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Main Post: Official Forum Post

September 30th - October 30th 2022

Quick Links

Activities and Features

No Fishing Pass required - Announcement
Prime: Oct 7 - 14
Plat: Sep 30 - Oct 7
  • Merchant Week
Prime: Oct 14 – 21
Platinum: Oct 7 - 14
Services Being Offered

Premade Custom Offerings (50) there is a sign at time of service listing options.
AC Grooming (5 - Delayed Service)
Master Quality Instrument (2)
Custom Bolts (10 - Delayed Service)
Custom Cigar Perfumes (4/2 - Delayed Service)
Custom Illusion Props (TBD - Delayed Serivce)
Custom Perfumes (6/3 - Delayed Service)
Custom Spirit Servant (5/2 - Delayed Service)
Custom Swears (5 - Delayed Service)
Fusion Safepry (50/25)
Ghostly Instrument Recharging (Unlimited)
Lockpick Repair (50)
Body Parts (I don't want to talk about it)
Player Shop Alterations (3/1 - Delayed Service)
Pocket Adding (TBD)
Premium Home Alterations (3/1 - Delayed Service)
Recharge Damaged/New-Style Fusion Orbs (25/10)
Rune Teaching (TBD)
Signature Verbs (5 - Delayed Service)
Sonic Alterations (5 - Delayed Service)
Spell Customizations (10 - Delayed Service)
Spell Prep Customizations (5 - Delayed Service)
Spike Adding (10)
Wizard Familiar Customizations (3/1 - Delayed Service)

Individual GMs may have personal services being offered in raffle form.
Prime: Oct 29
Platinum: Oct 30
  • ...but no Digging!


Search for rare Toadshade in the Gardens of Bittermere Woods for Soul Shards and a chance at a Mandrake pet.
  • Wishing Well
The Bittermere Woods Wishing Well

Tucked away in the Bitteremere Woods, amid the toadstools and flora, is an ancient wishing well.  It is rumored to be haunted, but some casually ignore that and toss their special coins into it anyway.  Will you dare?

This year, instead of an eel egg being found in Fishing, you will find a ridge-edged painted wooden coin.  You can, of course, keep this coin, which can be flipped and spun, gazed at and tickled.  But if you dare, you can toss it in the Biteremere Woods wishing well.

Without a doubt you’ll be gifted with a 3x attuned rpa orb.  But there is a chance, a pretty good one, that you could become haunted.  You have been warned.
Teaser: Discord
  • A New Quest?
Could this be the new dungeon crawl to replace the Necropolis? Found in the Graveyard Temporalis, west of Evermore Hollow, more information to be revealed!
Sylinar will be offering a variety of services, including 10% recharging of enhancive items and 10% max increase (up to 500) of max charges. Discord
The full catalog is revealed: Discord
Q&A: Discord
Additional Q&A and a standalone thread: Discord
1. Make an enhancive item that would currently crumble when the last charge is expended not crumble (10,000 soul shards)
2. Increase the total charge pool of an enhancive item by 10 charges or 10%, whichever is greater (4,000 soul shards)
3. Recharge an enhancive item by 10 charges up to the item's maximum (4,000 soul shards)
4. Remove a single enhancive property from an item (10,000 soul shards)
5. Enhancive swapping within these categories: (10,000 soul shards)
A. Strength, Wisdom, or Aura (any one to another)
B. Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, or Discipline (any one to another)
C. Logic, Intuition, or Influence (any one to another)
D. Any Weapons Skill plus Spell Aiming, Except TWC or Multi-Opponent Combat or Combat Maneuvers, (any one to another)
E. Magic Item Use to Arcane Symbols (one to another)
F. Mana Controls - Elemental, Spiritual, Mental (one to another)
G. Any Lores (any one to another)
H. Stamina or Mana Recovery (one to the other)
I. Health Recovery to Stamina/Mana Recovery at a 2:1 ratio and vice versa
The outstanding questions for Sylinar were:

1.  Can we do Premium Enhancives?  Yes, but they will remain attuned
2.  Can we do Fusion Orbs?  Yes.
3.  Combat Manuevers fall into the same category as MoC and TWC.  They can't be swapped.
4.  Aura is being added, it will be in the Strength to Wisdom Category
5.  All Regen types can now be swapped with one another.
6.  Does this service allow you to swap Shield or Armor Use? No

Live Games Schedule

Rules and additional information can be found at the Live Games page.

  • Prime Schedule
    Game Dates Times
    Haunted Spirits Friday, October 7 9:00pm
    Lethal Libations Saturday, October 8 2:00pm
    Cooking Contest Saturday, October 8 5:00pm
    Chilling Tales Sunday, October 9 4:00pm
    Otherwordly Omens Monday, October 10 9:00pm
    Spooky Ciphers Tuesday, October 11 9:00pm
    Ghastly Guts Wednesday, October 12 9:00pm
    GHOUL Thursday, October 13 9:00pm
    Saturday, October 15 1:00pm
    Costume Contest Monday, October 17 9:00pm
    GHOUL Tuesday, October 18 3:00pm
    Tuesday, October 25 9:00pm
    Friday, October 28 9:00pm
    Sunday, October 30 8:00pm
  • Platinum Schedule
    Game Dates Times
    Ghastly Guts Saturday, October 1 2:00pm
    Chilling Tales Sunday, October 2 4:00pm
    Cooking Contest Sunday, October 2 7:00pm
    Lethal Libations Monday, October 3 9:00pm
    Haunted Stories Tuesday, October 4 9:00pm
    Otherworldly Omens Wednesday, October 5 9:00pm
    Spooky Ciphers Thursday, October 6 9:00pm
    Costume Contest Friday, October 14 7:00pm
    GHOUL Friday, October 14 8:00pm
    Sunday, October 16 11:00am
    Tuesday, October 18 9:00pm
    Sunday, October 30 3:00pm

