Kraken's Fall

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Map of Kraken's Fall
Map of the Inking Den
Map of Widowmaker's Road by Rozy
Map of the Wizard Guild
Map of the Atoll.

Kraken's Fall - often abbreviated KF - is a new port town located off the Tenebrous Cauldron, roughly west of River's Rest, released in Prime on September 3, 2020 as part of the Open Sea Adventures system release.


The history of Kraken's Fall is explained in the lore document The Tale of Kraken's Fall. It is the shore upon which a crew of sailors landed after their fleet was destroyed by a kraken.


According to the sea captain who ferries you to Kraken's Fall, the town is broken into three sections with the Logging Colony as a fourth. There is water on three sides and a giant cliff on the north side of the town, within which some people have built their homes. The Inking Den, which is the town hall, is built into the lowest level of the cliff face. Inside of the Inking Den you can find the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and standard lockers as well as the courthouse, debt office, genealogy, curator, travel, and realtor.

Wandering Eye Market

The middle of the town is the Wandering Eye Market, around which you can find the bank, jailhouse, Adventurer's Guild, pawnshop Bushybrow's Collectibles, magic shop Mystigoggles Magicorium, locksmith Unburied Treasure, locksmith pool, herbalist The Intoxicating Flora, gemshop Bejeweled Booty, furrier The Naked Fauna, weapon shop Knife's Edge, and armory Irosah's Armaments. Just south of the market along Dead Eye's Road, you'll find the pub Rising Pint as well as ship-related shops Fighting the Helm, Chip n' Dwights and Lean To. Swabbing Starts is on the southwestern edge as well.

The Head

To the west, the island slopes gently upward into what most folks know as the head or the mantle. That's where the fancy shops and taverns are such as: the bar Captain's Cup, the coffee and cigar shop Leaf and Bean, the clothing shop The Threadbare Admiral, the inn with tables called The Sea Hag's Roost, the ship upgrade shops Sailor's Solace and Bowsprit's Maiden, and the restaurant Rock Lobster.

Near to all of these is also the Peaceful Porpoise, a temple to Niima, which has an underground grotto and a shrine. Locals may say in reference to the Lady of the Sea, "May she keep you safe when your feet don't touch land."

The East

To the east, the road slopes downward towards the water. Houses are a little more tightly packed and the cliff steals some of the sunlight, but overall it's decent land where most of the artisans have set up. There's the fletcher at Storm Petrel's Wing, the inn Kelpie Beds with tables, pub Brewmaster's Tap, the restaurants The Melting Pot and The Soup Bone, Isle of the Four Winds' office Molskroen Hall, the cobbling warehouse located in the old weather station, the converted lighthouse called Kraken's Fall Hall for Meeting Hall Organizations, Forges of the Kraken, and the fishing pier.

Shops here that affect your ship include: Yardarm's Skirt, Academy of the Bos'n, Maritime Defenses, Vexillology Visions, All Hands, and Grub, Gruel, and Grog.

Logging Colony

Outside of town proper is the Logging Colony where Sunfist has an outpost. There's also a boarding house, stables, the pub The Last Frontier, the Penitent Pass and Gaol Burrow, and some wall defenses for when things get ornery out in the wilds.

The sailor will leave you with one last piece of advice, "Maybe don't mention the Academy of the Bos'n too loudly when you are in the Offices or when you are near the Boarding House. It's a touchy subject."

The Wilds

The most prominently known places in the wild are the Atoll, the Black Weald, the Rocky Shoals, the Cliffwalk, Hornwort Cavern, and the Muddy Village. Most areas you can get to by leaving the Logging Colony behind and traveling west on Widowmaker's Road, but the shoals are closer to the town's fishing pier.

Getting to Kraken's Fall

One of the ways to get to Kraken's Fall is to hire an NPC Captain for 25,000 silver at one of the following locations:

And to return, you can catch the ferry at Kraken's Fall, First Pier

Alternatively, you can use the Chronomage, Premium transport system, or the sorcerer spell Planar Shift (740).


There are several hunting areas adjacent to Kraken's Fall as well as a Guardians of Sunfist outpost and warcamps.

Area Level Range
Rocky Shoals 1-3
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Muddy Village 1-5
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Cliffwalk 6-10
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Black Weald 11-15
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Hornwort Cavern 16-20
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Atoll 94-103
Accessible by the rapids near Widowmaker's Road, the Atoll is a hunting area for experienced adventurers populated by Tritons.

Locations around Town

Basic Town Shops and Functions

Food, Drink, and Roleplay

Open Sea Adventures

Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Wandering Eye Market Super node 7118221 28813 21532
The Sea Hag's Roost, Tavern Super node 7118319 28950 21495
Kraken's Fall, North Arm Lane (Picnic tables) Super node 7118205 28916 21592
Wandering Eye Market, Wagon Top Super node 7118379 28937 21546
Molskroen Hall, Garden Patio (Premium Hall) Super node 7118515 28990 21694

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