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Sanctify (330)
Mnemonic [SANCTIFY]
Duration Special
Utility Magic  
Subtype Combat Gear Enhancement 
Availability all combat gear 
Cleric Base Spells
Prayer of Holding (301) Attack
Smite/Bane (302) Attack
Prayer of Protection (303) Defensive
Bless (304) Offensive
Preservation (305) Utility
Holy Bolt (306) Attack
Benediction (307) Defensive
Well of Life (308) Utility
Condemn (309) Attack
Warding Sphere (310) Defensive
Blind (311) Attack
Fervent Reproach (312) Attack
Prayer (313) Defensive
Relieve Burden (314) Utility
Remove Curse (315) Utility
Censure (316) Attack
Divine Fury (317) Attack
Raise Dead (318) Utility
Soul Ward (319) Defensive
Ethereal Censer (320) Attack
Holy Receptacle (325) Utility
Sanctify (330) Utility
Divine Wrath (335) Attack
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) Offensive
Miracle (350) Utility

After gaining the ability to cast Sanctify, a cleric will begin to acquire devotion as they gain experience. A skilled cleric can use this devotion to permanently enhance combat armaments for use against the undead. This enhancement provides both offensive and defensive benefits, and can even be further bestowed with Holy Fire flares. F2P clerics cannot modify items with 330.

Note: Prior to the Bless System Proposal v2.0, "sanctified" was used to describe Holy armament equipment. 330 does not bestow Holy armament to equipment.

Armament Enhancements

Undead possess a natural 25% damage resistance to physical attacks, as well as a +25 bonus to defending against PSM skills. Each tier of Sanctify on relevant offensive combat gear negates 20% of these defenses, removing them completely at the fifth tier (T5).

Further, sanctified items gain the following benefits when combating the undead (and only the undead):


  • Melee and ranged weapons gain a bonus of 2 AS per tier.
  • Runestaves gain a bonus of 2 bolt AS and 1.2 CS per tier.
  • Each tier also has a 20% chance to anchor non-corporeal undead when defeated.

Defensive Gear

  • Targets wielding a sanctified shield or torso armor gain a bonus, per tier, of 2 DS, 1.2 TD, and +1 effective level against sheer fear.
  • Targets wielding a sanctified runestaff gain a bonus, per tier, of 1 DS, 0.6 TD, and +0.5 effective level against sheer fear.
  • Runestaff and shield bonuses stack with torso armor, but not with each other.

Holy Fire Flares

  • A cleric with at least 100 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings can spend 200,000 devotion to attempt to bestow permanent Holy Fire flares to a T5 sanctified armament.
  • Holy Fire flares, in addition to a standard heat critical, will deal a random 50 to 100 concussion damage. The concussion damage is capped at (30 + (creature level / 5))% of the target’s total health.
    • example: a level 40 target the concussion damage would be capped at (30 + (40 / 5)) = 38% of their max health.

Cleric-Only Effects

  • An innate cleric bonus to these flares is that the concussion damage is instead 75 to 125.
  • Clerics can EVOKE 330 at items to temporarily grant them Holy Fire flares and non-corporeal undead anchoring. This enhancement functions for clerics only, does not apply any of the other 330 benefits, and lasts for 4 hours. A higher level cleric can EVOKE items for a lower level cleric to grant them these temporary benefits, except that the Holy Fire flares will not have the Cleric-only bonus damage.
  • At 90 and 180 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Religion clerics gain an extra charge of a Holy Fire flare that is guaranteed to trigger on their next attack.

Skill Formula

  • Level: +1 per level
  • Cleric Spell Ranks: +2 per rank up to level, +1 per rank above level ("up to level" is based on 1x spell training and thus a level 50 cleric with 100 ranks will have 52 ranks at +2 and 48 ranks at +1)
  • Wisdom: +1 per stat bonus
  • Influence: +1 per stat bonus
  • Spiritual Mana Control: +1 per 2 ranks
  • Magic Item Use: +1 per 10 ranks
  • Arcane Symbols: +1 per 10 ranks
  • Shrine Bonus: +20 for matching CONVERT exactly, +10 for same CONVERT pantheon (bonuses do not stack)
  • Being wounded and not at maximum spirit will hinder sanctification attempts

Shrine Bonus

Holy places that show through SENSE a deity that you are converted to will give a +20 bonus. If you are not converted to that deity, but are in the same pantheon (Liabo, Lornon, and Neutral) it will give a +10 bonus.

