Grizzled old warrior

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Grizzled old warrior
Town Wehnimer's Landing
Gender male
Race human
Affiliation(s) Order of Voln

The grizzled old warrior is a NPC in Wehnimer's Landing that invites adventurers to the Order of Voln.


You see a grizzled old man dressed in dusty, weather worn clothes with a few trappings of old pieces of armor thrown in.  He has a gnarled grey beard and his skin is dark and wrinkled like the bark of some ancient tree.  His balding pate is marked by dark patches of age spots, but his eyes are still bright and clear.


Liabo Pantheon
>ask warrior about Charl
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Charl is master of the seas, and it isn't very wise to call his attention to you.  He doesn't much like land-dwellers, but he swears fealty to Lord Koar and lends his power to the fight against the undead.  His symbol is an emerald trident on a field of blue."

>ask warrior about Cholen
A grizzled old warrior says, "Ah, the twin brother of Jastev, Lord Cholen!  He is the patron of song and dance, and is one of the more whimsical and cheerful of the great Lords of Liabo.  His symbol is a crimson lute on a field of gold."

>ask warrior about Eonak
A grizzled old warrior says, "Ah, the artificer of the gods, Lord Eonak.  He believes in hard work, even he did not let the loss of his arm stop him -- he has a veil iron arm he made himself.  He is the consort of Imaera, and his symbol is a golden anvil on a field of brown."

>ask warrior about Imaera
A grizzled old warrior says, "Ah, the Lady Imaera.  She makes the grass green, the trees grow and the flowers bloom.  Farmers and sylvans alike worship her, and because of her popularity between the two, she has two varying symbols.  The sylvans often wear a brown doe upon a field of green, while farmers prefer a golden sheaf of grain on a field of green."

>ask warrior about Jastev
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Jastev... the somber counterpart to Lord Cholen, his brother.  They are both the offspring of Lady Imaera and Lord Eonak, and Lord Jastev is gifted with prophecy.  He is also patron of paintings and other art, and his symbol is a black artist's brush, or, a silver crystal ball upon a field of grey."

>ask warrior about Kai
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Kai is the Master of Battle.  I met him once, while walking the path of enlightenment... many years ago.  I almost beat him, I did!  But he bested me in the end.  It was a very memorable experience.  His symbol is silver clenched fist on a field of crimson."

>ask warrior about Koar
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Koar is the King of the Gods, and he is the patron of justice.  He is wed to the Lady Lumnis, goddess of wisdom.  His symbol is a golden crown on a field of white."

>ask warrior about Lorminstra
The old warrior looks solemn for a moment and says, "Lorminstra teaches us mercy.  That's not the the same as being softhearted mind you, sometimes the best way to be merciful is to put something out of its misery."

>ask warrior about Lumnis
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lady Lumnis is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.  Unlike Fash'lo'nae, she knows how dangerous some knowledge can be and practices caution in her studies, as do her followers.  Her symbol is a golden scroll overlaying five conjoined circles."

>ask warrior about Oleani
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lady Oleani is the Goddess of Love in all its forms.  She is overjoyed when true love sparks no matter the circumstances, and is usually asked to bless weddings.  Her symbol is a red heart with a budding flower growing from within it."

>ask warrior about Phoen
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Phoen is the God of the Sun, and many consider him to be the patron of fatherhood.  I thought I saw him once, while gazing up at the summer sky... his golden locks were nearly blinding!  His symbol is a golden sunburst on a field of blue."

>ask warrior about Ronan
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Ronan is the true god of night, and he watches over us all while we sleep, protecting us from the horrible nightmares of Sheru.  He also roots out those terrible things which would seek solace in the shadows, and is one of the greatest warriors against the tides of darkness.  His symbol is a silver-edged black sword on a field of black."

>ask warrior about Tonis
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Tonis is the messenger of the Gods, and is the son of Lord Phoen and Lady Oleani.  He's very quick, but unfortunately, he's worshipped by alot of thieves.  His symbol is is a golden pegasus on a field of blue."
Neutral Pantheon
>ask warrior about Gosaena
A grizzled old warrior says, "Ah, Gosaena.  The Silent Watcher behind the gates... she is what lies beyond the Ebon Gates of the Lady of Winter.  She is death personified, the peace one finds with one's final passing."

>ask warrior about Zelia
A grizzled old warrior says, "She is the goddess of the moons, and is absolutely crazy.  She doesn't like Sheru much, and that makes her alright in my book."
Lornon Pantheon
>ask warrior about Andelas
A grizzled old warrior says, "Andelas... he is the lord of cats, and his mood is as fickle as any of them mangy felines.  He casts in his lot with Lornon, and I don't trust him.  Never can trust a cat."

>ask warrior about Eorgina
A grizzled old warrior says, "The Queen of Tyranny, she is.  All the evil rulers kings and queens you've heard about, they're nothing compared to her.  Abuse of power... it's a terrible thing, and she loves it."

