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Player services are profession-specific abilities that players can use to give themselves or other players permanent benefits, either directly or through permanent improvements to items. Not all professions currently have player services.

Characters must meet specific level and training prerequisites to gain access to their services and sometimes to unlock more advanced levels of those services.

List of Services

Profession Service Applied To Prerequisite Resource Name
Monks Mystic Tattoo Character (via tattooing) Level 20 Motes of Tranquility
Rogues Covert Arts (proposed, on hold) Character (via education) Level 20, skill requirements dependent on art Guile
Warriors Weighting, Padding, Sighting Weapons and armor Level 20 Grit
Clerics Sanctify (330) Weapons, armor and shields Level 30, knowledge of 330 Devotion
Empaths None yet
Sorcerers Ensorcell (735) Weapons, armor and shields Level 35, knowledge of 735 Necrotic energy
Wizards Enchant (925) Weapons, armor and shields Level 25, knowledge of 925 Essence
Bards Song of Luck (1006) Non-pocketed, non-scripted worn items Level 30, knowledge of 1030 Luck inspiration
Paladins None yet
Rangers Resist Nature (620) Imbued wearable items Level 20, knowledge of 620 Nature's Grace

Resource Points

The use of player services is limited by resource points. These are named differently for each service, but are functionally identical. Once a character meets the prerequisites for their service, they will begin to accumulate resource points whenever they absorb experience via an experience pulse (or via offline absorption), at a 1:1 rate. This includes bonuses to experience absorption such as the Gift of Lumnis. Resource point accumulation is limited to 50,000 points per week, up to a maximum of 200,000 points. For the purpose of resource point accumulation, a new week begins whenever a character's Gift of Lumnis begins, including when LUMNIS SCHEDULE is used.

Weekly and total resource point accumulation can be viewed using the RESOURCE verb. There is also an in-game message when a character has accumulated their weekly maximum.

Resource points can be converted into suffused energy using Suffusion, which can be used to increase the odds of success when providing a service.

Each service provision costs a certain number of resource points depending on the particular service and the tier of service being provided.

Service Success Roll

Successfully providing a service requires a successful service roll. An open roll on a d100 is made, adding your character's service bonus and subtracting a difficulty modifier determined by the tier of service and the characteristics of the target. An endroll of 100 or greater will mean a successful service. A failure on this roll will cause a loss of 10% of the resource points and suffusion the service would have cost. If sufficient resource points remain, the service can be immediately re-attempted.

The player service roll is more limited than other open rolls -- it has only a 1% chance of exploding at either end rather than the more conventional 5%, and can only explode once. In the event of a negative open roll, there is a 1% chance of a "fumble," which always automatically fails.

Because the service roll is an open roll, it is possible to fumble and fail to apply the service even with a high bonus, or to succeed in application even with an low bonus. The Gift of Eonak can be used to mitigate the possibility of a poor roll by allowing you to make two rolls and use the highest, reducing the chance of a low open roll to much less than 1%.

The service bonus formula is different for each individual service, and is available on the wiki pages for those services. Your bonus is not visible in game, but a difficulty estimate for a particular service can be viewed before the attempt. For services involving spells, the estimate is accessed using CAST <target>, while the syntax varies for other services. The roll itself is also not visible in game, but can be estimated from the in-game messaging.

Wounds above level 1 scars and spirit being below maximum will apply penalties to all service attempts. This should be kept in mind especially when using BOOST ENHANCIVE STATS to improve your service bonus, as it may cause your spirit to drop below maximum.

Roll Needed Description % Chance
you can only fail if you are horribly unlucky Can only fail on a fumble
you should be able to <service> it easily enough, barring bad luck 90+%
the odds are on your side to successfully complete the <service> 75+%
you are more likely than not to succeed on your <service>, but you will need some luck 55+%
this <service> will be difficult, but possible 35+%
this <service> will be very difficult 15+%
that this <service> will be nearly impossible 1+%
you will likely need a miracle to complete this <service> Can only succeed on a positive open roll
this <service> is completely beyond your abilities 0%
Roll Result Description Result
You make an astoundingly good attempt! High open roll
You make an outstanding attempt! 90+
You make an excellent attempt! 80+
You make a good attempt! 70+
You make a decent attempt. 60+
You make an okay attempt. 50+
You make a passable attempt. 40+
You make a questionable attempt. 30+
You make a poor attempt! 20+
You make a very poor attempt! 10+
You make a horribly poor attempt! 1+
You make an astoundingly inept attempt! Low open roll
You make the most horribly incompetent attempt possible! Fumble

Gear Difficulty Modifiers

Services applied to combat gear have increased difficulty depending on the properties of the gear, including material, scripts, and other characteristics.

