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Domain Herb, Flowers
Symbol a gold leaf on a field of brown
Pantheon Pantheon of Liabo
Smite/Bane Smite
Critical Crush

Patron of Herbs and Flowers

Kuon is the patron of herbs and flowers, which many consider odd for a former giantman. In the days following the Ur-Daemon War, he unabashedly knelt beside Imaera, working to heal the green growing things of Elanthia. It was at his suggestion that Imaera gave certain herbs healing properties, for Kuon felt that, while the help of the Arkati was well and good, the lesser beings should have a way to help themselves.

Imaera was impressed with this gentle giant, and at the end of his allotted span of life, she gave him the gift of immortality. It is said that as long as there is a single green leaf upon the planet, Kuon will be there, nurturing it back into health. Flowers grow spontaneously in his wake, and go uncrushed beneath his steps.

Kuon's form is that of an immense giantman in his thirties with hazel eyes, light brown hair and a hulking presence. His shimmering green, amber and brown robes are unable to hide his massive shoulders. In manner he is gentle and kind, but has a bad temper once pushed far enough. His symbol is a gold leaf on a field of brown.

Shrines, Statuary, and Holy Places

Cleric Guilds

Displayed in the Prayer Rooms of each Cleric Guild is a statue of Kuon. These prayer rooms are considered a holy shrine to multiple deities.

Although the statue is small it depicts a very tall, very muscular giantman.  In one massive hand he holds a pair of pruning shears, in the other is a small branch with the leaves still attached.  He is presented as pushing back an unruly shock of hair with his wrist.  The grin on his face carries an aura of good-natured gentleness.

K>touch Kuon
You reach out and touch the statue of Kuon.

A deep and rumbling, yet gentle, chuckle rolls through your mind.  "The gods help those that help themselves, Orah," says the voice.  "Instead of begging for help from the gods, beg the gods to tell you how you can best help, and you will find yourself contented."

Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild

Located in the Antechamber of Others is a statue of Kuon. This area is not considered a holy shrine.

Though the statue is small, it is easy to tell that the giantman carved here is of immense proportions.  Relatively young, and handsome for his race, he has expressive hazel eyes and light brown hair.  Barely covering his shoulders are shimmering robes of green, amber, and brown.  The symbol for this giantman is a gold leaf on a field of brown.

River's Rest Cleric Guild

One of the Halls of Lessons in the River's Rest Cleric Guild is dedicated to Kuon. The statue is identical to that in the other Cleric Guilds. It is considered a holy shrine.

[Cleric Guild, Hall of Lessons]
Large deep green tapestries flutter softly along the walls, each of the simple cloth banners stitched with a design of a different healing herb. Narrow channels filled with rich soil house a collection of small plants and flowers, each basking in the sunlight that streams through two large windows overhead. A statue of a man with a gentle-mannered expression on his face stands to the southwest, behind a wooden altar crawling with vines.
Obvious exits: northeast
Fashioned in a simplistic manner from faded driftwood, the altar displays a large, dried golden-hued leaf upon its face.  Its uppermost portions house deep brown earth, ivy vines sprouting from the rich soil and trailing down the altar to give it the feel of nature's touch.  Upon the surface of the dirt lies an open book.

In the Common language, it reads:
"Plants hold secrets and powers to help us, plants hold beauty unsurpassed.  Work to till the earth for plants to live and receive the blessings of Kuon, for the Green knows that each rely on the other for aid."

Hearthstone Manor, Wehnimer's Landing

There is a holy shrine dedicated to Kuon in the Hearthstone Manor Herb Garden.

[Hearthstone, Herb Garden]
Herbs of all types and colors are spread before you, sure to delight the most discriminating chefs and empaths, even as they delight the casual visitor to this garden. Laid out in rectangular beds edged by walkways, the colors and textures intermingle in a seemingly untamed maze. Stone benches are spotted throughout the garden, and in the center of the maze of walkways stands a marble statue. You also see a small vine-covered shack nestled among some shade trees, a shady garden path, a hollow tree stump and a rough-hewn oak door.
Obvious paths: none
>look at statue
Carved of white marble, the statue takes on the green tint of the plants surrounding it.  Closer inspection reveals a robed figure, large and protective of the growth which seems to flourish under his watchful eye.

House Sovyn, Herb Garden

Located behind House Sovyn is an herb garden dedicated to Imaera and Kuon. The garden is accessible to the public and is located down the narrow footpath and the stone walkway from the Sovyn Courtyard. This room is considered a holy shrine.

