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This article is about the society. For the historical event behind the name, see Sunfist pact.
Guardians of Sunfist - edit
History of the Guardians of Sunfist
Guardians of Sunfist release
Superintendents' Histories
Tasks Hated Enemies
1. Recognition 2. Location
3. Contact 4. Resolve
5. Minor Bane 6. Bandages
7. Defense 8. Offense
9. Distraction 10. Minor Protection
11. Focus 12. Intimidation
13. Mending 14. Concentration
15. Major Bane 16. Determination
17. Health 18. Power
19. Major Protection 20. Escape

The Guardians of Sunfist are the newest society brought to Elanthia in response to the Grimswarm invaders. Their main headquarters are located in Zul Logoth where everyone joining was required to be inducted. However, one could also get invited to join by a recruiter or the Superintendent of any of the outposts.



The headquarters can be found in Zul Logoth via the following directions: From outside the Bank of Zul Logoth: southeast, southeast, east, south, south, east, northeast, northeast, northeast, northwest, go arch, north, northwest, west, northeast, north, go portcullis. Once inside, to find the Grandmaster, take the western side of the loop to the third door.

Note that Water Walking (112) is very useful for travelling to and from Zul Logoth and Wehnimer's Landing and fairly easy to get.

To master GoS, the member will need to visit the Grandmaster in Zul Logoth at least five times during their advancement.

Important Locations

There are several important locations in the Guardians of Sunfist headquarters. They have the following Lich room IDs:

Person Room Number
Grandmaster 13158
Superintendent 13159
Taskmaster 13162
Arena Room 13155


Location Superintendent Taskmaster
Wehnimer's Landing 13071 13072
Icemule Trace 13097 13096
Solhaven 13114 13127
River's Rest 16163 16161
Ta'Illistim 13139 13140
Ta'Vaalor 13134 13135
Teras Isle 14720 14721
Zul Logoth 13159 13162
Four Winds Isle 20994 20995
  • Wehnimer's Landing - Lower Dragonsclaw — Lich Rooms 13071 (Superintendent) and 13072 (Taskmaster)
From outside the west gate: go north, west, southwest, southwest, south, west, west, up, southwest, northwest, go trail, up, search, go cleft, up, go bridge, west, go building, southwest.
  • Icemule Trace — Lich Rooms 13097 (Superintendent) and 13096 (Taskmaster)
A path, due south as far as possible from just outside the East Gate
  • Solhaven - The Outlands — Lich Rooms 13114 (Superintendent) and 13127 (Taskmaster)
Northeast corner of the loop in the rolton area
  • River's Rest - Grassland Path — Lich Rooms 16163 (Superintendent) and 16161 (Taskmaster)
From the Ranger guild go: south, east, southeast, gate
  • Ta'Illistim - Sylvarraend, Foehn Var — Lich Rooms 13139 (Superintendent) and 13140 (Taskmaster)
Next to the herbalist's shop
  • Ta'Vaalor - Fearling Pass — Lich Rooms 13134 (Superintendent) and 13135 (Taskmaster)
A trail about halfway between the crevasse and the dock
  • Teras Isle - Basalt Flats — Lich Rooms 14720(Superintendent) and 14721(Taskmaster)
Cross the first bridge, go southwest and enter the tunnel behind the boulder
  • Zul Logoth - Moss Tunnel — Lich Rooms 13159 (Superintendent) and 13162 (Taskmaster)
Portcullis down the Moss Tunnel

Joining the Guardians of Sunfist

After being invited to join the Guardians of Sunfist by an NPC Dwarven Recruiter, the player must travel to Zul Logoth and visit the Grandmaster. After a brief history, the player will be asked to recite an oath to "oppose the Grimswarm and their allies at every opportunity." Note that there is a recruiter in Zul Logoth, which is a relatively small town; finding the recruiter prior to making the trek to Zul is thus not necessary.

Gaining Ranks and Obtaining Sigils

Earning ranks is done by acquiring a sufficient number of recognition points (no points are required for rank 1). Your current number of recognition points, as well as the number required to gain the next rank, can be viewed using the SOCIETY or SOCIETY TASK command. Advancement in ranks, when earned, may be obtained at any outpost. The recognition points required to reach the next step are ((Step+3)×1000). Once you have earned promotion, visit the local Superintendent and ASK the him about PROMOTION. Special tasks are required to obtain the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th ranks (outlined below).