Click Here to Expand the Material Gear Difficulty Modifiers Table

Material Gear Difficulty Modifier
Material Modifiers for Adamantine to Ghezyte
Material Name Modifier
adamantine -150
aganjira (lesser) -60
aganjira (greater) -150
alexandrite -500
black alloy 0
bone -250
bronze -50
carmiln 10
cloth 0
copper -50
coraesine -200
deringo -20
drakar -50
drake 0
eahnor 15
eonake 0
faenor 15
faewood 0
feras 0
fireleaf 15
firewheel -35
ghezyte -50
Material Modifiers for Glaes to Low Steel
Material Name Modifier
glaes -10
glass 0
glowbark -10
golvern -10
gornar -50
high steel 0
hoarbeam 5
illthorn 0
imflass -30
invar 0
ipantor -40
iron -30
ironwood 0
kakore 0
kelyn 0
krodera2 -100
kroderine2 -100
leather -10
lor -25
low steel 0
Material Modifiers for Mein to Shadarl
Material Name Modifier
mein -10
metal1 -500
mesille 0
mithglin 15
mithril 20
modwir 0
mossbark 0
obsidian -500
ora 0
ora, black -75
ora, white 0
orase 0
razern -20
rhimar -50
rolaren -40
rowan 20
ruby -500
ruic -60
sephwir -25
shadarl -100
Material Modifiers for Silver to Zorchar
Material Name Modifier
silver -500
somnis -150
steel -10
stone -500
surita (lesser) -100
surita (greater) -250
urglaes -999
urnon -999
vaalorn 10
veil iron2 -50
vethinye -150
villswood 0
vultite 0
white alloy 0
witchwood -75
wood -10 / -1003
wyrwood -60
yew -20
zelnorn -250
zorchar -50

1 If the item inspects as "metal" (rather than a specific type of metal) something is wrong. ASSIST to get it fixed.

2 Materials with anti-magical properties cannot be improved via magical player services, such as Enchant (925) and Ensorcell (735)

3 'Wood' has a different difficulty for shield/bow/runestaff (-10) vs melee weapon/armor (-100).

Click Here to Expand the Script Gear Difficulty Modifiers Table

Script Gear Difficulty Modifier
Script Modifiers for Animalistic Spirit to Fusion Arms
Script Name Modifier
Animalistic Spirit Weapon/Shield/Armor -200
Banshee Flares -200
Blink Weapon -200
Bloodtooth Bracers -100
Briar Flares (T1/T2/T3) -70/-100/-200
Bubble Flares -200
Chainspear -150
Chronomage Flares -200
Cursed Armor -200
Daybringer -200
Elemental Gloves -70
Elven Armor (T1/T2/T3/T4) -70/-140/-200/-200
Energy Runestaff -200
Ethereal Armor varies with unlocks, caps at -140
Ethereal String -200
Ethereal Tattoo Weapon -100
Fighting Knife -10/-60/-140/-??
Script Modifiers for Globus Elanthius to Pure White Ora Weapon (Iasha)
Script Name Modifier
Forest Armor -70
Fusion Arms (1/2/3/4/5/6 slots) -25/-75/-140/-225/-325/-450
Globus Elanthias (T1/T2/T3/T4) -40/-40/-40/-100
Greater Elemental Flares -150
Grobey shield -70
Hinged Armor -10
Ithzir Armor -200
Karma Armor -200
Knockout Flares -150
Mana-infused Armor (T0/T1/T2/T3/T4/T5) -70/-70/-140/-200/-200/-200
Mechanical Crossbow (T1/T2) -70/-140
Morphing Armor -100
Nerve Staff -150
Parasite Armor -200
Parasite Weapon -200 (including penalty from bone material)
Poison Weapon -70
Polearm Flares -100
Pure Black Ora Weapon (Iasha) -70
Pure White Ora Weapon (Iasha) -70
Script Modifiers for Realm Weapon to Wand Bow
Script Name Modifier
Realm Weapon -100 (-200 including flare)
Returning (Disarm) Weapon -70
Returning (Hurl) Weapon -200
Rotflares -200
Self-mana Armor -40
Shell Armor -40
Shock Lance varies with unlocks, caps at -140
Sigil Staff (T1/T2/T3/T4/T5) 0/-40/-70/-140/-200
Snake Flares -100
Solar/Nebular Weapon (T1/T2+) -40/-80
Splitter Weapon -200
Sprite Weapon/Armor -200
Terror flare -100
Twin Weapons (T1/T2/T3) -50/-100/-150
Twisted shield (T2/T3) -100/-150
Twisted weapon (T3) -150
Vial Flares -70
Voln Armor** (T1/T2/T3+) -70/-140/-200
Wand Bow -150

*Elven Armor Note: Per GM Oscuro, "The way the gear difficulty for item scripts system works is there's an overall difficulty set, then each spell can overwrite that as needed. Loresong doesn't report the per-spell value, just the global difficulty setting." Elven Armor has an overall difficulty of -70/-140/-200/-200 which would be used as the difficulty for non-magical enhancement. Under magical enhancement (such as 620/735/925) this difficulty setting is overridden to the listed 10/20/30/40.
**Voln Armor Note: Sanctify and Ensorcell have an additional modifier on top of the base script difficulty. Ensorcell has an additional -100 to the modifier whereas Sanctify has an additional +50 to the modifier.
†Subscript penalties stack with all other modifiers.

Click Here to Expand the Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers Table

Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers
Property Modifier
Enchant -ROUND(((Bonus - 2)^2) / 9)
Ensorcell (735) -50 per tier
Sanctify (330) -20 per tier, -50 for Holy Fire
Damage Type Resistance - (Total / 2)
Creature Bane -100
Defender (DS) -Bonus^2
Offensive Bonus (AS) -Bonus^2
Target Defense (TD) -Bonus^2
Category B Flares (except otherwise noted) -100
Acuity Flares -15 per tier
Dispel Flares -50 + -50*dispel attempts
Mana Flares -20 per tier
WPS -CER^2 (separately for each type)
Enhancive varies