Shop Listing

Shop Type Name
Pawnshop Bones & Baubles
Gemshop Greedy Ghost
Alchemist Shop Haunting Sphere
Herb Shop/Healer Clove and Dandelion
Bank Otherworldly Wealth
All shops will be accepting Soul Shards only!
** NEW ** Contents
A. B. Witching Matchlight Tattoo Ring, Breath Mints, Smokeable Cigars
Doomicorn and Tobacco lore
Adorned Endearment Ear Candy and Illegal Alter Clothing Line
All Dogs Go To Naidem WerePuppy Clothes and Toys
All Fingers and No Crumbs Small Diner's Board
Any Way You Wand It Wand Combiner
The Art of the Drapery Diverse Drapes
Beyond the Graver Ancestral Assistant
The Blood Red Hand The Blood Red Hand
Both Sides Now Reversible Garment
Buckle Up Swappable Belts and Buckles
A Burning Desire Sacred Flame Oil Lamp and Oil
The Cloaked Eclipse Moth Cloaks
Collectors Calamity Gem-in-ator and Pattern Holder
Conjured Couture Makeup 2.0 and Veola
Cooktop Conundrums Stove
Covert Creatures Covert Creatures
Derelict Abbey Chrismarium
Don't Bug Me! Beard Bugs
Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shop Make-your-own candy apples!
Ember Ridge Cider House Cider Press
The Familar Phantom Familiar talismans
Fiendish Phantomes Book Buddies
Filigree and Whorls Naidem Masks
The Final Iteration Imbue, Runestone carving, and Gold Ring Boxes
Flasked with a Purpose Flask belt
Flightless Dragonfly Winged wear
The Four Humours Bloodletting Bowl and Leeches
The Ghostly Lotus Origami
Glisten and Gleam Gems
The Gnome Depot Gem-eater Eisenruck, Gnomish Repair Toolbelt, and Magic Item Baldrics
Goblin King Dolls Whodoo Dolls
The Gouged Heart Forging glyphs and Gouges
House of Twilight Hidden Dagger Harness, Cigar Sling, and Invisibility Spheres
Icewild Hall Terinan Collection 5122
Illusory Dreams Dreamfire Panel Bracelets and Storage Cases
In the Bag Trick-or-Treat bags
Innoscents Lost Auto-Perfumer
Ironmonger's Smithy Blacksmith's Companion
It's to Pie For Cooking tools
Kreapy's Krawliez Creepy-Crawly Jar
Luck of the Draw Portable darkbox and various tricks
Masqued Intentions Possessed Mask and Magic Items
Materials Maketh Man The Fabricator
Moorlyn Cottage Neck ruff and Fun Hat
Name of Thrones
Nether and Void PeakyWear
The Other Daughter Disguise Elixir items and Illusion props
Pierced Veil Piercing jewelry
Preserving Breads Basketifier
Rack 'Em Up Fletching
Rodnir's Bait and Tackle Super-Fish-All Tackle Box and Bugs 2 Lure Jig
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Fluffy Towel, Portable Tubs and Wash Basins, and magic soap
Shadowplay Shadowplay Gowns and Lip gloss
Sheets Gone Wild Mount Costume
Smoldereye Lodge Premium teleportation jewelry
Stay Tuned Ghostly Instrument
Templeton Shor'toes' Sugars Baker's Case and Frosting Bucket
Tippy Toes Cobbling
The Two-Headed Dog Monster-Headed Pauldrons
The Uncouth Wallflower Uncouth Wallflower Gowns
The Vamped Vault Creepy stole, Holey Pants, Hips Don't Lie Dancing Scarves
Wild Flailings Pinatas
The Witch's Garden Forager's Vasculum and Gloves, Fancy Coat
The Witching Flower Weaving
The Witching House Perfuminator
Within Harm's Reach Modular Neck Sheath

The Quest & Contest at Evermore Hollow

Be sure to visit Evermore Hollow’s Town Hall so that you can take part in the two activities there.

Return of the Spook!

Visit the Spectral Waifling in the Spookorium to start playing the unlively Spook Contest! The top five winners at the end of Ebon Gate will receive special titles.

Just ask her about CONTEST to begin your adventure.

The Newly Unliving Registry

Every new person in Evermore Hollow registers with the town hall clerk, who provides you with a Guidebook to the Unliving. This Guidebook starts you on your adventures in Naidem by giving you small tasks to complete. Each task unlocks a new chapter in your Guidebook that is designed to ease your transition into this new realm.

Completing every quest fully unlocks the Guidebook and provides the following:

  • Detailed chapters of about each area in Bittermere Woods, Ember Orchard, Evermore Hollow, Gleyminn Anni River, and Graveyard Temporalis.
  • Your book now becomes a guide to working merchants during Service Week.
  • Your book now tells you what each merchant is working on and when they started.
  • Your book now becomes a guide to all currently running raffles.
  • Your book now teleports you to the shop of a working merchant (PnC only).

That’s not all...

Regardless of if you’ve completed the quest, each portal leading to a merchant’s workroom has been equipped with a Monster Bold display of what the merchant is working on, when they started, and how long they will be working.

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New for Ebon Gate 2022



Welcome to Naidem! The village of Evermore Hollow will be the new, permanent grounds for the Festival of Ebon Gate. Announcement

  • The Denizens of Naidem.
  • Five manor houses offer a variety of specialty services, while the Inner Circle hosts regular town-like shops.
  • Six neighborhoods host merchant shops, live games, automated games, and the Arena of the Abyss.
  • The Lazy River, with rideable coffins, cider half barrels, gondolas, mushroom caps, and maybe rafts. Discord
  • Dozens of new gems, foraged plants, candy apples with toppings, an edible hedge of spun sugar, and more!
Xayle discusses candy apples at length: Discord
Elysani reveals the fairy floss fern: Discord
A handful of gems with full descriptions: Discord
   an iridescent geode druzy stone
   a shard of gold-webbed red obsidian
   a crystal-edged twilight blue everine
   a tumbled lilac-striated auroraline
   an ether-warped virid soulstone
   a shard of dark pink-on-violet alexandrite
And an assortment of flowers, various fungi, vines, and more fungi: Discord
   some blue-hazed teal pincushion moss
   an onyx-hued skeletal lace mushroom
   a spiraled rainbow-striped mushroom
   a spore-filled tangerine mushroom
   a tangle of inky scorpidium moss
   a ruby-veined Mularosian whip vine
   a nodule-ridden turquoise vine 
   a soft-barbed pearly green vine
   a black-traced deep plum direbloom
   a cluster of spectral violet dreamphlox
   a luminous sapphire blue rose
   and a matte black vampire lily
   a silver-veiled Gosaena's grace dianthus
  • Xynwen provides a pair of hints and a warning, and shares a few select highlights from the new areas: Discord
HINT 1: You want to touch the toadstools
HINT 2: You want to hang out around the house
WARNING 1: The house will have a shop inside it, but given its mobile nature, you may find yourself leaving the shop and winding up somewhere else...so like, don't bug it!
Click to expand...
Here are a few snippets of Winterbriar Orchard and its surroundings that I particularly enjoy...