>ask warrior about Fash'lo'nae
A grizzled old warrior says, "Fash'lo'nae is a terrible being, caring little for anything that stands in his pursuit of knowledge that none should ever know.  His practices are in direct opposition of the Lady Lumnis."

>ask warrior about Ivas
A grizzled old warrior says, "She's a manipulator, a liar, a seductress through and through.  She'll lure you close by tugging on your heart strings and then destroy you.  It's a sad sad thing she does, using the pure emotion of love and perverting it into something terrible."

>ask warrior about Luukos
A grizzled old warrior squints, his wrinkles growing deeper.  He says in a hushed tone, "Luukos is the bane of good here.  He is the father of lies, treachery and the undead."

>ask warrior about Marlu
A grizzled old warrior says, "The Destroyer... he is the lord of demons and other terrible monstrosities."

>ask warrior about Mularos
A grizzled old warrior says, "Mularos?  Sick practices that one does.  He's part of the Lornon pantheon, and he'll manipulate people to do horrible things.  Insidious evil, it's disgusting."

>ask warrior about Sheru
A grizzled old warrior glances at you and says, "Sheru's the lord of all nightmares, and the things he conjures up aren't meant for the eyes of men.  He's just like Luukos, usin the curse of undead to harm and infect people with his evil."

>ask warrior about V'tull
A grizzled old warrior says, "He lusts only for battle and blood, his power comes through the annihilation of everything in his path.  It's a perversion of Lord Kai's tenets, and it's sickening to see such pure ideals twisted into such mockeries."
Lesser Spirits
>ask warrior about Aeia
A grizzled old warrior says, "I'd never heard of Aeia until a sailor friend of mine returned from Torre, I think he had visited that place called River's Rest.  He said that she was the earth mother and loved plants, especially lilies.  I think he said her symbol was a white lily on a field of green."

>ask warrior about Amasalen
A grizzled old warrior spits on the ground and says, "He finds power in bloodlettings and ritual sacrifice, and worst of all, he enjoys working for Luukos.  No real surprise that a former Faendryl who ascended into god-like power would cast his chips in with such an evil being."

>ask warrior about Arachne
A grizzled old warrior says, "She's a betrayer and a liar, one of the things I hate the most.  Rumor has it there's a temple out in the wilds somewhere where her worshippers do unspeakable things.  I'd go and set things right there... but I have not the strength of my youth any longer."

>ask warrior about Ghezresh
A grizzled old warrior ponders for a moment and says, "Stories have made their way to the mainland from Caligos Isle, a small island off the southeastern coast of Ta'Vaalor, and quite a ways east from the Ruins of Ta'Ashrim.  Ghezresh is said to be a master of intimidation and deceit, whose presence can often go unnoticed since he typically manifests as silvery indigo mist.  He is represented by a deep indigo chelioboros on a field of silvery grey.

>ask warrior about Huntress
A grizzled old warrior says, "She was betrayed by Arachne, but she was strong and endured... she ascended to become an immortal spirit and is now the patron of righteous vengeance.  Her symbol is an eight-pointed star on a field of black."

>ask warrior about Jaston
A grizzled old warrior says, "Ah, the Windrunner.  He is charged with caring for birds and the Four Winds.  He was raised into power by the Lady Imaera after the Ur-Daemon War."  He pushes back a shudder at the mention of the the war, "And ever since, has been watching over the skies.  His symbol is a white feather on a field of green and white."

>ask warrior about Kuon
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Kuon was once a giantman, but he worked to heal the land with the Lady Imaera after the great wars of the Drakes and the Ur-Daemon ravaged the world.  She gifted him with immortality and he has since continued to cultivate beautiful plants and make them grow.  His symbol is a gold leaf upon a field of brown."

>ask warrior about Laethe
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Laethe is the twin brother of Lord Voaris, the two supposedly lost their parents long ago during the Ur-Daemon War.  Lord Laethe watches over those who have lost their loved ones.  His symbol is a black rose upon a field of purple."

>ask warrior about Leya
A grizzled old warrior says, "The Lady Leya is the daughter of Lord Kai and an elven woman.  She too, felt the touch of Luukos in a foul plot of deception and evil, and it cost her her mortal lover, Egan.  It's said her shrine is out in the wilds around here, somewhere, but I have never laid eyes upon it.  Her symbol is an ivory-hilted dagger upon a field of blue."

>ask warrior about Niima
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lady Niima, ah, I've known some sailors who've had dreams of her.  She is the daughter of Lord Charl and eases his temper.  You might even see a carving of her as a ship's figurehead.  Her symbol is a grey dolphin upon a field of blue."

>ask warrior about Onar
A grizzled old warrior says, "Onar... he's the patron of homicide, the lord of assassins.  I don't trust shadowy types like that, and rumor has it he works for Eorgina quite alot."

>ask warrior about Tilamaire
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Tilamaire is the immortal servant of Lord Cholen, his immortality granted due to a song of pure joy and talent.  His symbol is a yellow note on a field of blue."