Recognition points are obtained by two principle methods: (1) Killing Grimswarm creatures or other hated enemies. When each such creature is killed, you will be informed of any recognition points earned from it. (2) Performing various tasks assigned by the Taskmaster. The rewards for these tasks will vary and are awarded by the local outpost's Taskmaster upon completion.

Once mastering the society, recognition points are still awarded for tasks and kills. GM Coase has said that this feature was supposed to be removed prior to release. Post-mastering recognition points do not serve a purpose besides bragging rights, but the names of the Masters with the top points will be listed in the local halls.

Rank-Specific Tasks

Every fifth rank requires completion of a special task. After obtaining the required number of recognition points, this special task is assigned by the Superintendent at the headquarters in Zul Logoth.

Rank 5: Sunfist History

A society member ready for their 5th rank must speak to the Grandmaster in Zul Logoth. He will instruct the member to visit each Guardians of Sunfist outpost in Elanthia to hear the local societal history as told by the Superintendent. Characters who are assigned this task before level 20 will not have to travel to Teras Isle as a part of this task. The status of the remaining towns can be seen under SOCIETY TASK. Once the member is finished, s/he must return back and report to the Grandmaster.

Rank 10: The Arena

In order to achieve this rank, the character must face a challenging Grimswarm character in the "arena." The character must travel to Zul Logoth, speak with the Grandmaster, and then head to the arena room. The character must either kill the Grimswarm or last for 5 minutes. Announcements are given every minute to inform the player as to their remaining time. A character may leave the arena at any time during the combat (Stun Maneuvers can be used to exit the arena as well). The arena task may be attempted every 10 minutes and a new Grimswarm profession is assigned every 15 minutes. Characters may neither HIDE in the arena nor stalk into it after first hiding outside. A popular tactic for completing this task is to receive as many defensive spells as possible, wear full plate armor (regardless of actual training), enter the arena repeatedly until a square Grimswarm spawns, and simply outlast the 5 minute timer. Note that you can crawl out the gate if you get knocked down (since you will be unable to stand in full plate without training); you must exit the gate to complete the task successfully.

[Arena of Stone]
Solid walls hewn from subterranean rock enclose the arena, ensuring anything within its confines stays inside.  Notably, a massive iron gate stands before a large granite block archway, the only way in to the stone edifice from this portion of the cavern.  Deep hollows have been created in certain sections of the perimeter, and within their shadows, the savage eyes of monsters seek escape from their prisons.
Obvious exits: none

Rank 15: Razing Warcamps

Characters may only achieve rank fifteen if they have RAZEd 5 warcamps. In order to trigger completion of this task, a character must RAZE a single warcamp (i.e. one may RAZE 4 warcamps at any rank, obtain this task from the Superindendant, and then RAZE one final warcamp). While assignment of this task takes place at the headquarters in Zul Logoth, the warcamp(s) RAZEd to complete this task may be in any realm. Completion of this task requires reporting back to the Superindendant in Zul Logoth.

Rank 20: Special Assignment

This is something each should discover on their own.
Note that if you accept the assignment and don't attempt to complete it, you are reset to 0 recognition points and will have to start that rank from the beginning.


Superintendents at local outposts provide tasks with experience and and recognition point rewards. To obtain a task or receive your reward, ASK Taskmaster ABOUT TASK. Their benefits are summarized in the table below:

Task Task Assigned Without Assignment
Recognition Experience Recognition Experience
Locate a warcamp 1000 350 250 N/A
Cull Grimswarm at a location 1750 250 N/A N/A
Retrieve item from supply chest 1250 250 N/A N/A
Retrieve banner from flagpole 850-1250 150-250 N/A N/A
Rescue official from captive's hut 2000 300 N/A N/A
Cull Grimswarm in a warcamp 1750 250 N/A N/A
Kill a warchief 1500 250 N/A N/A
Kill a shaman 1500 250 N/A N/A
Raze a warcamp 5000 600 1000 300-400
  • Locate a warcamp - To locate a warcamp, use the Sigil of Location. Messaging will indicate whether there is a warcamp in your area (as indicated by LOCATION).
  • Cull Grimswarm at a location - The Taskmaster will elaborate upon which type of Grimswarm you are assigned to kill (i.e. giant, orc, or troll) and the LOCATION they can be found. Walking through rooms in that area will cause the Grimswarm to spawn.
  • Retrieve an item from the supply chest - This task requires that you enter a warcamp and SEARCH the chest in the supply hut for an item (such as maps, records, or a totem). Access to the supply chest may be obtained by killing Grimswarm in the camp until one obtains a crude bone key. Alternatively, this task can be accomplished without engaging any Grimswarm in combat by sneaking into the warcamp, DISARMing the chest, PICKing the lock, and SEARCHing the chest.
  • Retrieve a banner from the flagpole - In the center of the warcamp is a flagpole displaying a banner. To retrieve the banner, you may CLIMB the flagpole (with both hands free) or SHAKE the flagpole (and incur roundtime).
  • Rescue an official from captive's hut - To complete this task, enter a warcamp, move to the northern-most room and OPEN the captive's hut. This will remove a plank from barring the door. After OPENing the hut once again, one can enter the hut and TELL the official TO FOLLOW. The official must be escorted safely to a nearby outpost. This task may also be completed stealthily, as with the supply chest task.
  • Cull Grimswarm in a warcamp - Similar to the location-based culling task, this task requires Grimswarm to be killed inside of a warcamp. Location and type are irrelevant.
  • Kill a warchief - The Grimswarm warchief can be found in the warchief hut in a warcamp. If a character has a warchief task and the alarm has been raised, the warchief will spawn with several higher-level Grimswarm. Note that the warchief will not spawn if the total number of Grimswarm in the warcamp is equal to the number of actively spawned Grimswarm. The warchief is always of the warrior profession, has a combat mobility effect, is immune to stuns, and often has higher natural critical padding.
  • Kill a shaman - The Grimswarm shaman can be found in the shaman hut in a warcamp. If a character has a shaman task and the alarm has been raised, the shaman will spawn with several higher-level Grimswarm. Note that the shaman will not spawn if the total number of Grimswarm in the warcamp is equal to the number of actively spawned Grimswarm. The shaman is always of a pure profession,is immune to stuns, and often has higher natural critical padding.
  • Raze a warcamp - To determine how many Grimswarm remain in a warcamp, use the Sigil of Location. After all of the Grimswarm in a warcamp are killed, the warcamp can be RAZEd while standing at the center of the warcamp. This will destroy the warcamp so it is essential to loot the supply chest beforehand. With respect to groups, a minimum of 5 Grimswarm must be killed by the player to obtain credit for razing the warcamp.

Guardians of Sunfist Benefits

Members of the Guardians of Sunfist have access to sigils, which are similar to spells, except that they cost a combination of mana and/or stamina.

The table which follows displays the various sigils, their effects, costs, and durations. To view more details about a sigil, check the particular sigils' page.

