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Type Elemental/Mental Semi
Spell Circles Minor Elemental, Bard Base
Prime Requisites Influence, Aura
Mana Statistics Influence, Aura
Physical Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Two Weapon Combat 3/2 2
Armor Use 5/0 2
Shield Use 5/0 2
Combat Maneuvers 8/4 2
Edged Weapons 3/1 2
Blunt Weapons 4/1 2
Two-Handed Weapons 7/2 2
Ranged Weapons 4/2 2
Thrown Weapons 3/1 2
Polearm Weapons 6/1 2
Brawling 3/1 2
Ambush 4/4 1
Multi Opponent Combat 7/3 1
Physical Fitness 4/0 2
Dodging 6/6 2
Magical Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Arcane Symbols 0/4 2
Magic Item Use 0/4 2
Spell Aiming 4/1 2
Harness Power 0/5 2
Elemental Mana Control 0/5 1
Mental Mana Control 0/5 1
Spirit Mana Control 0/15 1
Spell Research 0/17 2
Elemental Lore 0/8 1
Spiritual Lore 0/20 1
Sorcerous Lore 0/18 1
Mental Lore 0/8 1
General Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Survival 2/2 2
Disarming Traps 2/3 2
Picking Locks 2/1 2
Stalking and Hiding 3/2 2
Perception 0/3 2
Climbing 3/0 2
Swimming 3/0 2
First Aid 2/1 2
Trading 0/2 2
Pickpocketing 2/1 2

Bards are semi-spell users who combine skill at arms with a hybrid of elemental and mental magic. Their song spells allow them to enhance not only their own skills in combat, but those of all in their party. Bards are also masters of lore, adept at revealing the secrets of magic items. Nearly as versatile as Rangers, Bards are somewhat more adept at using magical devices, but less so at physical skills, such as combat or maneuvering. Heavy armor will restrict their spellcasting abilities.

Professional Highlights


Main article: Bard Base

To sing a spellsong the bard must first PREPARE the song using either the spellsong number or the mnemonic. Next, the bard SINGs the song either at himself or a target.


SING or SING <target>

Spellsongs depend primarily on the bard's Influence and Aura.


Main article: Loresinging

LORESING <lyrics>

While holding an item in your right hand, sing a song whose lyrics inquire about the nature of the object. Use a semicolon (;) to separate lines.

For example:

loresing Sparkling stone I found this night;Tell me why you shine so bright?;Do you by chance possess a spell,;Or sharpen weapons very well?;Are you worth much if I sell,;Or should I throw you in the well?

If you are skilled enough and use the appropriate keywords, something of the item's nature will be revealed to you.

Gem Purification

Bards have the unique Purification Song ability, increasing the value of gems and potentially turning them into magic-receptive orb gems. Be warned that purification process is potentially dangerous and can cause the gem to explode in your hand!

Bardic Luck Talismans

Upon reaching Level 30, Bards can create Bardic Luck Talismans, which when worn give a chance of rerolling a combat roll for a better result. These talismans may be worn by anyone, and can be improved by the Bard up to six tiers by consuming the Bardic Inspiration resource. Bardic Inspiration is accumulated automatically each week as the Bard gains experience.


Main article: Instrument learning

All professions can PLAY musical instruments, but only bards are capable of mastering the art.

Combat Maneuvers

Bards also have the ability to train in the following combat maneuvers, none of which are exclusive to the bard profession.


Officials Folders

Bard Profession - edit
Spell Circles:
Professional Highlights:
Popular Archetypes:
  • Spellblade
  • Lancer
  • Sonic Disruptor ("Pure Bard")

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