>ask warrior about Voaris
A grizzled old warrior says, "Lord Voaris watches over those newly in love or those who love despite all odds, such as a half-elf and a pure elven noble.  His symbol is a yellow rose upon a field of red."

>ask warrior about Voln
The old warrior looks at you with a twinkle in his eye and says, "You can find out more by following the eastern trail."
>ask warrior about weather
The old warrior says, "We don't get much weather 'round these here parts.  The mountains and the bay protect us from most of it.  But when we do, boy let me tell you the storms are something fierce!"

>ask warrior about fighting
The old warrior looks at you and says, "Fighting is an art, not a science.  Oh yeah, there are those what might say that the equipment is everything, but that just ain't so.  It's all in how you use that equipment."

>ask warrior about past
The old warrior sighs and says, "The past is past, there is little we can do to recapture it."  He grins broadly.  "Oh but if I could..."

>ask warrior about undead
The old warrior sighs and says, "Those poor cursed things.  The best thing one can do is put them out of their misery.  There are many evil powers that create undead beings you know.  A lot of folks think that the undead and Chaos are the same thing, but they are wrong.  There are demonic powers, local gods, the Dark Lords, and all kinds of other evil powers that curse the undead."

>ask warrior about Chaos
The old warrior leans back and says, "Chaos has always been a serious problem, but they are not the only threat to Elanthia.  Some people get so wrapped up in hating Chaos that they allow themselves to be blinded to other evils and then find themselves undone in the end anyway.  That's part of the insidious power of Chaos."

>ask warrior about weapons
The old warrior says, "Good weapons are your best friends.  I never go out into the wilds without a good sword in one hand, and a spare weapon or two in my sheath or pack."

>ask warrior about armor
The old warrior says, "Using armor is fine art.  It takes many years of study and practice to learn to use armor properly.  And it's just like dressing for the weather, you wouldn't wear a sleeveless shirt in a snowstorm, would you?"

>ask warrior about shields
The old warrior says, "A good shield is a must if you plan to survive in the wilds."

>ask warrior about wilds
The old warrior says, "The wilds can be a dangerous place.  You have to be properly prepared, and it's best to have a good friend or two along with you if you head out."

>ask warrior about likes
A grizzled old warrior says, "In my youth, I enjoyed good battles and fearsome beasts."

>ask warrior about dislikes
A grizzled old warrior says, "Undead, liars and thieves.  These are the root of all things unjust and wrong."

>ask warrior about life
A grizzled old warrior says, "My life has been good and long.  Lots of battles."


The old warrior pulls you close and whispers, "I had a dream once that I was dead.  As I approached the Gates to Oblivion Lorminstra appeared and clothed my naked soul in a simple white robe.  

She then cleansed me in a pool at the head of the Enchanted River, to purify me for eternity."

The old warrior sighs longingly.  "Just as I was passing through the gate, I felt something pulling on me and my soul was wrenched backwards.  When I awoke I was lying upon the ground.  A cleric of Lorminstra was kneeling over me and he looked very drained.  It was many years ago now, but I still remember it vividly."

The old warrior stares at you directly in the eye and traces a strange symbol in the air.  "To the east, not far from here is a pool similar to the one in my dream.  Seek your fortune with the Order of Voln, you can dedicate yourself to no higher purpose.  You will need to be strong of heart and character, but I think you will do well."

A tear forms in the old warrior's eye.  "Remember," he says, "always, always strive to be pure."

Room Messaging

A grizzled old warrior wanders in, whistling a merry tune.

A grizzled old warrior wanders in, looking as if he is lost in thought.

A grizzled old warrior arrives, glancing around as if in search of someone.

A grizzled old warrior trudges forward, dodging the crowd.

A grizzled old warrior hobbles forward, grumbling about the weather and his aching joints.

With a grunt and a groan, a grizzled old warrior sits down to rest his weary bones.

A grizzled old warrior stares at XXXXXXX a moment, then smiles and has a quiet word with him.

A grizzled old warrior mutters, "You got to watch your back out in the wilds.  All kinds of fearsome beasts out there, but the worst are those poor cursed undead ones."

A grizzled old warrior fetches a small flask, uncorks it and takes a heavy drag.

A grizzled old warrior unsheathes his broadsword and tosses it into the air, sending it into a spiraling blur.  At the perfect moment, he snatches it completely by the handle.  He quickly places his broadsword back in its sheath.

A grizzled old warrior tosses his broadsword into the air, it turns end over end once and falls.  The old warrior positions his body just right so that the weapon lands perfectly in his sheath!!

The old warrior tosses an apple in the air.  Swinging his broadsword deftly at the airborne lob of fruit, he slices and dices it into many pieces!  Bits of apple rain to the ground about him.

A grizzled old warrior leisurely polishes his shield, which doesn't seem to add to its shine.

A grizzled old warrior fetches a bit of linen from his coat pocket and wipes his brow.

A grizzled old warrior stares hard at you for a moment, then smiles and says, "It's always good to see another who follows a purer path than most.  Have a wonderful night, friend."