Rank Points Name Effect Mana Cost Stamina Cost Duration
1 0 Sigil of Recognition Detects friends and foes of the Guardians of Sunfist, when in the same room. 0 0 Immediate
2 5000 Sigil of Location Detects nearby foes of the Guardians of Sunfist. Gives 3 second RT. 0 0 Immediate.
3 6000 Sigil of Contact Activates the ESP network. 1 0 19 minutes
4 7000 Sigil of Resolve Increases Climbing, Swimming, and Survival skill ranks by half of current GoS rank. 0 5 90 seconds
5 8000 Sigil of Minor Bane Adds +5 AS and grants heavy damage weighting to melee, ranged and bolt attacks.* 3 3 60 seconds
6 9000 Sigil of Bandages Allows you to do things with bandaged wounds that would normally break the bandages. 0 10 5 minutes
7 10000 Sigil of Defense Provides a bonus to DS equal to current rank. 5 5 5 minutes
8 11000 Sigil of Offense Provides a bonus to AS equal to current rank. 5 5 5 minutes
9 12000 Sigil of Distraction Decreases enemies' chances to evade, parry, and block. 5 10 ??
10 13000 Sigil of Minor Protection Provides +5 DS and grants heavy damage padding. 5 10 60 seconds
11 14000 Sigil of Focus Adds a bonus to TD equal to current rank. 5 5 60 seconds
12 15000 Sigil of Intimidation Decreases enemies' AS and DS by 20. Variable Variable ??
13 16000 Sigil of Mending Increases HP recovery by +15 and allows all healing herbs to be eaten in 3 seconds. 10 15 10 minutes
14 17000 Sigil of Concentration +5 mana per pulse. 0 30 10 minutes
15 18000 Sigil of Major Bane Adds +10 AS and heavy crit weighting to melee, ranged and bolt attacks.* 10 10 60 seconds
16 19000 Sigil of Determination Ignores penalties while performing tasks when a character has minor injuries. 0 30 5 minutes
17 20000 Sigil of Health Instantly recover a minimum of 15 HP or half of your lost HP, whichever is greater. 10 20 Immediate
18 21000 Sigil of Power Converts 50 stamina into 25 mana. 0 50 Immediate
19 22000 Sigil of Major Protection Adds +10 DS and grants heavy critical padding. 10 15 60 seconds
20 23000 Sigil of Escape Teleports you to a safe location. 15 75 Immediate


Some values are presently extrapolated and will be confirmed soon.
*The AS bonus provided by the Sigils of Minor/Major Bane apply to any enemy, but the respective damage/critical weighting applies only to hated foes.

Post-Name Titles

  • Ranks 1–7: Apprentice of Sunfist
  • Ranks 8-14: Senior Apprentice of Sunfist
  • Ranks 15-20: Journey of Sunfist
  • Master: Guardian of Sunfist


Main article: The History of the Guardians of Sunfist

This is the history of the Guardians of Sunfist as told by the Superintendents.

Zul Logoth

Zarak says, "We have been fighting the trolls and orcs of the mountains for as long as our people can remember. The dwarven clans here are quite capable of defending their caverns against the scattered tribes of the Grimswarm that remain in the DragonSpine, as they have done since time immemorial. With our aid, we believe that they would even be able to repel mass migration of trolls through their territory, should that ever again be attempted."

Zarak says, "As such, our main purpose here is supervising the training and coordination of efforts between our now numerous outposts in the human and elven lands. We do provide favors to the local defenders by occasionally raiding the nearby Grutik tribes and culling some of the undead or non-sentient beasts that inhabit the nearby caverns, but that is mostly just to keep our trainees occupied."

Zarak concludes, "The real war against the Grimswarm is now being fought outside of our borders, Member. It is now our honor-bound duty to aid all the civilized races of Elanthia in their struggles against our ancient foes. It is a duty that we take most seriously."


Faylanna says, "Ta'Illistim is city of learning, with many scholars and other learned folk amongst its population. While it does count many great magicians and artificers among its populace, it is perhaps least martial of all the nations of the Elves. Unfortunately, its location at the base of the DragonSpine means that it has borne most of the brunt of the Grimswarm's offensive. While it does possess an adequate enough army for defending its walls, most of the surrounding countryside is in the Grimswarm's possession."

Faylanna snorts and says, "Even so, recruitment has been a slow and difficult process here. Elven attitudes to us 'lesser' races being what they are means that we are often looked down upon, even as we give our lives to defend their territory. Morale among those that we do manage to recruit is often low, and we suffer a relatively high rate of attrition simply from resignations or transfers to more appreciative areas. Among the government officials, I often get the impression that our presence is barely tolerated here. If one our squads gets into trouble during a mission, I don't count on the local guards to lift one finger to help."

Faylanna continues, "That being said, there is a relatively large foreign adventuring population here in Ta'Illistim. Many use this city as their base to plunder the ruins of Old Ta'Faendryl, and they quite skilled and powerful combatants indeed. Many of these individuals are quite capable of destroying an entire Grimswarm warcamp all on their own. It is mostly by the graces of these adventurers that our entire operation here does not fall completely apart, as we are beset by trolls, orcs, and giants from all directions."