First up -- Pumpkinberry!
You also see a shambling pumpkin-headed snowman.
G>l snow
A shambling pumpkin-headed snowman is comprised of two, perfectly formed, ghostly white balls of snow stacked atop one another, with a giant pumpkin where the third sphere of snow normally resides.  The pumpkin head features eyes of black coal and a disturbingly wide, crimson-painted smile, and the middle snowball is dressed in a spectre-embroidered, red silk vest.  Clutched in its widowwood arms is a battered journal labeled, "Pumpkinberry's Guide to a Natural Afterlife.

>ask snowman about anything
"Oh my," Pumpkinberry exclaims, "Such curiosity!  Did you know that ebon is a fancy word for black?  Like my lovely eyes!"
Pumpkinberry may have other answers for you, but that's what he knows about anything!
What about retiring to a lovely lake?  Icebriar Lake has you covered!

[Icebriar Lake, Lake's Edge] (8083074)
Several lake houses cluster near the snow-covered banks of Icebriar Lake, while others nestle between clusters of trees set to the other side of the cobblestone path that winds along the length of the lake.  Several snowmen loom atop large drifts of snow, many wielding weapons where stick hands would normally be found.  While most of the lake's shore is inaccessible, a single icy bank appears relatively safe, albeit guarded by a squat snowman with a claidhmore.

A snowshoe hare runs up to a squat snowman, then darts away quickly when the snowman lunges at it.
And finally, if dark and spooky woods are more your jam, Darkbriar Woods has you covered!

[Darkbriar Woods, Umbral Willow] (8083080)
The winding path through the woods ends at a giant gnarled black willow, its unnaturally dark boughs dangling wide over the clearing.  Dense briar thickets leave little room for egress except the path winding back to the east.  Rowan and birch fighting for life under the umbral willow's boughs create a few gaps in the thicket, but most look unviable as a means of escape.  Ice covers most the woods here, and deep drifts of snow pile along the path, except around a circle of bright toadstools.  You also see a thatched hut perched on a pair of mithril chicken legs.

A thatched hut perched on a pair of mithril chicken legs wanders in, clucking to itself.
  • Not to be outdone, Casil shares a glimpse of Vigil's End: Discord
Click to expand...
Casil — Today at 2:10 PM
Vigil's End provides breathtaking, relaxing scenery for your post-life/pre-afterlife journey, formed from the best memories of the military residents.
[Vigil's End, Tulip Fields] (8083105)
Wide, rotating stripes of homochromous tulips, desaturated by dim ambient light, horizontally stretch across the steeply inclined earth.  A slender, cobbled trail zigzags through the muted, efflorescent rainbow, cutting past the smattering of quaint cottages staggered along its path.  Halfway up the hillside, whimsical glaesine windchimes dangle from the rafters of a latticed pergola extending off the side of a haon-shingled bungalow.
You tap the virid, leaf-shaped windcatcher on a whimsical glaesine windchime, swinging the striker into the polychromatic glaes rectangles.  A musical tintinnabulation carries euphoniously across the colorful tulip fields.

But be mindful not to wander too far in, for the gorgeous veil over their trauma is thin. 

[Vigil's End, Legion Lane] (8083094)
Shadowed silhouettes of vultures roost within the knotty branches of an immense elm, a suit of lichen-encrusted armor slumped against the trunk.  Glass shards glitter in the weeds beneath the jagged-edged windows of a thatched roof bakery.  Nestled in brick and shingle rubble, a blackened boulder takes up residence within the adjacent destroyed shop.  Arrowheads and discarded weaponry sprinkle the muddied road with corroded debris.
  • Thandiwe shares a bit of detail on the inner and outer rings, as well as taking a quick peek in one of the neighborhoods: Discord
Click to expand...
Evermore Hollow has an inner ring and an outer ring.  The inner ring is more like a pentagon.
[Evermore Hollow, Inner Ring]
Crowded by the densely packed shadows of nearby arboreal giants, a maroon and iron-gabled manse dominates the corner of the avenue and is positioned so that its shutter-flanked windows can keep an eye on the various lanes that intersect at this corner of town.  Slipping beyond the manicured lawns to the east and the cramped structures to the west, a narrow pathway disappears southward, while an arching arbor hosts a plethora of painted plant life as it offers entry to a small alley  You also see a looping cobblestone bridge (open).
Obvious paths: east, northwest

Entrance to one of the neighborhoods...
[Evermore Hollow, Fate's Fire]
Buildings grow sparse as a well-trodden cobblestone pathway wends through the area on its way around a hillock covered in knee-high grasses whose entrance is blocked by a spear-topped black iron gate.  Saturated in crimson, orange, and yellow hues, the small courtyard is filled with a perpetually burning bonfire surrounded by dried-out ancient logs amid singed baskets of firewood.  Near the northeast, the faint outline of a dull green moss-covered stone arch supported by slanted buildings can be seen.  You also see a cinder-tinged moonlight white skeleton.
Obvious paths: north, south