Holy places that show multiple deities will not give the +20 deity bonus, but instead the +10 pantheon bonus. An example of this would be if you were converted to Lorminstra, and in a location that senses as "Lorminstra, Imaera, Phoen, and Oleani."

An omnishrine, a location that senses as having the "harmonized presence of multiple deities' influence," will give the +20 deity bonus to all clerics, regardless of deity selection (including other, forsaken, and not yet converted).

A location that senses as having the "influence of an indiscernible higher power" is an unknown, but specific deity in the Neutral pantheon. A forsaken cleric received a +10 bonus while a Lorminstra cleric received +0.

Incomplete List of Omnishrines

Icemule Trace

  • Icemule Temple, Foyer - 2334, 4047001
  • Icemule Temple, Chancel Nexus - 2336, 4047005
  • Hall of the Holy Struggle - 2341, 4047024

Wehnimer's Landing

Zul Logoth

  • DragonSpine Fane, Altar Chamber - 26068, 679031 (all 3 obelisk Chambers are also omnishrines)

Devotion Costs and Gear Difficulty Modifiers

Devotion Costs

  • Tier 1: 50k
  • Tier 2: 75k
  • Tier 3: 100k
  • Tier 4: 125k
  • Tier 5: 150k
  • Holy Fire: 200k
  • A failed Sanctify cast consumes 10% of the devotion necessary to perform that task.

Difficulty Penalty Modifiers

  • Your current skill will be evaluated against the base difficulty provided by a Bard Loresong plus the difficulty penalty modifier.
  • Every tier of Sanctify S1 to S5 has a difficulty penalty modifier of -20.
  • Holy Fire flares has a difficulty penalty modifier of -50.
  • (Example: an item that has a difficulty of -500 will actually be -520 when you cast 330 on it because of the difficulty penalty modifier).

Material Gear Difficulty Modifiers

Click Here to Expand the Material Gear Difficulty Modifiers Table

Material Gear Difficulty Modifier
Material Modifiers for Adamantine to Ghezyte
Material Name Modifier
adamantine -150
aganjira (lesser) -60
aganjira (greater) -150
alexandrite -500
black alloy 0
bone -250
bronze -50
carmiln 10
cloth 0
copper -50
coraesine -200
deringo -20
drakar -50
drake 0
eahnor 15
eonake 0
faenor 15
faewood 0
feras 0
fireleaf 15
firewheel -35
ghezyte -50
Material Modifiers for Glaes to Low Steel
Material Name Modifier
glaes -10
glass 0
glowbark -10
golvern -10
gornar -50
high steel 0
hoarbeam 5
illthorn 0
imflass -30
invar 0
ipantor -40
iron -30
ironwood 0
kakore 0
kelyn 0
krodera2 -100
kroderine2 -100
leather -10
lor -25
low steel 0
Material Modifiers for Mein to Shadarl
Material Name Modifier
mein -10
metal1 -500
mesille 0
mithglin 15
mithril 20
modwir 0
mossbark 0
obsidian -500
ora 0
ora, black -75
ora, white 0
orase 0
razern -20
rhimar -50
rolaren -40
rowan 20
ruby -500
ruic -60
sephwir -25
shadarl -100
Material Modifiers for Silver to Zorchar
Material Name Modifier
silver -500
somnis -150
steel -10
stone -500
surita (lesser) -100
surita (greater) -250
urglaes -999
urnon -999
vaalorn 10
veil iron2 -50
vethinye -150
villswood 0
vultite 0
white alloy 0
witchwood -75
wood -10 / -1003
wyrwood -60
yew -20
zelnorn -250
zorchar -50

1 If the item inspects as "metal" (rather than a specific type of metal) something is wrong. ASSIST to get it fixed.

2 Materials with anti-magical properties cannot be improved via magical player services, such as Enchant (925) and Ensorcell (735)

3 'Wood' has a different difficulty for shield/bow/runestaff (-10) vs melee weapon/armor (-100).

