Kharam Dzu

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Kharam Dzu map by Tsoran

Kharam Dzu is a dwarven settlement located on Teras Isle established in 4997. It remains the only livable town on the island.

Kharam Dzu was founded by Ghorsa Borthuum, founder of the Borthuum Mining Company and the Borthuum Clan that still rules Kharam Dzu. It sits as far south as it could be from the mountain volcano Stormbrow, so named because of the dark clouds circling it like a heavybrow.

At first, Ghorsa Borthuum only wanted to share the riches found in his settlement only with those who had joined him, and to this day the Borthuum Clan of dwarves remains the most exclusive of all the dwarven Clans. After settling in, the dwarves decided that the best profits would be gleaned from trading. Ghorsa devised a system by which a small percentage of profits was redistributed equally among all the members of the Borthuum Clan: the Borthuum Mining Company.

Kharam Dzu has grown into a popular port of trade mostly due to its exclusive access to rare rainbow glaes. Frequented by experienced adventurers, travel between Teras Isle and the remainder of the adventuring lands was made via passage on the Glaesen Star, a passenger and cargo ship which made periodic round trips to Wehnimer's Landing.

As passage on the Glaesen Star is restricted to those of "titled" rank (level 20), young adventurers were unable to reach Teras Isle.

Voregrek Borthuum is the current Prince of Kharam Dzu and the Borthuum Clan leader.

NPCs of note


Profession and Guild Buildings



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Area Level Range
Kharam Dzu 40-48
Kharam Dzu was founded by Ghorsa Borthuum on Teras Isle. Beginning as small dwarven settlement to support the Borthuum Mining Company's claim on the great peak known as Stormbrow, Kharam Dzu has grown into a popular port of trade mostly due to its exclusive access to rare rainbow glaes. Regular trips between Kharam Dzu and Wehnimer's Landing can be made courtesy of the good ship Glaesen Star.

Rumors: One of the local brewers claims he has mixed his talent with herbs to create healing ales!

Hogpen Tavern (non-hostile)
Dwarven ale is known to be smooth, crisp and refreshing. But at the Hogpen Tavern, you're not likely to enjoy the finer qualities of the brew without breaking a few heads. Miners who frequent the place often call it 'the brawling capitol of the world' and it just may be.

Points of Interest: True to its name, the tavern hosts a number of sows in the back.

Rumors: The locals don't much care for magic so those with the talent would be best advised to keep a low profile.

Greymist Wood 26-32
Basalt Flats 28-36
Fhorian Village 38-50
Very little is known about the peoples that once populated this now ruined village. Overgrown with vines, the area shows signs of having been burned to the ground. There is much speculation as to the cause of its demise, but very little evidence to support anyone's theories.

Points of Interest: Mausoleum and Catacombs.

Rumors: Popular opinion is that the village was destroyed by a sky full of angry dragons though no documents or survivors remain to substantiate the rumor.

Temple of Luukos 61-63
Luukos: Eater of Souls, God of Death, Lies and Undeath. Needless to say you should not be planning any casual picnics to this place of evil. Although the area is approachable, just getting to the temple is wrought with danger in forms both natural and unnatural. Contact a cleric before attempting visitation.

Points of Interest: Dark Palisade, Wind Tunnels, Lover's Leap.

Rumors: Sailors claim there exists a constant Felstorm or Squall near the temple, something about the foul breath of Luukos.

Eye of V'Tull 56-71
Active and angry, the great volcano on Teras Isle was named after V'tull the Berserker, God of Combat and Bloodlust. Though a full eruption has not occurred for many years, it continues to growl and rumble as it pours forth molten rock like a seething wound in the world.

Points of Interest: Caverns exist deep within the volcano.

Rumors: When V'tull manifests on Elanthia, it is said the lava from the volcano turns blood red.

Glaes Caverns 64-71
Some places have to be seen to be believed and the Glaes Caverns deep below the Eye of V'Tull is one of these. Beautiful, awe-inspiring and deadly, the caverns are a marvel of nature. Many different and rare types of glaes are displayed both in solid and molten form. There are also signs that the caverns were used by ancient dwarves but for what reason has yet to be determined.

Points of Interest: Head of the Beast.

Rumors: This place may have once hosted dark dwarven rituals involving the creation of powerful weapons of glaes.

McKyren's Folly 81-84
The McKyren family was well known in Kharam Dzu for their amazing talents in stone working. Legend has it that the youngest son of the family discovered and befriended an ancient power while practicing his craft near some caverns far from town. Remains of his work can be seen in the form of mosaics, now in partial ruin and located deep within a volcano known as the Eye of V'Tull. His 'Folly' eludes to a bottomless pit within the caves.

Rumors: It is said that McKyren jumped into the bottomless pit in order to save his mysterious companion from the attack of a powerful foe. It is unknown whether or not he survived the jump, as no one has yet volunteered to journey to the bottom of the bottomless pit to verify his demise.

Lava Flows 43-58
Black and sulfurous, the land in and around the lava that flows from the angry Eye of V'Tull is barely navigable. Still, brave or foolish adventurers can find their way across the flows almost as easily as the dreadful creatures that thrive there. Water is at a premium so be sure to pack an extra canteen.

Points of Interest: Basalt Hillock.

Rumors: Locals claim that the cinder wasps paralyse their victims and lay eggs within them, which later hatch much to the dismay of the victim. Unfortunately, no one has come forward claiming to have survived such an experience that could offer proof that this is anything more than an old wives tale.

The F'Eyrie 85-90
The highest peaks of Teras Isle's tallest mountain, Stormbrow. Inhabited by flaming winged entities and their golem-like protectors.

Points of Interest: The Pinnacle.

Ruined Temple 92-105
A partially sunken temple off the coast of the Fhorian Village. Intense whirlpools and eddies bar all but the strongest of swimmers from entry. A host of watery denizens walk the halls of the ancient ruins.

Points of Interest: The Nexus.

Rumors: The temple is said to be dedicated to the Great Water Elemental, Nelemar.

Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Adventurer's Rest, Deck Super node 3003041 12537 12537
Ghorsa Isle, Tower Super node 3001001 1844 1844
Dragonspine and Krodera (The Statue) Super node 3001025 1932 1932
Welkin Hall, Common Room (Premium Hall) Super node 4002203 20777 19651
Lunatic Asylum Node 23927 (unmapped)
The Hog's Pen, Citizens Lounge (Teras Citizens only) Super node 3010004 28709 (unmapped)


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