containing Minor Shock (901) can be transmuted, yielding either a more-valuable slab of gold, or a golden wand containing the spell Minor Fire (906).

A gem thus blessed is usable by anyone the cleric may give the gem to, although the gem will not work if the slab or wand in question is more valuable than the stone was to begin with.

  • An orb gem with a value > 0 silver
  • 25 + X mana: 25 for the spell, X being a variable cost (presumably based on value and quality)
  • Spiritual Lore
    • Blessings: 5 ranks (25 skill)
    • Religion: 10 ranks (50 skill)

Tier 2: Brimstone

Main article: Brimstone


Tier Two of Holy Receptacle creates a "holy hand grenade" that attempts to set creatures aflame with ribbons of holy energy. There is an initial wave of damage to all creatures hit, after which they are subject to an immolation effect. While immolated, the creature will fall to the ground, incapacitated, while taking damage as it attempts to put out the flames.

Any character can use a Brimstone once created.

  • An orb gem with a value > 1000 silver
  • 25 + X mana: 25 for the spell, X being a variable cost (presumably based on value and lore)
  • Spiritual Lore
    • Blessings: 5 ranks (25 skill)
    • Religion: 15 ranks (70 skill)
    • Summoning: 5 ranks (25 skill)

Tier 3: Nexus

Main article: Nexus


The third tier of Holy Receptacle creates a nexus gem. This gem is linked to an anchor point set by the cleric. The cleric can then activate the gem and bring their entire group back to that anchor point. Nexus gems can be used to teleport both intrarealm and between adjacent realms.

Nexus gems are usable only by clerics, but any cleric can use one once created.

Success Factors
  • Successful operation is not guaranteed, but is instead based on the power of the gem in question
  • Failure of a Nexus gem results in the cleric remaining in the original location
  • There is a significant bonus to success rate if the anchor point is a shrine of the cleric's deity, or a deity of the same pantheon
  • An orb gem with a value > 2000 silver
  • 25 + X mana: 25 for the spell, X being a variable cost (presumably based on value and lore)
  • Spiritual Lore
    • Blessings: 5 ranks (25 skill)
    • Religion: 20 ranks (90 skill)
    • Summoning: 10 ranks (50 skill)
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Tier 4: Chrism

Main article: Chrism


The chrism gem allows a cleric to help an individual find greater peace, whether to aid them in recuperation following death (removing some amount of Death's Sting based on the strength of the chrism gem and speeding the return of health, mana, and spirit) or for a troubled soul in general (allows a character of any profession to meditate as a cleric or empath). Highly sought after in invasions, chrism gems are often considered to represent the pinnacle of a cleric's lore training.

Spiritual Lore, Blessings is only factored into the experience retention formula, but gem value does play a factor in Death's Sting mitigation (see main article).

  • An orb gem with a value > 3000 silver
  • 25 + X mana: 25 for the spell, X being a variable cost (presumably based on value and lore)
  • Spiritual Lore
    • Blessings: 10 ranks (50 skill)
    • Religion: 25 ranks (105 skill)
    • Summoning: 15 ranks (70 skill)

Chrism gems can only be used by any level 18+ cleric with the knowledge of Raise Dead (318). F2P clerics may only wave them if they have a Resurrection Pass active.

Tier 5: Intercession

Main article: Intercession


Through the usage of the final tier of Holy Receptacle, a cleric is able to Intercede on behalf of another character, allowing them the opportunity to seek a new path of worship. From a mechanical standpoint, this Tier represents the only in character means of changing CONVERT status.

  • An orb gem with a value > 4000 silver
  • 50 mana: 25 for the spell, 25 additional for the Tier 5 blessing
  • Spiritual Lore
    • Blessings: 10 ranks (50 skill)
    • Religion: 30 ranks (120 skill)

Tips and Tricks

Use RUMMAGE to easily find BLESS DEITY COMMON gems by tier in a container using:

RUMMAGE [in|on|under|behind] {container} HOLY {tier}

For visual recognition, gems blessed with a spell may be dyed.

Gems may also be cut with a gemcutter to distinguish one gem from another. All gems may be cut prior to using Spell 325. Afterwards, the following gems may still be cut: brimstone, nexus, and chrism. However, gems with an Imbedded Spell may not be cut afterwards.

Deity-Specific Blessings

While not currently a "live" feature of the spell, provisions exist for blessings specific to individual deities. This is a work in progress on the part of the development team, and not anticipated in the near future due to the rather daunting number of deities that would need unique blessings.


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