Script Gear Difficulty Modifiers

Click Here to Expand the Script Gear Difficulty Modifiers Table

Script Gear Difficulty Modifier
Script Modifiers for Animalistic Spirit to Fusion Arms
Script Name Modifier
Animalistic Spirit Weapon/Shield/Armor -200
Banshee Flares -200
Blink Weapon -200
Bloodtooth Bracers -100
Briar Flares (T1/T2/T3) -70/-100/-200
Bubble Flares -200
Chainspear -150
Chronomage Flares -200
Cursed Armor -200
Daybringer -200
Elemental Gloves -70
Elven Armor (T1/T2/T3/T4) -70/-140/-200/-200
Energy Runestaff -200
Ethereal Armor varies with unlocks, caps at -140
Ethereal String -200
Ethereal Tattoo Weapon -100
Fighting Knife -10/-60/-140/-??
Script Modifiers for Globus Elanthius to Pure White Ora Weapon (Iasha)
Script Name Modifier
Forest Armor -70
Fusion Arms (1/2/3/4/5/6 slots) -25/-75/-140/-225/-325/-450
Globus Elanthias (T1/T2/T3/T4) -40/-40/-40/-100
Greater Elemental Flares -150
Grobey shield -70
Hinged Armor -10
Ithzir Armor -200
Karma Armor -200
Knockout Flares -150
Mana-infused Armor (T0/T1/T2/T3/T4/T5) -70/-70/-140/-200/-200/-200
Mechanical Crossbow (T1/T2) -70/-140
Morphing Armor -100
Nerve Staff -150
Parasite Armor -200
Parasite Weapon -200 (including penalty from bone material)
Poison Weapon -70
Polearm Flares -100
Pure Black Ora Weapon (Iasha) -70
Pure White Ora Weapon (Iasha) -70
Script Modifiers for Realm Weapon to Wand Bow
Script Name Modifier
Realm Weapon -100 (-200 including flare)
Returning (Disarm) Weapon -70
Returning (Hurl) Weapon -200
Rotflares -200
Self-mana Armor -40
Shell Armor -40
Shock Lance varies with unlocks, caps at -140
Sigil Staff (T1/T2/T3/T4/T5) 0/-40/-70/-140/-200
Snake Flares -100
Solar/Nebular Weapon (T1/T2+) -40/-80
Splitter Weapon -200
Sprite Weapon/Armor -200
Terror flare -100
Twin Weapons (T1/T2/T3) -50/-100/-150
Twisted shield (T2/T3) -100/-150
Twisted weapon (T3) -150
Vial Flares -70
Voln Armor** (T1/T2/T3+) -70/-140/-200
Wand Bow -150

*Elven Armor Note: Per GM Oscuro, "The way the gear difficulty for item scripts system works is there's an overall difficulty set, then each spell can overwrite that as needed. Loresong doesn't report the per-spell value, just the global difficulty setting." Elven Armor has an overall difficulty of -70/-140/-200/-200 which would be used as the difficulty for non-magical enhancement. Under magical enhancement (such as 620/735/925) this difficulty setting is overridden to the listed 10/20/30/40.
**Voln Armor Note: Sanctify and Ensorcell have an additional modifier on top of the base script difficulty. Ensorcell has an additional -100 to the modifier whereas Sanctify has an additional +50 to the modifier.
†Subscript penalties stack with all other modifiers.

Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers

Click Here to Expand the Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers Table

Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers
Property Modifier
Enchant -ROUND(((Bonus - 2)^2) / 9)
Ensorcell (735) -50 per tier
Sanctify (330) -20 per tier, -50 for Holy Fire
Damage Type Resistance - (Total / 2)
Creature Bane -100
Defender (DS) -Bonus^2
Offensive Bonus (AS) -Bonus^2
Target Defense (TD) -Bonus^2
Category B Flares (except otherwise noted) -100
Acuity Flares -15 per tier
Dispel Flares -50 + -50*dispel attempts
Mana Flares -20 per tier
WPS -CER^2 (separately for each type)
Enhancive varies

Special Properties

Applying Sanctify to gear requires a potion if the item has Enhancive or Ensorcelled properties, which also factor into the item's difficulty rating:

Sanctification Process

CAST <object> will provide a descriptive estimate of sanctification difficulty as well as the number of times the object has been sanctified. A bard loresinging the object can tell you the exact difficulty.

CHANNEL <object> will perform the permanent application.

  • Step 1: Make sure you have the necessary devotion stored up using the RESOURCE verb.
  • Step 2: Make sure you have the necessary bonuses to successfully perform the sanctification.
  • Step 3: Apply any potions required.
  • Step 4: CHANNEL <object> to profit.


Sanctification assessment:

You gesture at some faded leather hiking boots with fur-lined cuffs.
You sense that the leather hiking boots has already been permanently sanctified 2 times and that you can only fail if you are horribly unlucky.

Successful sanctification:

You channel at a pair of crimson-stained vultite-edged handwraps.
Reaching within yourself, you summon up your devotion and call upon your connection to Marlu.  In response, a diffuse flat black glow wells from your hands, coalescing around the vultite-edged handwraps.

You make a horribly poor attempt!

Success!  The manifestation of hallowed energy sinks inward, permeating the leather and sanctifying the handwraps.  All that remains of the divine corona is a wavering dark grey afterimage.

Note that the color of the glow, the color of the afterimage, and the name of the god will vary based on your chosen deity.

Failed sanctification:

Failure!  The manifestation of hallowed energy wanes and dissipates, with only a brief silver afterimage left in its wake.  You feel some of your devotion slip away in the fruitless attempt.
Chance of Success Description % Chance of Success
you can only fail if you are horribly unlucky ~99% (will only fail on a fumble)
you should be able to <service> it easily enough, barring bad luck 90+%
the odds are on your side to successfully complete the <service> 75+%
you are more likely than not to succeed on your cast, but you will need some luck 55+%
this <service> will be difficult, but possible 35+%
this <service> will be very difficult 15+%
this <service> will be nearly impossible 1+%
you will likely need a miracle to complete this <service> needs an open roll
this <service> is completely beyond your abilities 0%

A single additional roll, called the open roll, occurs on d100 results of 1 and 100. A fumble is a result of 1 on both rolls.

Roll Result Description Result
You make an astoundingly good attempt! high open roll
You make an outstanding attempt! 90+
You make an excellent attempt! 80+
You make a good attempt! 70+
You make a decent attempt. 60+
You make an okay attempt. 50+
You make a passable attempt. 40+
You make a questionable attempt. 30+
You make a poor attempt! 20+
You make a very poor attempt! 10+
You make a horribly poor attempt! 1+
You make an astoundingly inept attempt! low open roll
You make the most horribly incompetent attempt possible! fumble


A cleric can suffuse devotion at the rate of 1 point of energy per 2,000 devotion. Each point of suffused energy used in a sanctification attempt is equivalent to a +1 bonus.

Post Name Titles

After spending 50 full weeks of devotion (2.5 million) the cleric will gain access to the Sanctifier title. After bestowing 15 items with Holy Fire (3 million devotion) the cleric will gain access to the Holy Flame title. Devotion spent on bestowing Holy Fire counts for devotion spent towards the Sanctifier title. The SPELL command will show the lifetime amount of both devotion spent and armaments bestowed with Holy Fire.

The titles are listed in the skill section of the title list (TITLE LIST SKILL) and these titles also work with the SET SHOWDEITYTITLE ON setting to create a title of: <character name> the <title> of <deity>.