Outer Ring 
[Evermore Hollow, Outer Circle]
Inclining slightly to the northwest as it narrows towards a bridge, the cobbled street is lined with uneven pavers to create a cramped thoroughfare.  Stores clustered together along the southern side of the road rise and fall at varying heights, their windowed faces turned to the wrought iron fence that overlooks the Gleyminn Anni River.  Perched in a row of descending dimensions, winged wrought iron serpents stretch their mouths wide to hold glowing orbs aloft.
Obvious paths: southeast, northwest
  • A brief peak at Quinton Manse: Discord
Click to expand...
[Evermore Hollow, Inner Ring]
Crowded by the densely packed shadows of nearby arboreal giants, a maroon and iron-gabled manse dominates the corner of the avenue and is positioned so that its shutter-flanked windows can keep an eye on the various lanes that intersect at this corner of town.  Slipping beyond the manicured lawns to the east and the cramped structures to the west, a narrow pathway disappears southward, while an arching arbor hosts a plethora of painted plant life as it offers entry to a small alley.  You also see a looping cobblestone bridge.
Obvious paths: east, northwest
  Look  manse  - Limned in ebon, the gables of the manse are freshly shingled and decorated with leaflet cornices.  Statuesque ravens, bone white and vacant-eyed, perch upon each corner, their lifeless mouths parted to emit tiny drainage pipes.  Maintaining a shade that is too dark to be wine and too purple to be plum, the mahogany facade is uniform in hue.

Unlocks and Services at Quinton Manse

Unlocking certificates for a variety of goods and automated services including the Ebon Gate auto flarer, Fusion Shaman, and Dabbler will be offered at Quinton Manse. And what's this? A surprise visitor offering a service that hasn't been offered in years?

Main Post: Offerings at Quinton Manse

Rare Materials fodder conversion and storage at the Antiquary Mansion

Rare alteration materials will be available for sale (and conversion from fodder) via the Antiquarian, and an Antiquarian's Apparatus will be available for purchase to store up to 20 types of rare material.

Main Post: Offerings at Antiquary Mansion

  • Rare find is just a turn of phrase, not a term of art, the Apparatus can be purchased off-the-shelf in unlimited quantities. Discord
  • The Antiquarian's services will cost 200 soul shards, while the Apparatus will cost 570.

The PASS reward

With lightening and deepening notes more readily available at Rings of Lumnis, this year's pass will convert to an account-attuned experience orb when PULLED.

Teaser: Discord Announcement: Discord

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2022 Ebon Gate Item Teasers

Death Announcement Customization

New death announcement customization items will be available as a random prize from fishing.


The new Cooking system introduced at Copperplate Loft via the August Duskruin Arena Mania auction will be formally unveiled, with a variety of recipes, implements, and ingredients available, some of which will be worldwide.

Mania teasers: Discord

  • Casil shared some details about the cooking system, including some price tags: "You'll need to purchase the three components to fully make a pie: the pie press, the bowl, and the simmering pot whiiich totals to less than 200 soul shards, though I don't have the exact numbers handy. There's a couple of tools too (2 soul shards a piece, I believe)." Discord

Cigar Slings, Matchlight Tattoo Rings, and red hot candy by GMs Xayle and Vanah

For those who've always wanted to FLICK a cigar, an arm-worn cigar sling to "magically" produce a cigar for dramatic effect. And for those who can't keep track of their matches, or simply have a flair for the dramatic, flame-producing rings which can be worn as tattoos. Along with another adorable new way to light cigars and pipes, or add a little heat to a kiss.

Cigar sling teaser: Discord
Lighter ring teaser: Discord
Red hot candy teaser: Discord

  • It is a tattoo when it is a tattoo, it takes up a ring slot only when it is a ring. Discord
  • Both the ring and tattoo can be altered.
  • Cigar slings are non-functional, unless you increase their item capacity beyond two cigars.
  • [The candy] works like lip gloss, too, if you kiss someone! Discord

Creepy-Crawly Jars by GM Casil

For use with Life Aquatic and Bugs on Parade, the Creepy-Crawly jar will preserve and display your favorite specimen, and can be worn attached to your belt.

Teaser: Discord

  • Costs are 30/30/60.
  • Customize preservative, material, and specimen. You only need one merchant session to change the 15/15/15 and all 3 customs. Will take dye additives to make your preservatives glowing, sparkling, etc.
  • Tier 1: 4 Fluff Verbs, Tier 2: 4 More Fluff Verbs, Tier 3: Toggle between singular and plural specimens, add bugs/sea creatures to temporarily override your customs. 1 more fluff verb. Discord

Covert Creatures by GM Xynwen

Have you ever wanted to be a bright yellow Aeia's bumblebee? Or a chubby grey mouse-eared octopus? This new clothing series can have specimens from Life Aquatic and Bugs on Parade inserted to instantly become an appropriate costume, and will be sold in the shop of the same name.

Teaser: Discord
Messaging teaser: Discord
Illusions teaser: Discord

  • The base clothing item can be altered freely to any item of clothing, but will always remain front-worn.
  • Messaging will be different based on whether the item is in clothing form, bug form, or sea creature form, depending on the type of creature. Discord
  • 50 soul shards off-the-shelf, 250 soul shards for tiers 2 and 3 to unlock additional verbs and slots, 1150 soul shards for tier 4 for more verbs, more slots, and an illusionary inventory-hiding feature. Discord
  • Merchants can add a SHOW to saved costumes.
  • Costumes are currently saved permanently and cannot be changed once added.

Veola hair accessory updates by Elysani and Vanah

Elysani and Vanah have worked to update the Veola hair accessory (and corresponding wiki page) to allow for a staggering array of new options, including adding new types to ease noun restrictions, and adding compatibility with several new categories of accessory: Discord

This Veola item is designed to display a gem, feather, flower, insects and sea creatures, pointed items, or other miscellaneous items.  Miscellany includes other foraged items, skins, shells, and other larger non-gem treasure items.
You gently place the wand in your gilt-spiked headpiece, taking care to arrange it just so.  You nod, satisfied with a gilt-spiked headpiece interspersed between silver wands.
  • Pointed items: lockpicks, shoots, sticks, sprigs, sprays, stems, twigs, forks, knives, spoons, darts, daggers, wands, or talons

Small Diner's Board by GM Thandiwe

Sold at All Fingers and No Crumbs, the Small Diner's Board allows the host to duplicate and share pre-assembled small plates or drink samplers with a variety of eating styles for up to an hour.