[House Sovyn, Herb Garden]
A stone walkway weaves its way from the nearby pond and comes to an end at the foot of a large herb garden. A narrow stone path loops around the garden, with several beds of herbs and flowers surrounding the outer perimeter. At each corner of the garden, nestled within the plants, is an elegant marble fountain. Inside the looping path and standing at the center of the garden is a towering faewood tree. A trio of wooden statues stand at the base of the tree and are surrounded by numerous tiny flowers. You also see a frustrated snow spirit that is flying around, an unadorned simple wooden altar and a set of carved wind chimes.
Obvious paths: none
>look statue
You see a trio of wooden statues.  Looking at the statues, you see a cheerful sylvan woman statue, a hulking giantman statue and a petite doe statue.

>look sylvan statue
Nestled between two statues is a carved, beaming sylvan woman bearing the visage of Imaera.  She wears a full-length robe composed of leaves and flowers, with sleeves reaching all the way to her fingertips.  The grass beneath her bare feet appears visibly greener and more lush than the other grass in the area.  She has one hand placed on the shoulder of a giantman statue kneeling beside her, while her other hand rests upon the back of a petite doe statue.

>touch sylvan statue
As you place your hand on a cheerful sylvan woman statue, a feeling of peace and calm washes over you.  The wooden statue feels almost warm beneath your touch, and glancing down, it seems as if the grass around your feet appears more green and lush.  As you remove your hand from the statue, the warmth fades from your fingertips, and the grass underfoot is its normal verdant hue.

>look giantman statue
Kneeling beside a sylvan woman statue is a carved, young, smiling giantman that bears the visage of Kuon.  Wearing robes of a gold and brown hue, he holds a small shovel in one hand and a handful of seeds in the other.  While large and imposing in appearance, a calm and gentle aura surrounds the giantman as he tends to a small bed of herbs planted at his feet.

>touch giantman statue
As you place your hand on the arm of a hulking giantman statue, a tiny seed drops from the giant's carved fist into a small bed of herbs planted at its feet.

>look doe statue
A small brown doe stands beside a cheerful sylvan woman statue.  The doe appears to survey the entire area of the garden, its amber-inlaid eyes carved to give the animal an alert yet peaceful appearance.  Exquisitely chiseled curves trace the doe's muscles, and even in total stillness, the statue manages to capture the grace of its living counterpart.

>touch doe statue
As you rest your hand on the muzzle of a petite doe statue, you notice an ambient light catch the amber-inlaid eyes.  Though the statue remains motionless, the perfectly carved nose seems to nuzzle against the palm of your hand.

>look tree
This tall tree with branches extending in a circular pattern is a beautiful specimen of a faewood tree.  In contrast to many of the surrounding trees, its greyish brown bark is perfectly smooth.  Centrally placed in the garden, it provides cover for a trio of wooden statues and many of the shade-loving herbs.  The faewood tree appears to be about forty feet tall.  It can be harvested for seeds.  
You can try to shake, pluck, or climb the faewood tree.

>look fountain
A shallow pool of water sits atop the fountain, which appears to fill continuously from an unseen water source.  The marble is remarkably smooth, giving the appearance of being sculpted over a long period of time by the running water.  The soft trickle of the water falls is reminiscent of a gentle stream, lending a sense of peace and tranquility to the garden.

You open your soul to the lesser spirits in the area in an attempt to find a Minor Sanctuary.  Nothing stands out to you.