Faylanna concludes, "In all, we face great difficulties from both the Grimswarm and our local 'allies'. If we had not sworn an oath to protect these elves, I would almost certainly recommend that we leave them to their own devices against the Grimswarm. Still, an oath is an oath, and I would sooner die than break mine. Our struggle against the Grimswarm will be long and hard here, and will be largely determined by the efforts of those who have no real stake in whether the elves live or die."


Draelox says, "On the surface, Ta'Vaalor would seem like the worst place in the world for our society to have an outpost. The elves here are well known across Elanthia for their utter intolerance of the 'lesser' races and their belief that they are superior even to their elven brethren. While this is certainly true, they are also soldiers of the highest discipline and ability."

Draelox continues, "They respect strength and duty, and the fact that we have sworn ourselves to eternal battle with the Grimswarm has not gone unnoticed. They expect much of us, and we have delivered much to them. In the heat of battle, a Vaalor elf by my side is as worthy an ally as any dwarf or giantman that I have had the pleasure of fighting alongside. I believe that we have proven our worth to them many times over and that, while they would never admit it, they value our presence here."

Draelox concludes, "There is certainly much to be done here. While giants are uncommon this far south, orcs and trolls regularly raid the surrounding countryside. Recruitment is brisk and our volunteers are of the highest quality. With the ungrudging aid of the Vaalor army, I have no doubt that we shall eventually knock out the footholds that the Grimswarm has established here."

Wehnimer's Landing

Marl says, "Wehnimer's Landing has always had trouble with all sorts of savages, what with being a frontier town and all. The advent of the Grimswarm has increased the problem somewhat, but the people here are used to the hardship of constant raiding and outright invasion. They're tough, hardy, and have plenty of adventure seekers around to help keep the problem in check."

Marl continues, "My main concern is the sheer opportunism of many of my recruits. Adventurers are brave and often useful, but I often get the feeling that once they've learned all they can from me, they'll abandon or ignore their duties to us. Such is the mentality of those who fight for their own gain, rather than to preserve their homes and way of life."

Marl sighs and continues, "Wehnimer's Landing has the perfect mix of terrain and climate that all the main races of the Grimswarm find attractive. As such, we have a fairly even distribution of trolls, orcs, and giants. The Grimswarm also finds many allies among the native savages: minotaurs, kiramon, ogres, creatures of earth and stone are all present here. Fortunately, years of raids by adventurers have left many of the native humanoid tribes relatively weak, though the more elemental creatures still tend be quite powerful."

Marl concludes, "Overall, we face a very diverse range of threats but also possess a similarly diverse pool of recruits in which to face those threats. That being said, the commitment of those recruits is open to question and we lack the fallback position of having a strong central government, should our recruits desert us in a time of need. We are currently doing fine, but that could change very rapidly indeed."

Icemule Trace

Vindar says, "I am continually amazed by what these halflings can accomplish. They have built a strong and prosperous town under conditions that even a dwarf might find too harsh. I have no shortage of local volunteers who seek to defend their town purely out of a strong sense of duty to their community and to their friends. It is really quite commendable and somewhat inspiring."

Vindar continues, "Giants predominate amongst the tribes of the Grimswarm that have claimed lands and settled in the local area. There are some orc and troll tribes in the area, but they tend to stick to the more southerly areas. The giants range freely across the entire length of our patrol area, from the glacier in the south right up to the Top of the World."

Vindar continues, "This is a dangerous area to patrol, and we lose as many men to the weather as we do to the Grimswarm. In fact, we've had to dramatically scale back regular patrols to the Sleeping Lady Mountains and beyond. We were simply suffering too many fruitless casualties to continue with them."

Vindar concludes, "As a result, we fear that the giants will be able to join easily with their native brethren to the north, fortify their already strong natural defenses, and thus be able to raid the town with impunity. We are in for a long and tough struggle, though I do believe that the halflings and their allies will be able to triumph in the end."


Taryn says, "As part of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Vornavis can call on powerful aid, should the Grimswarm ever try to overrun the city again. It is only through the power of their mysterious shrouding magic that the local tribes of the Grimswarm have not been utterly destroyed by the imperial army. Many of my recruits are local farmers and merchants who have seen their livelihoods destroyed by the savage raiders of the Grimswarm. They may not have the most experience in combat, but they come to defend what they have left and take revenge for what they have lost. It will take much training to turn them into an effective combat force, but I believe that it can be done."