Main Post: Discord

  • Compatible with cutlery.
  • Copies exactly what you put on the board, including poison.
  • A fully unlocked board will cost 1500 soul shards. Discord

Super-Fish-All Tackle Box and Bugs 2 Lure Jig by GM Marstreforn

The tackle box is used to store 20 types of Fishing Line, Fishing Lures, or Fishing Weights, as well as a rod, your new jig, and keeps your fish cold.
The jig can be used to convert gem-style Life Aquatic and Bugs on Parade specimens to lures!

Main Post: Discord

Ancestral Assistant weapon tool by GMs Marstreforn and Netz

This new tool is used to add a design to weapons, armor, shields, or accessories that do not already have too many details or scripts, changing the article. Smiths take note! And with a series of unlocks, they can also be used to remove temporary properties from found items such as padding or resistance.

Main Post: Discord

  • 500 shards OTS, 2000 for first unlock (1x/day RAISE), 2500 for T2 (5x/day) and another 2500 for T3 (10x/day) Discord
  • Two designs by default, with an EG merchant service to add three more for a total of five, and a special auction/raffle tier version with ten (similar to Lapidary boxes). Discord
  • The designs can be changed as part of a general alteration service.

Basketifier by GM Thandiwe and... an Ordim?

Store and preserve a variety of food and beverages in perfect safety and unlimited quantity, permanently until removed, with a shareable presentation as a table or picnic blanket.

Teaser: Discord

  • Holds 24 items at tier 4.
  • Tier 1 costs 250 soul shards.
  • All unlocks are 500 soul shards apiece. There are 3. Discord
  • Will NOT accept anything with a spell in it. Sorry, heroism soup!

Flask belt by GM Xeraphina

"Are you a pirate? Are you a drunk? Are you a drunk pirate? Well, have I got the belt for you!" Wear and display a flask, bottle, jug, or equivalent on these new belts.

Teaser: Discord

Baker's Case and Frosting Bucket by GMs Thandiwe and Haliste

For storing up to 30 types of frosting tips and tubes respectively, these new storage devices should help the pastry-minded free up a great deal of locker space! We also got a quick peek at a handful of event-specific frosting flavors, including pumpkin spice.

Teaser: Discord

  • A related update has provided a reason to POINT your frosting at a friend! Discord
  • 575 soul shards each. Discord

Forager's Gloves by GM Elysani

A highly customizable set of gloves that may work well with the Forager's Vasculum, the forager's gloves can be freely changed using forageable flowers, ribbons, and gems similarly to the Person of Honor Clothing line.

Teaser: Discord

  • Purchasable off-the-shelf as "a pair of cotton gloves". - 250 soul shards. Subsequent unlocks: OTS to T2 - 500 soul shards, T2 to T3 - 500 soul shards.

Perfuminator by GMs Xayle and Thandiwe

Reclaim some locker space with this addition to the year of the "n-ator", it just makes scents! They'll store perfumes off-the-shelf and can be unlocked to hold your perfume jewelry as well. Be sure to check out the lamp oil scent compatibility update as well to put all these to use!

Teaser: Discord

  • Costs 500 soul shards, as does the perfume jewelry holder unlock.

Swappable Belts and Buckles by GM Xeraphina

Belts with buckles for every occasion, these scripted belts allow you to switch buckles out at will. That's not all, the buckles themselves can be altered to anything suitable as a belt buckle or worn as a pin. With In the Loop closed, will these be the waist-worn of choice moving forward?

Teaser: Discord

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Uncouth Wallflower Gowns by GM Thandiwe

Let everyone get to know the real you, LAUGH SNORT and all, at your next formal event with this new line of gowns perfect for those who attend parties to play with the kittens. Extremely customizable in a variety of ways, these offer something for everyone from a non-court lady to a trashy pirate.

Teaser: Discord
Main Post: The Uncouth Wallflower Gown announcement

Forager's Vasculum by GMs Elysani and Thandiwe

Store up to 30 stacks of foraged items in this stylish garden accoutrements, as well as your gloves and weaving snips. Not to worry, these also allow for some adorable interactions with friendly tiny garden companions.

Teaser: Discord

  • 750 soul shards, no unlocks.
  • Works with Imbue (614) sticks, grass, and bark.
  • Does not retain location information for Adventurer's Guild bounties.
  • Holds herbs.
  • Holds contents weightlessly.
  • Available worn on belt or slung over shoulder. Discord

The Blood Red Hand by GMs Thandiwe and Mestys

These ferocious fingers are a real slap in the face! With four tiers and half a dozen verbs off-the-shelf, these customizable hands open access to a number of demeanor-based interactions. Leave your mark on the world, and the faces of friends and foes alike.

Teaser: Discord

  • Fingers and nails are customizable.
  • Pin-worn and non-functional.
  • Hides when worn.

Mandrake pet by GM Thandiwe

This new pet available as a rare prize from the herb hunt resembles an adorable plant toddler, and functions similarly to the fox pet and dragonfly pet.

Teaser: Discord

  • Mandrakes will attune to the character who first uses the whistle to summon it.
  • Available in 20 woods: canarywood, bloodwood, ebonwood, hawthorn, hemlock, holly, ironwood, illthorn, kingswood, lacewood, poisonwood, purpleheart, quaking aspen, rowan, tulipwood, wenge, witchwood, widowwood, wyrwood, and zebrawood.
  • Pet drops are now once per year instead of once per character. Discord

Gold Ring Boxes by GM Tamuz

Similar to scroll cutters and runestone carvers, these boxes will allow you to freely alter the long description of treasure system and chronomage-approved gold rings.

Teaser: Discord

  • Price on gold ring stamper boxes is 30 soulshards, they come with 50 charges off-the-shelf. They can be PERM-ified.

PeakyPants by GM Elysani

PeakyWear customizable menswear now includes pants!

Teaser: Discord

Hidden Dagger Harness by GM Xayle

Similar to the hiding sheath, these front-worn harnesses allow you to discreetly and not-so-discreetly carry small cutting implements.

Teaser: Discord

Weaving tote by GM Valyrka

These new storage satchels offer a convenient way to store weaving components, tools, maybe half-finished projects? It will also automatically bundle your weaving items and allow for easy retrieval, but will only hold weaving-related items.