Utilizing your familiarity with the divine, you sense the distinct presence of Imaera and Kuon's influence in the area.
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Spell/Ability Messaging
CHANT (verb)
[1p cleric] You chant a reverent orison, asking for herbs and flowers to flourish by Kuon's will.
[3p cleric] CLERIC chants a short but reverent orison, asking for herbs and flowers to flourish.
[1p paladin] You bow your head and chant a short prayer to Kuon, causing gold and brown light to momentarily coalesce in front of you.
[3p paladin] PALADIN bows her head and chants a short prayer, causing gold and brown light to momentarily coalesce in front of her.
Major Sanctuary (220)
The rich, earthy scent of herbs fills your senses as your vision blurs...
[Healer's Sanctuary]
Wind ruffles the sides of the off-white canvas walls, which fall in gentle pleats from the peaked roof to the short and tall blades of the grass. Potted healing plants are arranged in every available space of the tent from shelves to corners to the area where the walls meet the ground. A series of empty cots are arranged in alternating patterns with wooden stools near the central support pole, and several brass lanterns shed golden light upon the area.
Cool breezes tug the walls of the tent free from their supports and they sway before your eyes in a blur of white...
Well of Life (308)
As you sense your souls have linked together, the taste of acantha leaf tea fills your mouth.
Condemn (309)
[Success] A sprawling carpet of translucent herbs blooms around TARGET, seemingly innocuous in nature.
[Failure] A medicinal scent wafts from TARGET, but nothing comes of it.
[Damage] Lush overgrowth constricts around TARGET, crushing (him/her/it) for X points of damage!
[Debuff end] The translucent foliage surrounding TARGET fades away.
Blind (311)
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Prayer (313)
[1p] Turning your thoughts inward, you ask for the caring of your deity to protect you. The aromas of pine needles and rich earth drift past you, and you sense that your prayer has been granted.
[3p] Dark green light glows in CASTER's eyes.
Censure (316)
For your transgressions, the plants of the world shall give you neither comfort nor shelter. Wooden walls will rot about you, and acantha will offer your wounded lips no healing grace....
Raise Dead (318)
[1p] You chant slowly as you walk a slow circle around the body of TARGET, shimmering flowers and herbs winking into existence. The gentle fragrance of an herb garden rises underfoot, flooding your senses and setting your skin tingling with the power of life. You lean over and pluck an ethereal leaf, placing it on TARGET's forehead. As it sinks into her skin, the garden around her grows higher and lusher, covering TARGET in blanket of calm, yet revitalizing energy.
[2p] CASTER chants slowly as she walk a slow circle around your body, shimmering flowers and herbs winking into existence. She leans over and plucks an ethereal leaf, placing it on your forehead. Sensation begins to return to your body as it sinks into your skin, and you can feel the gentle caress of calm energy blanketing you as the surrounding garden grows higher and lusher.
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a greenish gold zircon leaf symbol
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Divine Wrath (335)
As you pour your soul into an appeal to Kuon, you know that you are heard. The smells of herbs and flowers fill your senses, invigorating and uplifting you even as a deep calm settles over you.
The light scents of wildflowers grow stronger as insubstantial brown vines, thick and broad, coil out of the ground around you. Many of the vines sport large, colorful blossoms.
One of the vines suddenly whips about and lashes out at TARGET! Despite its slightly ethereal appearance, the vine moves with every evidence of heavy, solid weight.
As the spiritual peace slowly leaves you, the vines shimmer and vanish one by one, and the scent of wildflowers drifts away as your connection to Kuon lessens.
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[Look Caster]
Symbol of the Proselyte (340)
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[Chant] You chant a reverent orison and lightly clasp your holy symbol. A rush of divine power washes over you. Your symbol pulses once and you feel the comforting presence of Kuon within you, like a healing balm.
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Miracle (350)
[1p] You sense the arrival of a tall and imposing ethereal farmer and feel a deep connection to him as he moves to your side. Seconds before closing his eyes, he kneels beside you and places a small seed upon your chest. "There is still more to coax to life," he tells you as he covers the seed on your chest. You watch as he suddenly disappears in a sudden wisp of golden brown smoke. The seed slowly cracks in half and begins to show the first signs of growth moments before sinking into your chest and filling you with life.
Aid the Fallen (1613)
Repentance (1615)
[1p] A pillar of green-streaked amber radiance manifests around TARGET.
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Judgment (1630)
You briefly close your eyes, and a cloud of leaves gently rain down upon you. A faint golden light builds up and emanates from your hand before it takes the shape of an ethereal falarica!
A barrage of viridian essence sprays from the blade of the ethereal falarica, striking TARGET!
The ethereal falarica slowly decays and falls to the ground as a mass of dead leaves.
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Divine Incarnation (1650)
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[Cast 3p]
[Expiration 1p]
[Expiration 3p]
[Zeal 1p]
[Zeal 3p]
[Armor 1p]
[Armor 3p]
[Smite 1p]
[Smite 3p]
[Onslaught 1p]
[Onslaught 3p]
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[Cast 3p]
[Expiration 1p]
[Expiration 3p]
[Zeal 1p]
[Zeal 3p]
[Armor 1p]
[Armor 3p]
[Smite 1p]
[Smite 3p]
[Onslaught 1p]
[Onslaught 3p]
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