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A mini-boss is a creature that spawns with abilities or stats beyond what that creature type normally possesses. Not all creatures are capable of producing mini-bosses, but those that do tend to generate them in small packs. They can be differentiated from other creatures by the adjective included before their name (ex. ghostly, shining, etc), these adjectives also reveal the special abilities of the mini-boss.

Killing a mini-boss will grant long-term experience as well as normal experience

Mini-bosses may also be referred to as "glam critters," "gifted creatures," or "boosted critters" by some and their special abilities are sometimes referred to as "boons".


Below is a list of creatures that may produce mini-bosses. If a creature inhabits more than one area they may not spawn mini-bosses in every area (particularly if the areas are located in different zones), they are known to exist in the areas listed blow, however.

Creature Level Realm Hunting areas
Hill troll 16 River's Rest Hidden Vale
Hill troll 16 Wehnimer's Landing Old Mine Road, Wehnimer's Landing
Spiked cavern urchin 17 Icemule Thurfel's Keep
Krolvin warrior 19 Wehnimer's Landing Abandoned Mine
Massive grahnk 20 Icemule Thurfel's Keep
Cougar 22 Solhaven Foggy Valley
Crested basilisk 22 Ta'Vaalor Rambling Meadows
Centaur 23 Wehnimer's Landing Danjirland
Crazed zombie 23 Ta'Vaalor Lunule Weald
Fenghai 23 Solhaven Foggy Valley
Rotting woodsman 23 Solhaven Marshtown
Zombie 23 Wehnimer's Landing Danjirland
Giant albino scorpion 24 Zul Logoth Mraent Caverns
Krolvin warfarer 25 Wehnimer's Landing Abandoned Mine
Frenzied monk 27 Ta'Vaalor Lunule Weald
Dobrem 28 Solhaven Outlands
Ice troll 29 Icemule Frozen Battlefield, Olbin Pass
Ash hag 31 Teras Isle Greymist Wood
Giant fog beetle 32 Teras Isle Greymist Wood
Moor hound 33 River's Rest Shattered Moors
Ghostly pooka 33 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Moor witch 34 River's Rest Shattered Moors
Lava troll 34 Teras Isle Greymist Wood
Rock troll zombie 34 Zul Logoth Troll Burial Grounds
Troll wraith 35 Zul Logoth Troll Burial Grounds
Lesser moor wight 37 River's Rest Miasmal Forest
Krolvin corsair 38 River's Rest Krolvin Carrack
Kiramon worker 40 Ta'Illistim Seethe Naedal
Kiramon worker 40 Wehnimer's Landing Darkstone Castle
Spectral miner 40 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Dark vortece 42 Wehnimer's Landing The Broken Lands
Frozen corpse 42 Icemule Arctic Tundra
Greater bog troll 42 River's Rest Miasmal Forest
Dreadnought raptor 43 Ta'Illistim Gyldemar Green
Night mare 43 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Bog wight 44 Ta'Vaalor Fethayl Bog
Mastodonic leopard 44 Ta'Illistim Gyldemar Green
Kiramon defender 46 Ta'Illistim Seethe Naedal
Kiramon defender 46 Wehnimer's Landing Darkstone Castle
Lesser faeroth 46 Ta'Illistim Gyldemar Forest
Dybbuk 48 Solhaven Bonespear Tower
Vesperti 48 Solhaven Foggy Valley
Warrior shade 48 Ta'Vaalor Fethayl Bog
Waern 49 Solhaven Bonespear Tower
Flesh golem 50 River's Rest Marsh Keep
Greater faeroth 50 Ta'Illistim Gyldemar Forest
Tomb troll 52 River's Rest Marsh Keep
Sabre-tooth tiger 53 Icemule Arctic Tundra, Mount Aenatumgana
Skayl 54 Teras Isle Lava Flows
Stone troll 55 Wehnimer's Landing Thanatoph
Massive pyrothag 58 Teras Isle Lava Flows
Black forest ogre 60 Ta'Vaalor Aradhul Road - TV
Black forest ogre 60 Ta'Illistim Blighted Forest - TI
Wind wraith 61 Teras Isle Temple of Luukos
Red tsark 66 Teras Isle Eye of V'Tull
Muscular supplicant 67 Ta'Illistim Temple Wyneb
Yeti 67 Ta'Illistim Griffin's Keen
Lesser griffin 69 Ta'Illistim Griffin's Keen
Fire mage 71 Teras Isle Eye of V'Tull
Moulis 75 Ta'Illistim Blighted Forest
Raving lunatic 77 The Rift Plane 1, Plane 2
Dhu goleras 78 Ta'Illistim Blighted Forest
Vvrael witch 80 The Rift Plane 1
Vvrael warlock 84 The Rift Plane 2
Illoke elder 86 Wehnimer's Landing Thanatoph
Aivren 86 The Rift Plane 3
Greater construct 96 Ta'Illistim Old Ta'Faendryl
Siren 96 Teras Isle Ruined Temple


Mini-bosses may be appraised to receive a hint about what their special abilities are.

>appraise chieftain
The hisskra chieftain is medium in size and about five feet high in his current state.
You would probably be able to take on the chieftain, but with some risk to your health.
The hisskra chieftain appears to be dazzling, drab, and spindly.

Below is a list of the adjectives and the special abilities of the mini-boss baring them. This list should not be considered exhaustive and the abilities indicated by most adjectives are still in the process of discovery by the player base.

Adjective Attack Types Attack Spells Defense Susceptibility Defense Resistant Defense Spells Other
Apt Counterattack Stuns* Higher Health*
Canny SMRv2 stun spell
Dazzling Very spelled up
Flashy casts Spirit Dispel (119) and Elemental Dispel (417) with cascade effect
Flexile Elemental damage on death, steam confirmed but possibly others
Flickering Temp phase ability
Ghostly Noncorporeal undead
Glittering Offensive elemental flares
Glorious Raises self after death, Dispel on attack, may self-raise several times
Indistinct Physical damage resist shield
Muculent Regeneration similar Troll's Blood (1125), fire does not prevent healing
Ready Counterattack
Rune-Covered Magic-absorb shield
Shadowy Possesses Foresight (1204), Mantle of Faith (1601), and Spirit Guard (1712)*
Shimmering Possesses Spirit Warding I (101), Spirit Defense (103), Spirit Warding II (107), Spirit Shield (202), Prayer of Protection (303), and Mantle of Faith (1601)
Sickly-Green Use Purify Air (207) to combat the miasma cloud
Slime covered
Wavering Temp phase ability

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are believed to be true, but may be based on speculation.

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