Teaser: Discord

  • You can store your belt with the tools in there, and when you are ready to work put on your tool belt, wear the satchel and now your hands are free to work. Discord

Monster-Headed Pauldrons by GM Thandiwe

This one is exactly what it sounds like. Available at the Two-Headed Dog, wear up to three customizable monster heads on your shoulder(s) with a variety of insults, taunts, and general mockery available for your perusal.

Teaser: Discord

  • Pauldron is 30, most unlocks are 30 and there is one that is 45.

Blacksmith's Companions by GM Netz

Rumors of a catalog of designs for smiths to add to their forged weapons? What a way to leave your (maker's) mark!

Teaser: Discord

Ear Candy by GMs Elysani and Elidi

These earcuffs and earcaps (for the pointy-eared among us) can be enhanced with gems and display in your features.

Teaser: Discord

The Terinan Collection of 5122 by GM Itzel

The collection comprises multi-tier, high fashion clothing and wares, drawn from the historical archives of the Terinan family. These wares work regardless of gender presentation. It's not all gowns...but there are gowns.

Teaser: Discord

Portable Darkboxes and Breath Mints by GM Vanah

Play the high-handed enemy with this portable take on the classic game of chance. Stock it with jaws or poisoned needles and "prizes" up to its capacity, and set your own price to play.
Also available, for use either as a prize or on their own, are new permifiable breath mints in a variety of flavors, and with a special treat for a kiss.

Teaser: Discord

Bloodletting Bowls by GM Avaluka

Use your fleams or lancets to draw blood from a willing companion to fill these bowls, which can then be applied to a variety of uses. Or smeared on your face.

Teaser: Discord Analyze: Discord

  • You can't kill people by drawing blood.
  • You can bloodlet yourself.
  • The feature altering aspect lasts four hours unless wiped off, and can be customized via GALD.

Mount naming potions by GM Haliste

These potions allow a handful of pre-determined names as well as an automated system for requesting custom names for your animal friends! These names will affect most messaging when interacting with your mount as well as providing a plaque to label their stall.

Teaser: Discord

  • Pre-set names are 1,000 soul shards and custom names are 2,500.
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WerePuppy updates by GM Avaluka

New ambients on ships (interior and exterior), as well as interacting with held food and dead creatures. In addition, wind spells will now dry wet or bloody puppies, and a sneak peak at one of this year's pre-made options.

Teaser: Discord

WerePuppy Clothes by GM Avaluka

The latest fall fashions for werepuppies, compatible with charms and available as a pattern for knitting needles, these bandanas, bows, and collars have been in nearly as high demand as the dogs themselves and have finally made it to the masses! Expect to see some dapper dogs and handsome hounds coming out of All Dogs Go to Naidem this fall.

Teaser: Discord

Diverse Drapes by GMs Elysani and Elidi

Unlockable gowns and attachable accent drapes which can be combined in a variety of ways, from veils to trains and bustles!

Teaser: Discord

  • Gowns and drapes are 50 soul shards each, the unlock voucher for additional gown verbs is 100.

Book Buddies by GM Wylloh

A brief vignette introduces us to these animated tomes, one with rolton legs and one with butterfly wings and finally one with tentacles. With five customizable fields, this special subscript can even be added to alchemy recipe books or planar shift runebook.

Teaser: Discord
Analyze: Discord

  • The nouns "prayerbook" and "journal" have been added as possible nouns for Book Buddies! Discord

Pattern Holder and Crafter's Caboodle by GM Thandiwe

The pattern holder cube holds up to 40 types of gem cutter patterns as a single item, while the caboodle can store up to 30 types of gemstones for crafting. Be aware that any gems placed within will be marked NOT FOR SALE and MAGIC RESISTANT, but they'll stack!

Pattern Holder teaser: Discord
Caboodle teaser: Discord

  • Number held subject to reduction following additional testing.
  • Caboodled gems really, definitely, absolutely, 100% will not work for bounties. Discord

Cobbling Silk Screen Press and Leatherworking Tool by GM Elidi

With twenty pre-set designs and three spots for custom designs, the silk screen press allows cobblers to customize their cloth uppers for even more variety. In addition, a similar version for leather uppers will be available.

Silk Screen Press teaser: Discord
Leatherworking Tool teaser: Discord

  • Silk screen preview: leaf-stenciled, rune-inked, star-painted, flame-patterned, web-outlined, monogrammed, ink-spattered........ and more! Discord

Mount Costumes by GM Haliste

A handful of costumes for mounts will be available at Sheets Gone Wild, including a bumble bee, a pumpkin, and a stone giant. There may even be a raffle for a custom costume.

Teaser: Discord

  • Costumes start at 600 soul shards, with unlocks to be determined.

Moth Cloaks by GM Xynwen

Appearance-changing cloaks inspired by Fawn's butterfly charms, randomize the look as much as you like while moths or butterflies handle your storage needs! Each look includes a multi-point butterfly look and a multi-point moth look. Sylvans and Aelotoi take note; there may be some special messaging throughout.

Teaser: Discord

  • Tier 2 allows you to choose between butterfly mode, moth mode, or to switch automatically between day and night.
  • Five tiers, with the fifth tier having a mechanical effect.
T2-T4 1,000 soul shards each.
T5 will be 30,000 soul shards with 3x/day encumbrance reduction equivalent to the BOOST. Discord
  • Comes with a loresong.
  • Lightening/Deepening notes will work with moth cloaks (but maybe not immediately).

Flippable piercing jewelry unlock by GM Casil

Flippable Piercing Jewelry will have an unlock available at Ebon Gate this year. When unlocked, it will change its appearance when you attach foraged items, gems, charms, and gem-type bugs and sea creatures. Each side is highly customizable. Available at Pierced Veil, with special thanks to Lanadriel, Kaikala, and Avaluka.

Teaser: Discord

Pinatas update by GM Xynwen

Available at Wild Flailings, these new and improved pinatas and beaters allow for further customization as well as two unlockable tiers with the second tier allowing you to load your own items and tier three allowing the pinata to self-repair 1x/day at midnight. Not to mention tier three adding a toggle for possible haunting! Special thanks to GM Zamperon (aka the squirrel) for original item creation and GM Elysani for the shop.