Taryn continues, "The area surrounding this town is often marshy and humid, which most giants dislike and avoid whenever possible. As a result, we rarely encounter them in our patrols and believe that no tribes of them have settled upon our lands. Orcs and trolls are less discerning however, and we encounter them often."

Taryn continues, "Prior to the Grimswarm's arrival, the armies of the competing imperial barons generally kept the native savage tribes well in line and under control. As a result, the Grimswarm has relatively few native allies of note, beyond a small tribe of cyclops to the west of here. Unfortunately, it also means that there are wide open areas on which the Grimswarm can settle with little resistance beyond what we can muster."

Taryn concludes, "In all, I think our position is impregnable but our ability to project force is lacking. The imperial forces that protect Vornavis have been hardened in their long wars with Jantalar and are able to repulse any attack upon the city itself. However, our task in rooting out the enemy from our lands is hindered by my lack of experienced recruits. I have no doubt that they will eventually make a fine army, but that will take many years. During that period, the Grimswarm will have plenty of time to entrench themselves and grow strong in their own right."

River's Rest

Meaha says, "Though technically part of the Turamzzyrian Empire, River's Rest has generally been ignored by the imperial government and left to its own devices. It is far away from the borderlands and the cities of the important baronies, and is mostly home to smugglers and other shady characters. Recruits are few and far between here, with many losing interest in joining us once they learn that there is no pay. Generally speaking however, the local populace tends to leave the Grimswarm alone, and the Grimswarm tends to do the same."

Meaha continues, "In fact, the krolvin pirates that frequent the area don't take much of a liking to the Grimswarm edging onto their turf. There are frequent battles between the two groups. Some of the locals even think that with the krolvin and the Grimswarm at each other's throats, life here has even gotten a little bit easier. One of these days though, one side will finally triumph and make up for lost time in making the rest of the local inhabitants suffer."

Meaha continues, "Jungle and marshland dominate the surrounding areas, in which trolls are as common as rats. While there are some orcs, giants rarely venture this far south. We have actually never encountered a settled tribe of them in the area that we patrol. The number of trolls we encounter more than make up for them, however. I definitely wouldn't suggest venturing into the surrounding areas without a fire-flaring weapon or fire magic."

Meaha concludes, "Overall, we are in a precarious situation here. The conflict between the krolvin and the Grimswarm has kept the town relatively untouched by the Grimswarm. There are raids now and then, but things are generally as they were before the Grimswarm arrived. I believe that this has lulled the locals into potentially disastrous false sense of security. For when the victor is eventually decided amongst the krolvin and the Grimswarm, the town will be woefully unprepared for what will inevitably follow."

Teras Isle

Oxanna says, "Teras Isle has always been a remote outpost that few have cared about. Why some tribes of the Grimswarm chose to cross the seas to seek a homeland on this rock is something that I find most baffling. Why bother? The active volcano makes living here worse than the DragonSpine warrens that they formerly inhabited and it comes complete with able dwarven defenders, just like home. Perhaps that is why they came here? To experience something new, but also with some of the familiar 'comforts' of home?"

Oxanna says, "At any rate, given the hostility of the island itself and its sheer distance from the DragonSpine, the Grimswarm has not really been much of a threat to the local populace. There's been some raiding here and there, but it seems that the Grimswarm spends as much of its time fighting the hostile environment and local fauna as it does us."

Oxanna concludes, "Overall, we have a relatively equal mixture of trolls, orcs, and giants wandering about here, but have the situation well under control. Even without our presence, I'm sure that the locals could do just fine keeping the Grimswarm at bay."

Leaving the Guardians of Sunfist

You can not rejoin the society without using a society reset from the Simustore, so make sure you are ready to do this. To leave the Guardians of the Sunfist you must go to the Grandmaster's room and say the words 'I resign'. He will ask you to repeat them. Upon repeating them you will be expelled from the society and it will be listed as a "Past society affiliation" when you type SOCIETY.

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