Teaser: Discord

  • Pinatas: OTS = 100 soul shards - existing piñatas auto-convert to this
  • T2 unlock = 100 soul shards
  • T3 unlock = 750 soul shards (self-repairing)
  • Special customizable beating sticks (any "stick" noun will also work): 50 soul shards (no unlocks at this time)

Naidem Masks by GM Thandiwe

These customizable feature-worn (and age-concealing) masks will be for sale at Filigree and Whorls with three tiers, one of which allows you to temporarily alter the mask using gems... or gem-like bugs and sea creatures.

Teaser: Discord

Whodoo Dolls by GM Wylloh

Better be careful if you see someone nearby with one of these... creative companions. While we've only gotten a glimpse of what they can do, the four part teaser will certainly give you a grisly glimpse at how they're made. Sold at Goblin King Dolls and special thanks to GM Ivry!

Story: Discord

  • Five tiers, and can be linked to another's soul. Discord

Piercing Kit by GM Casil

These belt-worn containers will sharpen your needles, store and mix your alcohol weightlessly (or acantha you big softy), and provide a convenient spot to carry your jewelry collection and accessories.

Teaser: Discord

Dreamfire Panel Bracelet updates and Storage Case by GM Meraki

Six new gestures, four new modifiers (and a removal token), two new styles, five new colors, and five new materials for your illusions will be available at the dreamfire shop, as well as a few prizes snuck into the fishing pool.
The new storage case will hold up twenty-five panels as a single item and will allow you to SHOW off your collection.

Updates teaser: Discord
Case teaser and additional info: Discord

Possessed Masks by GM Khorbin

These decorative masks possess a spirit, or does the spirit possess you? Expect some spooky ambients and messaging, and who's pulling these strings anyway?

Announcement: Possessed Masks

Weapon displaying Modular Neck Sheaths by GM Naiken

Just a little glimpse to start, these neck sheaths allow for discreet usage while tucked and will display the hilt of a weapon stored in its main slot when worn. Main slot? Hmmmm. Turns out, these sheaths can also be used to store lockpicks and garrotes!

Teaser: Discord 1 2

Voln armor and Globus Elanthias unlocks

Unlocks for both soul-eating runestaves and Voln armor will be available off-the-shelf for the first time this year in the Parlor of Quinse Manse. Note that these are unlocks only, and that no new Voln armor sets will be for sale.

Announcement: Discord

  • Voln Armor Unlocks
T2: 50,000 soul shards
T3: 100,000 soul shards
T4: 150,000 soul shards
  • Globus Elanthias Unlocks
T2: 500 soul shards
T3: 500 soul shards
T4: 5,000 soul shards

Chrismarium by GM Tivvy

These chrism-"inators" will allow you to combine and store potentially dozens of chrism charges in a single item, along with four optional messaging styles beyond the regular; reverent, riant, rigid, and rude. You'll have to provide your own irreverent wit. With special thanks to GM Yusri for work on the certificates.

Teaser: Discord

The Fabricator by GM Thandiwe

Sold at Materials Maketh Man, the Fabricator will store up to 20 bolts of fabric of either the cobbling or unzested variety as well as convert unzested cloth items into fresh bolts.

Teaser: Discord

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News & Updates



  • Official announcement made with general information, new grounds, and games details: General Information


  • Thandiwe posted a poll to determine what will be teased first: Dog, Frost, Wallflower, Hand, Antiquarian, Sparkle, Board, or Bread. Discord


  • Avaluka reveals a few new updates to puppies have already been rolled out, via vacation emoji-glyphics. Dog ship? Dog mage wind-blowing? Dog + Meat Man = Pleading? Dog + RIP Troll = Dog + Blood? Dog-owners, get out there and experiment! Discord
  • Xeraphina reveals that winged wear has been updated to allow for unlock via certificate! Discord
  • Xynwen announced that Wand Combiners, originally introduced at Ebon Gate 2007 have been updated to be used by any profession, with any wand, and more conveniently. Could that mean they'll be available for purchase? Discord
  • Xayle shared some art of a Doomicorn to tease the upcoming lore document, reminded us that a tobacco document is on the way as well, and let us know that these documents will be available off-the-shelf in-game. Discord
  • Foldable napkins and intestine balloons are now compatible the Origami system, although Vanah warns you won't learn from them. Discord
  • Cooking contest format announced, with entry form coming soon! [1] Entry Form


  • Xayle and Vanah have updated lamp oil with some perfume-y improvements. New carrier oil to add scents to oil, permification for oils (with some restrictions for scents), and new ways to interact! And what's this? The first hints of a perfuminator? More coming soon! Discord


  • Caerrigan shared some examples of the new lamp oil upgrades in action, and revealed that the oil lamps can now be placed AT FEET. Discord
  • Thandiwe revealed that the old friend we haven't seen in some time is Sylinar, who will be offering enhancive recharging and increasing max charges. Discord
  • Khorbin teased some messaging with the vague clue "possession is a word." Hmmmmm. What could the master puppeteer be up to? Discord
  • More emoji teasers from Avaluka! Dog necktie scarf. Knife hand blood into bowl. What could they mean? Discord


  • Now Tamuz is getting in on the emoji game. "Coin ring gift" and we've managed to establish that gold rings are involved. Discord
  • Wyrom hints that Trick or Treat payouts are being normalized similar to Duskruin's bloodscrip payouts, so expect something closer to the 300 soul shard range! More information coming soon. Discord
  • Xayle is eating hearts at us, but I'm not sure what to do with this information. Discord
  • Elysani revealed that the Illegal Alter Clothing Line has been expanded to include five new options: Underworn, Hands, Feet, Arms, and Shoulder (not cloak). Discord
  • Permifier prices in soul shards will be half of their seashell equivalent. Discord




  • Part two of the Denizens of Naidem!
  • GM Haliste shared a brief glimpse of something named Buttercup that you shouldn't drink. But what could it be? I wonder if you can LAUGH SNORT it... Discord


  • Rare material offerings at the Antiquarian Mansion have been updated: Discord
  • Wyrom shared some details of the Newcropolis (Sonreeva) dungeon crawl: "It's going to be very similar to the Necropolis, but a new theme, removing some of the aspects that never got used while adding in new ones, and a new story that will unfold over the years. It will not be open day one of Ebon Gate, it will likely be available during the second half of the event." Discord
  • ...and shared the updated payout for the Arena of the Abyss, being increased to match the new Simucoin standard: "It will be 6 soul shards per creature, for a max total of 30 if you win. Similar to how Duskruin works. The other rewards are as is, no change." Discord
  • We learned about the fomorian last night, tonight we meet the coblynau, draugr, and korrigan in the latest installment of the Denizens of Naidem.


  • Casil revealed that there will be 60 unique bugs available in Naidem. Discord
  • In a conversation about bustles, Itzel mentioned that at least one shop will have bustles which hold a very large amount available, for those who need the room. Discord



  • Last night's installment of the denizens brings us the domovoy and domania as well as the arrachd and glaistig.
  • Casil shared a few more bugs for jarring: an auroral glasswing butterfly and an apparitional white grave beetle. Discord
  • Wyrom announced some general updates for fishing, which may impact your plans: a newly tidied strength formula, fishing rod weight equity, no dual wielding, some safety updates, new cooked fish flavors, and the Ebon Gate fishing stock has seen reduced weight across the board to make it easier to fish on smaller character. Discord
  • Pet drops changing at all events to once per year instead of once per character. Discord
  • Part six of the Denizens of Naidem showcases the di penates as well as the cailleach and bodach.


  • Elidi confirmed that there will be a raffle for cobbling plate box permification this year. Discord
  • Xynwen shared an image of a cape in the style of a moth's wings, with promises of more information to come. Discord


  • Part 7 of the Denizens of Naidem brings us the nature-loving caoineag and their men the gille dubh, as well as the frail and moth-like ni'asyuta. Discord
  • Tamuz shared that EG-specific premium teleportation jewelry will be available for sale. There are no plans to offer them via merchant service, but don't forget a character can have multiple pieces for seasonal needs and you can RAISE a piece of jewelry to unattune and allow it to transfer it to another character. Discord
  • Wyrom goes into specifics about using Sylinar's services to combine matching skill enhancives. If you have complicated plans, make sure you know this. Discord
  • Thandiwe shared that several old items have been given an overhaul and update to bring them up to modern standards, including Muddy Duds and Locks of Hair Memory Jewelry, both of which will be among the prizes found in fishing. Discord 1 2


  • Part 8 of the Denizens of Naidem concludes the story with a warning about the nameless and formless inhabitants.
  • Khorbin teases some more terrifying messaging and hints at a "Stunning" mask. Discord
  • The Wyrom unveils the new(ish) Arena of the Abyss and Newcropolis entry item, an enruned stone cube. Available for 10 Simucoins each and available in quantities from 1 to 250. Discord
  • Meraki revealed that a new Dreamfire item will be available, but left things intentionally vague. Discord
  • Thandiwe shared a little information about the Enchantment of Naidem; the masked, as well as witches and necromancers, will be allowed to roam freely. But everyone else will take the form of their counterparts amongst the Denizens of Naidem. Discord


  • Clarification from the top: Passes, keys, cubes, and sundry others will not be available in the Simucoin store until the 1st, around noon. All associated limited-entry areas will open around the same time. Discord
  • Tamuz provided details on the pocket adding service, including capacity and item limits. Discord
  • Vanah shared that death masks will not hide your Naidem visage, but will show their active features. Discord
  • Wyrom shared some further detail about expected payouts for Trick-or-Treat and Herb Hunt. Discord
  • Thandiwe brings us a last-minute warning about a handful of short delays, including several shops, Sylinar, and the "opening quest." Discord


  • Games opened, simucoin sales began, and the first Trick-or-Treat Eve of Reunion invitation went out!
  • Three of the delayed shops have been opened, and the dabbler and Ebon Gate auto flarer have been updated and released.
  • Thandiwe confirmed we can expect the Newcropolis on the 7th. Discord
  • The September-entry Cooking Contest winners' announcement has been added to the live games schedule.
  • Healing herbs have been added to the Clove and Dandelion healer. Be sure to DESCRIBE # to find out what they do! Discord


  • Sylinar is in the Garden of Quinton Manse. Discord
  • Spook Game has had some clarity added to it. A Scoreboard has also been added to Town Hall. Discord
  • A small bolt of su'chao silk has been added to Antiquarian Manor. Discord
  • Wyrom confirmed that the GIFTBOX and EVENT BOX will be available after October 7th, "Likely the day after the Newcropolis." Discord


  • Expect to see a random-draw gem pile at some point this month for all your EG-specific fancy gems! Discord
  • Netz let us know that one of the Blacksmith's Companion's will be appearing in the trove. Hmmmm. Could it be somehow special? Discord


  • Wyrom shared a variety of news; a 10 soul shard gem pile should be out by the time you read this, common and uncommon flare tokens for the auto-flarer will be available in a shop while rare tokens are being moved to the trove, and the Newcropolis prize is being upgraded to provide a mechanical bonus of your choice. Discord
  • The Gem Pile has been released and is available at the [Antiquarian Manor, Entry] as a decorative jewelry case.


  • Thanks Vanah! The PERM-ifier has been updated to work with several new items and the costs have been adjusted to soul shards. Discord
  • Itzel announced that Moorlyn Cottage and Icewild Hall have reopened, with new unlock certificates in the form of calling cards for the AYRWT? Terinan line. Discord
  • Token prices for the Ebon Gate auto flarer have been announced: Discord
Common Tokens - 1,000 (heat, cold, lightning, impact, vacuum)
Uncommon Tokens - 3,000 (disintegrate, disruption, unbalance, grapple, acid, plasma, steam, water, air)
Rare Tokens - 5,000 (blades/slash, spikes/puncture, rods/krush)
Very Rare and Incredibly Rare Tokens will be distributed through a special Trove run, with details TBD. Discord


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